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1081 Using This Technology to Travel the World?

Jin Ling University.

Mathematics department dorms.

Duan Siqi had just finished studying. He leaned back in his chair and took out his phone to check Weibo.

He was a freshman that joined the Jin University mathematics department this summer. He scored the top 200 in the college entrance examination for his state. He was quite a genius student.

However, when compared to the other students at the Jin University mathematics department, he was nothing.

Not to mention there was the student Li Mo, who received an IMO gold medal with full marks.

Li Mo was miles ahead of everyone else in his cohort. People wondered why he did not go to Shuimu or Yan University instead.

Time quickly pa.s.sed by.

Duan Siqi’s break was almost over. He was about to put away his phone and continue studying. However, a news headline on his phone suddenly caught his eye.

“A neural interface virtual reality equipment?”

“Jesus Christ! Is this real?”

This caught the attention of everyone in the dorm.

Li Mo, who was studying, as well as three other people in the dorm, all took out their phones and went on Weibo.

Soon after, they saw the shocking news headline on Weibo.

“Jesus! Is this… the kind of virtual reality that places the entire mind into the virtual reality world?”

“That is crazy…”

Discussions began in the dorm room.

“Using nerve micro-current stimulation to input electrical signals to the neural demodulator…” Yang Shuang quietly read. He couldn’t help but say, “F*ck me, using electricity on the brain? Isn’t that going to fry the brain?”

Li Mo shook his head.

“No way, this project is led by Academician Lu! If there were serious safety concerns, they would definitely not release this technology.”

Duan Siqi looked at him and said, “You’re such a fanboy…”

“Of course!” Li Mo smiled and scratched the back of his head. “G.o.d Lu is my idol.”

The other two roommates looked at each other and smiled awkwardly.

Duan Siqi smiled on the outside, but he was cringing on the inside.

Maybe geniuses all have a couple of screws loose.

He couldn’t imagine what it was like to worship someone to that level.

No matter how much he respected a person, he would at most give them a like on their Weibo posts. It was rare to see someone he admired in real life.

Moreover, this wasn’t the main point; the main point was the virtual reality technical problem.

Connecting one’s consciousness directly to a machine.

Experience an immersive virtual reality world through dreaming…

Is that even possible?

Even though he read through the news articles and statements, he still couldn’t believe this was true.

Duan Siqi suddenly noticed that on the last page of one of the articles, they mentioned that Star Sky Technology was recruiting testing volunteers.

The second he saw this news, he began to think.


This is a good opportunity.

Is this really as cool as it sounds?

Might as well sign up as a volunteer and try it out myself…

Frozen dormancy was not relevant in most people’s lives; neural interface virtual reality technology was much more relevant for most people.

The online novels, the anime such as SAO, Hollywood science fiction blockbusters such as “Ready Player One”, this kind of technology had been in mainstream entertainment for decades. The public had a.s.sociated VR as a technology of the future.

People already began fantasizing about what being in a virtual world would be like.

Now that the technology was here, how could they not go crazy?

Right after the Jinling Inst.i.tute for Advanced Study and Star Sky Technology announced their major research progress on neural interface virtual reality technology, as well as releasing video demonstrations, major Internet forums exploded.

[Jesus, is this the real deal? Not the kind where you wear a display on your head?]

[This is probably fake news! Impossible!]

[Not necessarily, this is the Jinling Inst.i.tute for Advanced Study, the country’s top research inst.i.tute! Also, Professor Lu is the research inst.i.tute director, and he is a reputable scholar!]

[F*ck me, this is crazy!]

[Does this mean I can travel the world while being in the comfort of my own home?]

[You’re going to use this technology to travel the world?]

[What else am I supposed to do?]

[Maybe have a little fun… hahaha.]

Other than the optimistic voices, many people came out with pessimistic opinions.

A small number of people had expressed their concerns regarding the various sociological damages the technology might bring. More people expressed their doubts about whether the technology was even real.

After all, the idea of immersing in a virtual world was something out of a movie. Even though the Jinling Inst.i.tute for Advanced Study was reputable, the frequent academic fraud that came from Chinese researchers made people suspicious.

However, those people were the minority.

Because people quickly realized that the person in charge of the virtual reality project was Professor Lu himself!

This was like adding oil to a fire. Discussions went wild.

Professor Lu was the face of Chinese academia. Some people might have had some doubts in the beginning, and they thought maybe this was propaganda or an exaggeration of research results. However, when they heard Professor Lu’s name, all of their doubts disappeared.

Within the first hour of Star Sky Technology releasing their volunteer registration form, a million people around the globe had already submitted their applications.

The minimum age was 18 while the maximum age was 60. People from all age groups had signed up for testing.

Star Sky Technology clearly stated on their website that there would be no travel reimburs.e.m.e.nts, no salary, and that they would only provide food and accommodation. Even though there were only 100 spots available, that didn’t stop people’s enthusiasm for virtual reality technology.

They didn’t care about the money.

All of them wanted to experience what it was like to be immersed in a virtual world.

They wanted to be the first witnesses of a historic moment…

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