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Domineering Guy behaved himself for a while after his father left, but he was still excited. Meanwhile, he was aware that he didn’t stand a chance to fight against his father now that he was still in high school and relying on his family.

He restrained the excitement and tried to avoid any suspicious interaction with Coquettish Guy outside the dorm for the sake of a long-term relationship.

Straight Guy had his leg broken over playing basketball when summer vacation was ending, rendering him asking for help to move every day.

One day, when Domineering Guy supported Straight Guy’s left arm and Coquettish Guy supported the right, the left guy touched the right guy’s hand by accident behind Straight Guy. Then, the left guy took the hand completely.

“Are you guys tired? I feel so guilty.” Straight Guy asked.

Behind Straight Guy’s back, Domineering Guy was pinching his sweetie’s hand and answered delightedly, “At your service. I’m so willing to do so.”

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With graduation approaching, the darling buds in senior year got excited and “crazy”.

One day, a girl stopped Straight Guy and asked him to deliver a letter to Domineering Guy.

Straight Guy contemplated whether he should deliver it, for it might affect study. He still didn’t make up his mind after thorough consideration and turned to Coquettish Guy.

“Xiao Chen, should I give the love letter to boss?”


Then, Domineering Guy completely had no clue why his sweetheart suddenly treating him coldly.

For instance, they used to hold hands secretly during short break before evening self-study, but recently Coquettish Guy had been ignoring the hints from Domineering Guy.

Same situation when they were on duty. Domineering Guy sent a girl away with an excuse that it was unsafe to leave alone so late for a girl, so that he could spend some alone time with his sweetie. Then, Coquettish Guy grunted and simperingly said “I’m feeling a little under the weather, would Mr. Zhou be kind enough to cover my duty as well?”

“What? Under the weather??”

“Aren’t you getting tired from caring about everyone?” Coquettish Guy left.

Domineering Guy got confused and asked Straight Guy, “What happened to Xiao Chen?”

Straight Guy answered in a low voice, “Oh, come on! You covered for that girl just for her love letter. It’s reasonable to get jealous as us singles.”

“What?” Domineering Guy was surprised.

“That love letter. Didn’t Xiao Chen give it to you?”



That Xiao Chen was still angry became such a bugbear for Domineering Guy that he was on the verge to lose his hair out of stress. It was unexpected that a love letter could threaten their relationship severely.

His Xiao Chen was not unreasonable, and they had been having a frank relationship. Why Xiao Chen got that angry really confused him.

The day to fill out the form of intended university was approaching, and Domineering Guy hadn’t decided yet. So, he egged Straight Guy to ask Coquettish Guy to avoid the cold shoulder that he might get.

To their surprise, Coquettish Guy answered, “I’m going  to study abroad, and my parents agreed. Come on, Mr. Zhou, nail the college entrance examination.”

“Oh, d.a.m.n! You needn’t take the examination. How great is that!” said Straight Guy in an admiring tone. He turned back to share it, only to find Domineering Guy petrified.


Hearing Coquettish Guy’s words, Domineering Guy couldn’t control himself anymore.

“Why?” asked Domineering Guy.

“I made the decision with my family long before.” Coquettish Guy answered indifferently.

“I don’t believe it,” he was angry. “You have been studying way too hard for someone who is getting ready for going abroad.”

“Who’s Getting?”

Domineering Guy was too infuriated to think straight that he rushed to kiss Coquettish Guy crazily.

Coquettish Guy couldn’t escape and was kissed for a long time.

“Changed your mind?”

“No…” He was kissed and kissed.

“How about now?”

Silence. And kiss.

Round after round, they were exhausted yet no result. Straight Guy who was dumbstruck came to their sight when they turned.

Straight Guy just wanted to retreat into the wall. He stuttered, “Uh…Boss, I…I’m not going abroad, I’m not, please don’t do this to me.”



Immediately, Straight Guy felt something turned different. He thought about the p.o.r.no protagonist with flat chest and Adam’s apple in Domineering Guy’s computer …The way Domineering Guy looked at Xiao Chen... He was confused, yet he couldn’t pinpoint where went wrong.

Coquettish Guy pushed Domineering Guy away, giving him a withering but cute look, which melted Domineering Guy’s heart right away.

Coquettish Guy wiped his lips and explained to Straight Guy who stuck himself on the wall, “Zhou Yang, it’s not like that.”

He said it so seriously that Straight Guy almost believed it.

Suddenly, Domineering Guy came in between and said fiercely, “Don’t listen to him, it is just like that!”

Coquettish Guy got speechless and Straight Guy confused.


Domineering Guy came to realize that sometimes you need to be thick-skinned if you want a partner.

Domineering Guy thought, “Now that Straight Guy had seen everything, no way could they fool him like the old days, why not just go ahead and vent grievances to him like he was a bosom friend.”

Coquettish Guy sat there with a cold face, listening to Domineering Guy complaining about him. In Domineering Guy’s words, Coquettish Guy  turned to such a sc.u.mbag who dallied with and forsook Domineering Guy.

Now, even Straight Guy began to look at Coquettish Guy in a funny way...

“You, Xiao Chen, you are...” Straight Guy didn’t know how to finish his sentence.

Coquettish Guy couldn’t stand one more word. Straight Guy completely missed the point. Coquettish Guy itched to shake Straight Guy’s shoulders to wake him up, “The point is not whether I’m a sc.u.mbag or not, it’s about your two roommates are a couple, gay couple!” thought Coquettish Guy.


This became a bugbear to Straight Guy. For one thing, his values were shattered. For another, he was worried about that two nice guys in that they might be under more pressure and troubles due to special s.e.xual orientation.

He found his boss got s.p.a.ced-out because his beloved attempted to break up with him, no way could they reunite at college.

Therefore, he talked with Ji Chen secretly, “You won’t do that, right? You know how sad boss has been, you can share your concerns with me.”

After a moment’s silence, Ji Chen smiled slightly, “No, just think it this way, I don’t love him anymore. Isn’t it common for couples?”


“But what?”

“Boss told me you had slept together” Straight Guy shyly whispered, face turning ruddy, “So you can’t break up, that’s irresponsible.”.

“What the h.e.l.l are you talking about!” Ji Chen glanced at him.

Straight Guy whispered firmly, “Life lesson from my mother, she wouldn’t have told me this if I weren’t about to go to college.”


Worried about his sweetie’s leave, Domineering Guy was not himself lately. In Straight Guy’s eyes, Domineering Guy was no different than a hungry lion that would jump on Coquettish Guy once meeting him.

Unfortunately, the shower in the dormitory was not working these two days. The three guys had to go to public shower together. This day, they took off and took shower.

Straight Guy soon got highly alert, he could feel that his boss’s fiery eyesight was travelling up and down on Coquettish Guy’s body the whole time even though he was in between.

He decided to sacrifice himself and take actions in case that his boss couldn’t control to make things worse. So, he stood in front of Domineering Guy to stop him staring at Coquettish Guy like a sniper rifle.

Finally Domineering Guy couldn’t take it anymore, he threw his towel and went out, “Are you perverted? Stop showing off your junk!”

Hearing this, Straight Guy turned to Coquettish Guy hoping to get consolation for his sacrifice. Coquettish Guy said calmly, “Stop showing off, I feel dizzy.”

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