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1079 Another Bloodbath

[Mission Evaluation: 81 points]

A light blue panel appeared along with the words “Game Over”.

“Not bad,” Lu Zhou said to Li Gaoliang, who had just taken off his helmet. Lu Zhou continued, “60 points is a pa.s.s, 81 points is pretty good.”

Lu Zhou clapped his hands and gave him a look of encouragement.

Even though it was slightly “cheating” of him to turn on orbital manual airstrikes, Lu Zhou also increased the strength of the enemies. Achieving 81 points was pretty good.

However, this was only a good score for filthy casual gamers.

For compet.i.tive gamers, anything below 100 points was a failure.

“Not good enough.” Li Gaoliang looked at the helmet in his hand and said, “There are still two medals I haven’t achieved… If I get the two medals and ensure all hostages survive, I should be able to get a full score.”

As Li Gaoliang muttered to himself, Lu Zhou couldn’t help but get a headache.

It’s just a simulation.

“Um… It’s just a video game.”

“… Yes, you’re right, it’s just a game. It’s not even a game, it’s just a training program.”

Li Gaoliang looked at Lu Zhou and said in a serious manner, “But in my eyes, every soldier is a living person! As a senior military officer, it is my duty to bring everyone back alive. If I fail my training, people will die on the battlefield. Anything less than a full score is a failure for me.”

Lu Zhou spoke.

“It’s just a game…”

In the end, Li Gaoliang wasn’t able to achieve a full score.

Not because Lu Zhou cared about the electricity fee, but because Li Gaoliang was here for too long. He had to go back and report to his higher-ups.

It wasn’t like he could report to his higher-ups that he was too busy playing a video game?

That would be ridiculous!

Therefore, Li Gaoliang finally left the laboratory. He even told Lu Zhou he was going to visit here often. In the end, he took his team and went back to their military station.

The day after Li Gaoliang left, Chen Yushan returned from a business trip from Shanghai. She came to the Inst.i.tute for Advanced Study and asked Lu Zhou, “Did you talk with the people from the State Administration for National Defense?”

Lu Zhou: “I talked with Director Li two days ago.”

Chen Yushan asked, “What do they think?”

Lu Zhou said, “The State Administration for National Defense suggests we apply the virtual reality technology to civilian use. I searched for some papers for this area, and companies like EyeMynd and Neuralink are also researching in this area. No wonder Director Li seems to be in a hurry.”

Both of them were American companies that used completely different technical routes.

For example, EyeMynd and a bioinformatics company called EMOTIV were working with Facebook to develop non-invasive virtual reality devices. This meant they would use external detection technologies such as electroencephalography to achieve a connection to the virtual reality world.

Neuralink, founded by Elon Musk, was dedicated to developing “brain implant” devices. Even though inserting nanoelectrodes into the brain sounded dangerous, apparently, they had made breakthroughs on monkeys.

The State Administration for National Defense wanted them to release the technology to the public as soon as possible, before the Americans could release theirs.

If virtual reality technology was going to become a crucial part of human social activities, it would be better to jump on the trend as early as possible.

However, even though Lu Zhou understood why the State Administration for National Defense felt this way, he disagreed with them.

Even though Neuralink had made some research progress, they were far from achieving the same level of virtual reality.

Chen Yushan looked at Lu Zhou and jokingly said, “Looks like Star Sky Technology is going to set off a bloodbath on Wall Street.”

“Bloodbath, that sounds so violent,” Lu Zhou said. “I sacrificed a lot to create this technology.”

Chen Yushan: “… Oh, you did?”

Lu Zhou nodded and said, “Of course.”

Fifteen thousand general points was not a small sacrifice.

Not to mention the time spent learning information science.

However, even though the sacrifice was big, the returns were also big.

If it weren’t for this interesting project, he would have never spent the time mastering information science and biology.

“This research project is probably over for you, right? I’m guessing you’re not interested in the business side…” Chen Yushan curiously said, “What now? What’s next for you?”

“Probably continue where I left off,” Lu Zhou said. “I’ve been procrastinating on the Grand Unified Theory of mathematics. After I solved Riemann’s hypothesis, I should have been working on that first.”

The reason why he decided to research virtual reality wasn’t because of how many general points he saved up; it was because he was inspired by the Dragon series chip product launch.

Now that this research project was finished, he planned on taking a few days off, then began working on unifying algebra and geometry.

However, he still had to visit one person before that.

Seeing how casual Lu Zhou was, Chen Yushan said, “Is that even possible…”

She knew Lu Zhou was talented.

However, unifying mathematics…

Lu Zhou replied, “Of course it’s not something that can be done by everyone…”

Lu Zhou paused for a second and looked at his right hand.

He could still remember standing in front of the whiteboards, writing the solution of Riemann’s hypothesis.

He could even hear the squeak of the marker as he dragged it against the whiteboard.

“But after I solved Riemann’s hypothesis, I feel like I’m very close to the finish line.”

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