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3 Brother-in-law:

‘Letty, try and calm down first.' Matthias said, taking out a handkerchief from his pocket and pressing it against his wife's cheek.

‘But Iris...I'm only thinking of Iris....'

‘Yes, but at this moment your pretty eyes will turn red like a rabbit's.'

Like he was a gentle mother, her tearful face was gently wiped dry by her husband. He stroked her hair dotingly. Matthias was a gentle husband, six years older than Leticia.

In such a moment, Iris was aware that not everyone could obtain such affection and doting even if they wished and prayed for it. That realisation always pained Iris.

Whenever they fought, Leticia always ended up crying.

Such stupidity made Iris sick.

Iris dropped her gaze feeling nauseated.

Meanwhile, Leticia was comforted by her dear husband, and gradually calmed down.

With her moist eyes, she looked up at her husband and said,

‘Thank you, Matthias. Because of your timely intervention, my eyes would not turn red.'

‘You're welcome, Letty.'

‘Thanks to you, Iris did not continue being angry.' (Zuben: I'm nauseated)

Listening to her words, anger bubbled up gain in Iris' chest.

‘Whenever she speaks to people who are worried about her, Iris gets angry.' Leticia said with a droop of her shoulder. (Zuben: I officially hate Leticia.)

They definitely were not worried about her, Iris thought to herself.

Nothing has changed since her childhood.

Leticia was innocent and has never noticed anything. Whenever she cried in public, it was because she was fighting foolishly with Iris. She would tell her admirers and they would corner Iris behind Leticia's back. The more she complained to her admired, the more Iris was a.s.sailed.

Leticia would never understand what Iris was going through.

‘Matthias, I love you!' Leticia cried as she threw herself against his wide chest. Matthias looked at her with deep affection as he stroked his wife's hair, as though he was stroking a well loved pet.

When would this penance end? Iris thought to herself.

She sighed inwardly, and moved to rise from her seat. At that moment, Matthias pulled back and looked at his wife,

‘But darling, don't you think you were a bit overbearing?' Matthias commented as he shot a wry smile at Iris, ‘Iris is Iris, I had told you she would lose her temper.'

Iris met Matthias' eyes, but she turned her gaze away.

‘Oh, do you mean that perhaps, I have gone too far?' Leticia asked him. Matthias nodded.


Leticia cast her gaze down, she turned to Iris and said, ‘Iris...I didn't mean anything bad, I was just thinking of you…' (Zuben: That's the problem, "never mean anything bad" but leave disaster in your wake)

Iris watched Leticia's watery green eyes; that was her elder sister's usual apology.

And Iris replied, ‘I understand, Sister.' as usual.

No matter how hurt Iris was, she could not blame Leticia who was not really bad. Iris always ended up being the bad guy.

‘Thank you, Iris.' with Iris' forgiveness, Leticia was happy.

Iris used to dislike Leticia in the past. But recently, it was coming close to hate. As long as she remained beside her, Iris always lost and Leticia gained advantage. Was the Leticia's greatest advantage was her eye for men? 1

‘Thank you, Matthias.'

‘It's alright, you did well Letty.'

Although, he worshipped Leticia like she was an angel, he was the only one amongst Leticia's admirers, who did not decide that Iris was the bad one without asking why. Matthias tempered Leticia's flights and disinclined labelling Iris as the one at fault. An example of the intellect that got him the position of personal aide to the King at a young age.

But he still chose Leticia.

Iris rose from her seat,

‘I've decided!' Leticia exclaimed. Her glittering eyes sparked a sense of fear in Iris.

‘I will search for a man for you.'


‘At the monthly ball, hosted by His Majesty the King. Three days from now I will find a man for you. If I leave it to you, it would really be delayed.' (Zuben: The worst kind of person; one that never learns)

Leticia gave a satisfied smile as though she had thought of a really good idea.

Iris stared at her in confounded, she had not given up.

Leticia turned to her husband, and looked up at him,

‘Please Matthias, could you list the names of unmarried men attending the ball.'

‘No, Letty...even if you look at me so prettily, that is…'

She would not hear that is was impossible. He gave wry smile. Although, he was the Marquis de Reinfeldt as well as the king's aide, it did not mean he could leak sensitive information that could put their house in a predicament.

Why was Leticia asking her husband to abuse his authority?

Leticia clasped her hands between her full bust imploringly, while Iris looked at her astounded.

‘Matthias, please. For Iris' happiness, you think she's pretty too, don't you?'

‘Well, I understand your thoughts but…'

Even though, it is what his wife wants, it was natural that it wasn't something that could be done. Matthias looked thoughtful, but he was probably thinking of how to refuse.

If Matthias refused, Leticia would not have a choice but to give up. Iris was holding a high hope that this would be the case, but she could not believe her ears when Matthias spoke up and said,

‘Alright, I will write the list as Letty wants.'

‘What?' Iris cried.

What did Matthias say?

While she was confused, Leticia embraced her husband, full of joy.

‘I love you, Matthias. I love you.'

‘I love you, Letty.'

Matthias embraced his wife's soft body happily.

A sweet air began to settle into the dining room, but Iris interrupted it.

‘Leticia! I have told you I had no desire to get married.'

‘Oh don't worry, you just have to wait for the results.'

‘That's not the problem; I have asked that you don't chose my husband without my permission, in the first place.'

‘It's alright, the ball at the castle will be filled with more wonderful men than any other ball. Why would there be problems?'

This time Leticia was determined, and more than anything,

‘This time, Matthias will cooperate, and we will find you an absolutely lovely husband.'

Leticia smiled full of confidence.

In the past year, whenever Leticia tried to decide Iris' marriage without a by-your-leave, it was Matthias who talked her down every time. Leticia was only obedient to Matthias.

What should she do?

Matthias was on the side of his wife who he loved.

Now that Matthias, who had always been a recourse, has agreed to a.s.sist in choosing her husband, how could Iris avoid the crisis?

‘Elder brother, this is rude and a little bit insane.'

She wanted him to regain his sanity quickly and refuse her sister.

Matthias smiled at Iris,

‘Iris, why don't you attend the royal ball? It has been a long time hasn't it?'


‘If you attend the ball, you'll be able to know who Letty picks and prevent it from going further.'

It looked like Matthias had given up trying to stop Leticia.

But, he was giving her an opportunity to fight back.

‘Matthias is already worried,' Leticia said cutely, ‘don't worry I will choose a man who suits Iris.'

Matthias pressed his lips against Leticia's forehead affectionately to appease her.


The incident that occurred that night a year ago happened at the Royal ball.

The memory of joy she had picking her dress, her shoes and hair accessories, the slight hope she had had, had become tarnished with the occurrence: The night she threw away everything.

She did not want to return to such a place.

However, she did not want Leticia to choose one of her admirers without permission either.

Matthias looked up at her, his eyes narrowed cunningly,

‘Iris, I will send something good to you.'

Something good?

It was delivered to her with a letter the day before the ball.

Iris gasped.

It was a powerful love potion that manipulated the mind.

To summarise the letter Matthias wrote:

If you don't want to be bothered by Leticia anymore, and you want to live freely, you should use this love potion and get married as soon as you can.

(Zuben: Not the brightest solution, but without it, there would be no story.)


4 The Love Potion:

A blue-silver moon hung in the clear night sky over the castle as Iris alighted from the carriage. The entrance hall was crowded with attendees of the ball, greeting each other.

‘Oh, is something wrong Iris?' Leticia turned to ask. She and Matthias were ahead of Iris.

As expected, her elder sister drew the eyes of gentlemen in her evening finery, even more so than usual.

‘Nothing, Leticia.'

Iris was dressed in a luxurious baby pink dress that hung off her shoulders. It had lots of ruffles and ribbons. Her hair was decorated with matching small roses.

An unmarried young lady of Berghausen wore pastels to enhance loveliness.

Iris did not think it suited her.

But Iris was here to do what it took, by any means necessary.

‘Iris, why don't you go to the salon?'

‘I have a little something to do beforehand. Both of you can go ahead.'

‘Is that so? Then, we'll see you later.'

Leticia turned back to her husband and gave him an adoring smile.

Matthias turned to Iris while they moved forward,

‘Do your best, Iris.' He mouthed to her.

Though, he had not spoken, she understood.

She nodded at him and took a deep breath. She turned and walked behind a large pillar in a corner of the hall.

Hidden in a secret pocket of her dress, was a small bottle. The cute clear bottle had pink b.a.l.l.s inside it. This was the love potion. (Zuben: or just sweets)

‘Matthias, is this real?'

She had been worried all night about it. She cornered her brother-in-law when Leticia was away.

‘Yes it is real. It is a powerful love potion that can manipulate body and mind.'

‘No way…' there was no way that such a thing could exist in this world.

Matthias looked at Iris' doubtful face and said seriously,

‘I had it made especially by a reliable alchemist. I think the effect is true. And, they have told me there would be no side effects.' (Zuben: Too good to be true ¬.¬)

Despite what Matthias said, manipulating a person's heart is nothing but harm. Even though there is no danger to the recipient's life, it was still against her ethics.

Nonetheless, she asked, ‘How long does the effect last?'

‘A lifetime. Eternity.'


Matthias gave Iris an unreadable smile,

‘So, you need to give this to your intended while he looks at you, and the man is forever yours.'

Such a simple bald explanation made Iris gulp.

She couldn't believe it.

She still thought that there should not be anything like this in the world. But if the love potion was real…

Make him drink it, and be the first person he sees after…

Iris wondered if she had really been affected by Leticia's casual words. Could she really marry someone and live a peaceful life everyday? Temptation, sweet like sugar stole into her brain. Even though, logically, she knew it could not be possible, she wanted to try this sweet like love potion.

When no words of refusal was to be heard from Iris who gazed at the bottle,

‘Do you really feel you are happy as you are, Iris?'Matthias asked


‘I do not believe you have to get married if you don't want to. You have the inheritance from your parents and your lace work. Even if you didn't have those things, I will still look after you.'


It was the first time he had said such a thing to her. Iris had always thought he had the same ideas as Leticia, it was rather unexpected.

Matthias gave Iris a small smile as he continued, ‘But Letty is not like that.'

Iris closed her mouth and frowned,

‘Letty thinks marriage brings happiness. It is difficult for Letty to understand your happiness.'

Iris remained silent,

‘Letty is very determined this time; she wants to find you a husband tonight.'

She glared at him; wasn't that because of Matthias cooperating.

Matthias looked at Iris' reproachful glare and said, ‘Even if I did not cooperate, she would still do it.'

Iris groaned.

Leticia felt it was up to her to choose before Iris was left on the shelf.

Iris could not find anything to say.

Matthias put his arm around his sister in law, and hugged her,

‘Try and weight up the options.'

‘Weigh the options…?'

‘Will you continue this impotent dispute with Letty for a long time? Or will you give a man of your choice this love potion? Which do you think is the more peaceful option?' (Zuben: Is giving a person a love potion going to bring one peace? There is a third option: leave the situation entirely)

With a soft smile, Matthias pointed out the cruel choice she had to make. It must be because he was very clear-cut that he had been able to climb to the personal aide of the King despite his youth.

Iris worried for a while, and made up her mind.

‘I understand. Matthias, would you show me the list of gentlemen you wrote for Leticia?'

‘Of course. Shall I also tell you the man I would recommend?' Matthias complied with a cunning smile.

‘I shall pray for your success, Iris.' he said.

Even with this love potion, the affection obtained would not be real. Iris did not believe this would make her happy. But she wanted a future where she could make her lace without being bothered, without having to field Leticia's hurtful words. Live with a calm heart for the rest of her life.

A peaceful everyday where she was not ridiculed, with a husband whose heart has been conveniently been manipulated by a love potion...Iris wanted it.

She thought it was a terrible plan, she was fully aware it was against her ethics. But she was still going to go through with it. She was hurt and exhausted.

‘I'm sorry…' she said the words of apology to her intended target and put the bottle back in her pocket.

She squared her shoulders, pulled her back straight, raised her chin and headed towards the ballroom.

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