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< demon="" house's="" armory="" #3="">

Yong-Ho moved to the left.
Every time he reached the end of the room, he activated a new room and he kept on moving forward.

Having luck in wealth was greed’s secondary skill and it was a skill that was difficult to describe.
Just a feeling.
Instinctively choosing.

Because of that, he couldn’t explain to Catalina and Skull why they were walking forward. He just felt that he would obtain something if he continued walking in this path.

However, several hours later, Catalina and Yong-Ho himself started to get worried.

Was this the right path?
No, even if he could obtain something by walking on this road, was that something the armory?

It wasn’t a completely fruitless search. While walking, they encountered a Crazy Ant and were able to increase the development rate as well as gain a bit of mana. If they considered everything to be an experience, it was a useful combat training.

However, Yong-Ho’s goal was to find Kaiwan’s armory. In the game world, completing all the side quests and not the main quest was useless, so he told himself to not forget about his main goal.


Catalina carefully spoke up. Yong-Ho had an idea on why she called out to him, so he put on his calm expression and turned around.
Yong-Ho was the head of the household and was currently the leader of the search party. If Yong-Ho looked anxious, then Catalina and Skull...he wasn’t sure if Skull knew what being anxious felt like...then most likely, they’ll feel anxious too.

“I have a strong feeling it’s this side. Let’s go a bit further.”
“Yes, sir.”

As the loyal spirit, Catalina answered right away. Skull had their usual blank expression and followed behind Yong-Ho and Catalina.

Yong-Ho thought back to the time when he obtained Aamon. He was really lucky to be able to obtain Aamon. It was mind-blowing.
However, the process wasn’t easy. If Catalina didn’t slow down the speed of their fall, they surely would’ve lost their lives.

It could happen this time too.
One of Mammon’s spirit that’s protecting the treasure could appear or an unknown trap could appear as well.

But, he had no choice.
Go this way.
There’s something there that will satisfy your greed.

‘One room. Let’s just go through one more room.’

If they don’t find anything, Yong-Ho was going to end the search here. He would try again after recovering their mana and stamina.

After coming up with a plan, Yong-Ho commanded the Spirit of the Dungeon to activate the next room. He carefully opened the door.

“Be careful. Something feels off.”

Like their warning, this room was different from the previous rooms. As soon as he opened the door, an eerie wind escaped. On top of that, the room was dark.

Activated rooms are usually lit through the light that’s created by mana. However, despite the fact that the Spirit of the Dungeon activated it, it was dark. It wasn’t complete darkness, but the light didn’t even light up a fourth of the room.


Yong-Ho spoke and Catalina reacted. She took out the flashlight from her belt and handed it to Yong-Ho.

“Master, I’ll take the lead.”
“No, you stay behind me. I’ll take the lead.”
It was the same as when he obtained Aamon. The feeling was strong. He was certain that there was something here that excited Yong-Ho’s greed.

“I’m sorry. I’m unable to figure out the entire room. It’s also too far from the Heart of the Dungeon...Some sort of power is interrupting it.”

The Spirit of the Dungeon spoke weakly. After Yong-Ho gulped, he used the flashlight to light the room. It looked like an empty room since he didn’t see anything.

“It seems like an extremely large room. It’s as big as your room, master.”

When they walked halfway across the room, Catalina spoke quietly. But, Yong-Ho couldn’t reply to it. He had a strong feeling. Front. Something was behind this darkness.

Yong-Ho instinctively raised the flashlight. Once the flashlight lit the small light that was in the room, he was able to see the room more clearly.


He was sure that this large door would lead them underground.
That’s when Yong-Ho sensed it. Greed started reacting to it not because it was an armory.

‘Gold mine!’

That was the only thing he could think of. Greed took place within Yong-Ho’s soul and was expressing their desire.
However, that wasn’t the only thing.


Her long ears flinched and Catalina spoke softly. Yong-Ho was able to feel it now.
He heard something rustling in all directions. On top of that, something was falling from the ceiling.


Even the slow-witted Skull was able to sense the danger. Catalina quickly took out her dagger and stood behind Yong-Ho with her back facing his. With her Dark Elf eyes, she looked around.

Yong-Ho’s grip on Aamon tightened. He knew the moment he heard the sound. It didn’t make sense that he didn’t hear it once while coming here.
It was the same for whatever was on the ceiling.

Yong-Ho didn’t hesitate. He pointed Aamon towards the ceiling.

“Reveal it!”

As soon as he shouted, a green flame was released from the tip of Aamon’s blade. The flame burned the Slime that covered the ceiling and the Spirit of the Dungeon answered to Yong-Ho’s yelling. After releasing the concentrated mana all at once, it got rid of the darkness that was in the room.


A strange sound filled the room. At the same time, Skull was surprised.

A group of Crazy Ants were covering the walls. The way they moved around while crying was horrendous. And the entrance. From there, a monster that he’s never seen before poked their head out. A group of Soldier Ants, who were at least three to four times larger than Crazy Ants appeared.

“Retreat first!”

Yong-Ho hastily shouted and swung Aamon once more. After releasing the fire in front of him, he quickly turned around and ran.

Gold mine.
It existed, just like Eligor mentioned. But, the Crazy Ant built a nest at the gold mine. The monsters that drove out the owners from the previous generation were still alive and well!

“Skull, skull!”

Skull started swinging around the hammer it was wielding. Most of the Crazy Ants that were on the walls stayed there, but they couldn’t relax. They even covered the exit that the party was supposed to escape through.


Catalina was running alongside Yong-Ho when she suddenly screamed. The Slimes that were releasing their fluids from the ceiling dropped down and enveloped Catalina with their bodies.

Since it was a sudden attack, even the agile Catalina couldn’t dodge it. The Soldier Ants penetrated through the fire.
The Crazy Ants started moving around more as if they received some sort of command.

“Skull, skull!”

Skull threw their body towards the door. At the same time, Yong-Ho turned around. He tightened his grip on Aamon and saw the Slimes that covered Catalina.

He didn’t have time to think. It occurred to him right when he saw it.
The Slime’s body was made up of strong acid. It even melted weapons, so Catalina didn’t have the time to endure it while being covered by their body.
What could he do?

In that moment. In-between the opening.

Yong-Ho and Catalina made eye contact. Catalina spoke. She spoke with her eyes since she couldn’t say what was on her mind.

‘Run away!’

Leave her. That was the best choice. This was her job anyways.
Not only Catalina, but Yong-Ho thought of that option as well. It felt like someone was giving a command.

That moment disappeared. He felt the Soldier Ants approaching. He sensed the other Slimes getting ready to fall to the ground.

Because of that, Yong-Ho made a choice. He didn’t think anymore. He pierced Aamon into the Slimes that covered Catalina.

Aamon’s fire not only burned their body, but their mana and soul as well.
However, the same happened to Catalina.

A green flame blossomed out of the tip of Aamon’s blade. It started spreading and enveloped the Slimes. During this, Catalina closed her eyes tightly.

And Yong-Ho was longing for it.
He didn’t throw away greed. He commanded Aamon. 

It was his.
Everything about them belong to Yong-Ho!
Aamon’s fire was greed’s fire.
The fire of desire that devoured the body and the soul.

He burned the Slimes. Yong-Ho inserted his hand into Aamon’s strong fire. Catalina wasn’t affected by Aamon’s fire and Yong-Ho grabbed her.


Yong-Ho commanded. After escaping the fire, Catalina listened to his command. Instead of thinking, she followed his orders and kicked off the ground. She threw her body towards the door that Skull left open.

“One more time!”

Yong-Ho released more of his mana. He waved Aamon with all his might and filled the place with a wave of fire.


The Soldier Ants were surprised by the sudden wave of fire and started screaming. Yong-Ho didn’t bother to look and started running. He threw himself through the door and at the same time, commanded the Spirit of the Dungeon.

“Deactivating the room!”

It didn’t stop there. Catalina quickly helped Yong-Ho stand up. Skull, who was running through the room, opened the door again.

Yong-Ho ran through two rooms. At the same time, the Spirit of the Dungeon deactivated the room.
And when they were running through the third room.

Yong-Ho stopped and breathed heavily.
His body was covered with sweat. Catalina, who almost died, collapsed to the floor. She remembered how Aamon’s fire covered her, which made her wrap her shoulders with her hands.

Yong-ho closed his eyes. He started thinking while catching his breath.
The gold mine that Kaiwan found.
It existed. There was gold remaining. Yong-Ho’s greed reacted, so he was sure.

The issue was the colony of Crazy Ants that were blocking the way. Seeing the size of it, there’s a high possibility that there’s a Queen Ant.

“I should really find the armory.”

Yong-Ho said it and Skull reacted after opening the door to the third room. Catalina also raised her head and looked at Yong-Ho.

They found the gold mine. Thanks to that, there were two roads and he was sure that one of them connected to the armory. If they walk down the remaining road, they’ll arrive at the armory.

They can obtain gear from the armory. And reclaim the gold mine with stronger gear.

‘But before that.’

Yong-Ho stood up straight. He gathered the remaining mana into his left hand, which was empty. He activated the Power of Evolution and looked at himself.

The Demon of Evolution, Chun Yong-Ho.
Development Rate 100/100.

It was the development rate that he obtained after taking care of the Slimes that covered Catalina.

Yong-Ho didn’t wait any longer. He placed his left hand on top of his chest.

[Specialized Mana Development]

The Power of Evolution started working. Green-colored mana rose out of Yong-Ho’s body as if something blew up inside him.


< demon="" house's="" armory="" #3=""> End.

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