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Behind Eligor, a woman dressed in revealing clothing was walking towards them slowly.

The way her long, red hair was flowing smoothly reminded him of silk. Her white skin was enveloped in a purple dress, which revealed her shoulders and neck, but her full b.r.e.a.s.t.s were partially sticking out of the dress. Beneath her thin waist, the slit of the dress revealed her thighs.

“I have met the descendant of the great Maimon. My name is Sitri, the dungeon merchant.”

After Sitri gracefully bowed at him, he was close to extending his face towards her cleavage, but Yong-Ho managed to maintain his posture.

“It’s nice to meet you. Sitri. My name is Chun Yong-Ho and I’ll be taking Maimon’s place as the head of the dungeon.”

He felt the need to say something, but since he couldn’t start talking informally to her right away, Yong-Ho decided that it was best to answer by doing a bland introduction. Saying his name will eventually reveal the fact that he’s a “human,” so he contemplated whether he should say it, but he didn’t have the time to contemplate for long. 
If humans couldn’t be the head of the dungeon, then Catalina and Eligor wouldn’t have come up to Yong-Ho.

After hearing Yong-Ho’s bland answer, Catalina let out a sigh of relief and Eligor smiled with satisfaction. Sitri looked at Yong-Ho for a moment and smiled seductively.

“It’s possible that the House of Maimon is being filled with luck again.”

Some might think that it’s an insult towards the previous owner, Eligor was just enjoying the moment. Catalina wasn’t smiling like Eligor was, but she seemed to agree as well.

‘Did they have something against the previous owner?’

He didn’t know the details, but he somewhat understood their feelings. Because the previous owner committed suicide, Eligor and Catalina was on the verge of dying with the dungeon.

“I will now being the ceremony. Sir Chun Yong-Ho, please wear this necklace.”

Sitri pulled out a necklace from her cleavage. It was a gold necklace that had a green gem attached to it, which was as big as two fingers put together.

Yong-Ho just found out that Sitri was going to come so he didn’t have any information regarding the ceremony. He had no idea what the necklace was used for and what Sitri was going to do. No, he was about to lose his mind because of Sitri’s cleavage.

After seeing how nervous Yong-Ho was, Sitri tildted her head. Then, she smiled and asked.

“Oh my, do you not know anything about the ceremony?”

Yong-Ho was a youthful, young man that attended an all-boys middle school, high school and majored in engineering. Seeing a seductive woman ask with a smile made him realize that he had low tolerance against women to properly lie to them.

After revealing that he didn’t know with an awkward expression, Eligor looked at Catalina as if he was going to eat her at any moment. He looked at her as if he was asking why she didn’t explain it to him.
Catalina turned back into a klutz and she tried to make an excuse, but all she could do was keep her mouth shut. No matter what she did, it’ll only embarra.s.s her even more since Sitri was there.

Sitri stood close to Yong-Ho and explained.

“The ceremony that we’re about to perform skips all the formalities and will only perform the necessary steps. By wearing that necklace, the two servants and I will perform a consistent magic ritual, which will allow you to awaken as a demon.”

After hearing the word, “awaken,” Yong-Ho gulped. Sitri of course noticed it. She continued talking with a seductive voice.

“The owner of the dungeon. Within the demon world, the head of the dungeon are a special figure amongst the family. Especially you, Chun Yong-Ho, because the blood of Maimon runs through your veins. You’ll definitely receive a great power. This necklace not only helps you awaken, but it’ll tell you what kind of power you’ve awakened to.”

When Sitri finished talking, the necklace was already around Yong-Ho’s neck. Eligor quickly spoke.

“A t.i.tle that matches with your power will appear on the gem. Like The Demon of Magic, or The Demon of Magic, or The Demon of Magic.”

It was obvious what kind of t.i.tle Eligor wanted me to have. With a nervous expression, Yong-Ho looked at the gem that at the end of the necklace.

“Let us begin the ceremony.”

The throne was just located on the flat ground, so when Sitri stepped away, there was a bit of distance between her and Yong-Ho. Catalina and Eligor stood next to Yong-Ho.

After facing Yong-Ho, Sitri closed her eyes and quietly spoke words that he didn’t quite understand. Catalina and Eligor followed by raising their voices and Yong-Ho felt the same fear that he felt when he first entered Maimon’s dungeon.

It was the fear of change.
This fear appeared due to the fact that he was going to become something different.

His blood boiled. The louder their voice got, the more his body started heating up. It was difficult to stay sane. This was the first time he felt this kind of pleasure, which caused him to lose his mind.

Moments later.

Yong-Ho breathed out. At the same time, the heat was released and Yong-Ho felt himself breathing differently than before. His eyes changed. A green, emerald-colored light appeared and a message appeared.

The power obtained through awakening.
It was the message that represented the current Yong-Ho.

“Pant… pant…….”
Yong-Ho raised his head as he breathed heavily. Now that he officially became the head of the dungeon, he was able to somewhat feel Catalina and Eligor’s feelings.

Eligor was feeling extremely excited. It was safe to say that he almost trembled. Despite of the fact that it wasn’t the t.i.tle he had hoped for, he was still excited.

Unlike Eligor, Catalina was a lot calmer and genuine. She felt relieved and excited.
He understood why she felt relieved. She was relieved because she had a place to return to. But, excitement? Why was she feeling excited?

With his green eyes, Yong-Ho saw Sitri. He couldn’t read her feelings. But it wasn’t like he couldn’t see her purple eyes that was lit with brilliance.

The Demon of Brilliance.
That wasn’t it. With the awakening, there was another power that would be partially revealed.

This was the real reason why Eligor and Catalina were feeling excited. Maimon’s power haven’t been revealed for the longest time.

Yong-Ho looked back on himself. He wanted to know the power he had obtained.

But, it happened the moment he looked into himself. In his head, he heard the voice of a girl that sounded familiar.

[An intruder appeared within the dungeon!]   

Yong-Ho closed his eyes tightly and opened them. The moment he awakened as a demon and became the head, the Spirit of the Dungeon connected to him and told him what he had to do.
When he opened his hand, a large window of light appeared before him. It was like a computer screen and in that screen, it provided an aerial view of the dungeon.

As one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Maimon was definitely a great figure. Even if he was ruined, the Maimon family’s dungeon was large.

‘It’s useless.’

Out of the entire site, half of the land couldn’t be used. Either the roof caved in, the wall crumbled or the ground was destroyed. Even the remaining land wasn’t in the best condition. Almost 4/5th of the land were “unactivated.”
Since mana wasn’t supplied for the longest time, the room didn’t contain anything.

It was different from the empty stone room he first saw. Despite of the fact that the empty stone room’s rank was the lowest, it was an “activated” s.p.a.ce. He couldn’t even approach the “unactivated” land.

If the Maimon family’s dungeon site had 100 rooms, then only eight of them were useable.
Most of them were empty stone rooms.

Yong-Ho felt like he was scammed, but decided to suppress that feeling by zooming into the s.p.a.ces that he could use. He wasn’t sure whether the system was originally created this way or if it was made just for him because it was like using a smartphone.

Eight tiles were connected together. The second room from the left was the one that Yong-Ho was in and the entrance of the dungeon was located at the far right.

There was just one being that intruded the first room from the far right.

“Crimson Ogre!”

It seemed like Catalina and Eligor were able to see the window as well. Yong-Ho frowned after hearing Eligor’s frustrating cry. The Spirit of the Dungeon gave him new information.

[From the screen, the room that’s located on the far left is the Heart of the Dungeon. Once the heart is destroyed, the dungeon will lose its life.]

He wanted to say that it didn’t make sense because the dungeon was an inanimate object, but he didn’t. The reason why Catalina and Eligor came to Yong-Ho was because the dungeon was going to die if it didn’t have an owner.

After pa.s.sing the first room, the Crimson Ogre moved on to the second room. He wasn’t sure whether its goal was to attack the place or if it just got lost, but if he didn’t do anything, the ogre would eventually come into this room. The family’s shabby dungeon had a single path.

“Do-don’t worry. Many traps have been installed within the dungeon!”

Eligor shouted quickly. Like he had stated, the window marked all the traps that were installed in each room.

[Drop Trap - A straw mat has been placed over a deep hole and it’s known to be the most basic trap.]
[Arrow Trap - Dozens of arrows are shot unexpectedly to kill the enemy.]
[Fire Trap - The flame was created with the power of magic and it exterminates the enemy.]

They were the traps that were installed in each room and it started from the second room to the right.
Now this is what you call Demon’s Dungeon!

But, Yong-Ho’s excitement didn’t even last five seconds.

The Crimson Ogre fell for the Drop Trap. But, the trap only came up to the ogre’s waist and after moving around a bit, they were able to get out of the trap.

“W-we lacked manpower while digging the trap…”

Ignoring Eligor’s excuse, he looked at the third room. Unlike the explanation, not one arrow was released.

“We didn’t have any arrows…”

This time, Catalina gave her excuse.
Yong-Ho was patient. And as soon as the Crimson Ogre pa.s.sed the fourth room without any issues, he released a deep sigh.

“The mana that can activate the trap is….”

The Crimson Ogre intruded the fifth room. Instead of covering his face with his hands, he decided to keep his hopes up by looking at Catalina, the guardian of the dungeon.

“Catalina, can you defeat that ogre?”

Before, speaking informally was a bit awkward, but now, it was natural for him to speak that way. Maybe it was because he officially became the head of the dungeon.
Catalina’s face was filled with fear as she glanced at the screen, but as if she made up her mind, she spoke while clutching her fists.

“I-I’ll put my life on the line…!”

She looked like she was going to cry.

The Crimson Ogre pa.s.sed the fifth room and was about to invade the sixth room. They were running out of time. Instead of looking at Sitri’s calm expression, he looked at the screen. He put together all the information that the Spirit of the Dungeon told him and devised a plan.
He demanded the required information from the Spirit of the Dungeon.

[In order to active a room, 10 mana point is required.]
[The path from the Heart of the Dungeon to the entrance must be connected.]

Yong-Ho quickly waved his hand. Since he awakened as a demon, the mana that he released from his hand was marked on the screen. It was only 100. However, in the current dungeon, there was only 10 points, so compared to that, he had ten times more.

It was impossible to set a trap in the sixth room now. Excluding the fact that mana was required to install the trap, he needed manpower to install them and didn’t have the time.

What kind of strengths did Maimon’s dungeon have?
A large portion of the plot was useless. A lot of the s.p.a.ces weren’t activated because there was nothing there.

Yong-Ho raised his finger at the inactivated room that was located right below the room he was in. After using his mana to activate the room, he moved his finger right next to the entrance, and in total, seven rooms were activated.

70 mana points were used. But, he still had more to do. Using his hand, he deactivated the sixth room, which was the room that was between him and the Crimson Ogre. And just like that, the door that was in front of the throne disappeared. It was because the sixth room was deactivated.

He turned his attention back to the screen. He saw a surprised ogre when it noticed that the door disappeared.

‘Please, please!’

The Crimson Ogre didn’t turn back to leave. Instead, it violently opened the door that appeared on the left wall.

At that moment.
He kept on pressing his finger. As soon as he activated the sixth room again, he inactivated the “new sixth room” that was created.

He obeyed the rule about how the Heart of the Dungeon and the entrance needed to be connected.

He was so close.
Not noticing that the door disappeared, the Ogre entered the new room and after inspecting it, instead of exiting through the door it came in, it moved towards the room that was connected to the entrance of the dungeon.

Catalina and Eligor’s eyes widened. Yong-Ho forgot to breath as he watched the ogre’s every move.

“Oh! The Crimson Ogre is fleeing!”
It’s probably just leaving, not fleeing!

But, he didn’t criticize Eligor for jumping around happily. He was busy catching his breath while sitting on the throne.

He was lucky.
Since the Crimson Ogre wasn’t planning on attacking the dungeon and just lost its way, he was able to lead it outside.
Since a majority part of Maimon’s dungeon was empty, he was able to create a path by activating and deactivating them. If a trap was installed in the sixth room, then he wouldn’t have used this method.

The Crimson Ogre left the dungeon. And as if it infected Catalina and Eligor, the Spirit of the Dungeon started speaking in a bright tone.

   [First Victory]
   [You have driven out the intruder that entered the dungeon!]
   [Items Obtained: - ]
   [Mana Obtained : - ]

Of course he didn’t obtain anything. Instead, he used up most of his mana.
Anyways, he did end up winning. This was his first victory as the owner of the dungeon.

‘It’s an odd victory though.’
Yong-Ho’s body was already stretched on the throne, but in order to stretch out even more, he started moving his body. That’s when Yong-Ho noticed Sitri.

She was smiling.
It was a bright smile that didn’t go well with her alluring beauty.

Sitri looked at Yong-Ho. Her bright smile was replaced with a seductive expression and she started speaking.

“Valued customer, I look forward to seeing you again very soon.”

Sitri wasn’t expecting an answer. After grabbing one of his hand softly, she kissed the back of his hand. She turned around gracefully and left the dungeon like the wind. 

Couple of seconds later.
As if Catalina and Eligor had planned it, they kneeled in front of Yong-Ho. They spoke in an honest tone.

“Catalina, I swear my allegiance to the owner of the dungeon.”
“Eligore, I swear my allegiance to the owner of the dungeon.”

A clumsy guard and a dull butler.
It was such a ridiculous dungeon that it was on the verge of losing its life because of a lost ogre.

‘I just want to give up on being the owner.’

But, he didn’t say it out loud. After awakening as a demon, he knew. He was the owner of the dungeon and this dungeon was a part of Yong-Ho. It wasn’t something he could easily throw away.

That’s why Yong-Ho smiled weakly. He acknowledged the two servants’ allegiance.

Chun Yong-Ho, the Demon of Evolution.
Out of the Seven Deadly Sins, he obtained Greed’s power.

He took his first great, yet dangerous step.

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