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Chapter 529: How Now?

Heaven Heart took the initiative to enter the first black hole, making the others heave a sigh of relief. Who knew where this black and dark hole led to?

Now that someone was scouting the way, it was exactly what they wanted.

Heaven Heart walked to the human-height black hole and just walked in right away.

Hong long long!

Spiritual energy changed all around him. It wasn't so pure and gentle as before. It became really extreme and violent. It was as if one went out in the winter and the wind pierced right into one's skin.

Heaven Heart walked into the black hole and apart from the spiritual energy, everything else was okay. He took huge strides and suddenly his eyes lit up. He saw a new world.

A world filled with white bones.

The ground was covered in bones and there was nothing growing. It was a patch of scorched land and in the distance there was a broken and old city. It hadn't been repaired in a long time and it looked like it was about to collapse.

This seemed like a place to bury corpses. So many bodies were tossed here.

Heaven Heart looked behind him at a crack in s.p.a.ce. He had came out from this crack.

Heaven Heart remembered this place and everything else around. If he wanted to head out, he had a target and didn't need to ask others.

The formation was really simple and Heaven Heart learnt it with one look. The tough part was finding the weakness in the s.p.a.ce.

After entering this world, the spiritual energy was still really fierce and overbearing. He absorbed it into his body and it felt like he was sucking in pieces of blades. They were scratching his meridians and as his blood flowed, it felt unbearable for him.

If someone with slightly lower cultivation entered this place, they would feel like their body was burning. It wasn't from the outside but burning from the inside.

Meridians, dantian, consciousness, all of them were burning.

Fortunately Heaven Heart was really determined, blocking them all and not being affected.

He didn't bother about whether or not people entered behind him. He did his own things, taking out the treasure map and looked at it carefully. He said, “This map said that the ancient demon G.o.d's treasure will be found on the third floor. Which floor am I at now?”

Heaven Heart guessed that he was roughly at the first level, after all this was connected to the basic world.

Of course, this was just what he guessed. He still needed to find some clues.

If he really was at teh first level, then he needed to enter the second and the third to find the treasure.

So Heaven Heart was prepared to leave to find the answer to prove which level he was at.

But a voice stopped him.

“Monk, follow us. It is very dangerous to travel alone in this h.e.l.l.” Young Master Mi entered and shouted warmly.

The others entered one by one. They found it unbearable but they didn't have as strong of a tolerance as Heaven Heart.

The violent spiritual energy were like small blades slicing their flesh. The key was that the blade was not sharp, it wouldn't slice off anything at all.

But the process would make one feel extreme pain.

Everyone was like that apart from Young Master Mi and Young Master Ming and their emperor guards.

They were calm, it was as if they adapted really quickly. Heaven Heart had a weird gaze as they warmly invited him.

“I have something else to deal with, I agreed before that after we enter, I have to leave. Now I will keep my promise.” Heaven Heart rejected it.

Young Master Mi had an awkward expression. His warm invitation was rejected just like that by Heaven Heart.

“Monk, this place is the eighteen floors of the deep abyss. To the morals, it is like h.e.l.l. It is easy for you to get killed if you are alone. Isn't it better if we are all together and helping one another?” Young Master Ming tried to persuade Heaven Heart.

Heaven Heart found it weird.

Young Master Mi was someone that often smiled but not Young Master Ming. He was a cold person that didn't smile and had a straight face like people owed him money.

But now, this Young Master Ming invited Heaven Heart. That was weird.

“I am more used to moving alone.” Heaven Heart rejected once more.

Young Master Ming and Young Master Mi's face collapsed and they looked at Heaven Heart with an unfriendly gaze.

The speed at which he turned on him was unimaginable.

“We invited you but you still reject, you really don't give me face at all?” Young Master Ming said coldly.

“This is the first level of the deep abyss, do you know who this piece of land belongs to?” Young Master Mi looked at Heaven Heart coldly. He didn't hide himself and just smiled coldly.

When the others saw that, they looked at one another. How did it turn so hostile when they were just having a good conversation?

Only the demon squinted his eyes and looked at those scenes. He stood there calmly. He didn't interfere in this and just looked on silently.

Heaven Heart had the ability to handle this.

“You invited me to stay and then after I reject you, you become angry. Listening to your tone, you are from the deep abyss. Moreover you seem so used to this place, it is obvious that this isn't your first time here. You are able to be so calm in such a violent spiritual energy and you even tore your mask open without hiding anything. You can tell me, who gave you that courage?” Heaven Heart asked.

“All of you entered deep abyss and into this white bone filled battlefield, why do I still need to hide?” Young Master Mi shouted coldly.

“The two of us are warriors under White Bone Demon Lord, we make people enter. The moment they step foot here, the White Bone Demon Lord will swallow all of you up to replenish his body.” Young Master Ming smiled.

The moment he said that, the dozen of people he cheated in were furious. They knew that they were lied to and wanted to grab the two of them.

But the one protecting them were emperors and these people couldn't break their defences.

“Hahaha, these are the bodyguards that the White Bone Demon Lord gave us, they have emperor realm strength. Unfortunately, they can only use it in the deep abyss. If they could use it outside, I wouldn't need to spend so much effort to cheat all of you in.” Young Master Ming said regretfully.

The two emperors that protected them just had emperor aura in the real world but not the strength of an emperor. So when the demon said that he was to join in, Young Master Ming and Young Master Mi's tricks were seen through and they were terrified.

But now that they were back in the abyss, the two emperors weren't decorative pieces anymore.

For the two of them to deal with the Grandmaster and Legend Realm people, weren't they more than enough?

“You make it seem like you will definitely kill me?” Heaven Heart asked curiously, “Do I look so easy to bully?”

“How can a monk like you do anything in this deep abyss?” Young Master Mi smiled coldly. .

“Is that so?” Heaven Heart suddenly gave a devilish smile. His left eye gave out a blood glow and it turned into a rushing blood ocean. His aura changed, from a saint-like monk into an extreme demon. An evil demonic pattern appeared on his face and stretched to his neck. A drip of cinnabar ink appeared on his forehead.

“What about now?” Heaven Heart looked at Young Master Mi and grinned.

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