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Chapter 87
Chapter 87: Naughty Again

Translator: CatCyan  Editor: Zayn



Hearing Lucky, Su Bai no longer felt worried. Though he could never command Lucky to do anything, the cat wouldn’t let him die like this; that was for sure.


It was odd that he could fall asleep like that. Must be the soup. But after a sound sleep, Su Bai felt somehow refreshed, except for the discomfort since he was tied up. Now his body was extremely relaxed, and he was unprecedentedly vigorous.


Lucky jumped onto the bed and touched the ribbon with its claw.


"That soup was precious, okay? Usually, those guests would pay a fortune for only a tiny cup of it. How could you drink it up when they were just being nice by offering you a large bowl? Good for you! Well, it has a strong effect for sleeping, but also good for physical recovery." Seven held up a spell paper, "Before we start off, I would like to try this ribbon, just to make sure it still works. After all, when we get to Mountain Xuebaoding, it’s gonna be difficult to do anything on a peak over five thousand meters high."


"You could have waited until I woke up." Su Bai took a deep breath.


The monk pointed to Lucky. "This cat can testify, I had waited here for three hours before I start tying you up. It took some time… I thought it must be quite some time since you slept so soundly last time, so I’d better let you sleep for some more time. For people like us, it’s difficult to sleep well."


Lucky paced around Su Bai. Clearly it was interested in Su Bai right now. But from its reaction, Su Bai could tell that the monk was telling the truth.


"So I just try hard to get out?" Su Bai asked. Since the monk had already tied him up, it would do no harm to give it a shot. He and the monk was still in the same team, even if the monk wanted to harm Su Bai, he wouldn’t dare to do that in such an obvious way.


"You have to turn into a zombie first. otherwise it won’t work." Seven backed up several steps, lit up the spell paper in his hand and cast a spell, then nodded to Su Bai. "Go."


Su Bai closed his eyes and withered rapidly with a sense of darkness and coldness. However, just at that moment, the ribbon around his body suddenly tightened automatically.




Su Bai took a quick breath. He almost failed to resist; he felt an awful constriction all over his body as if he was about to be strangled. Even with his physical defence as a zombie he couldn’t hold long, let alone make an escape. The yellow ribbon did not only work on the surface, but also inside his body like some kind of secret power. Sometimes, dexterity could bring much more suffer to a person than brute force.




Seven dropped the half-burnt spell paper into a cup of water. Instantly, the yellow ribbon around Su Bai lost its power. He immediately reached out and untied himself.


He sat up, wiped his sweat off and returned to normal. He moved his wrists and neck. Key parts of his body were still hurting.


"That should do." Seven said to himself, looking satisfied. "This piece of instrument was pa.s.sed down from my master, not exchanged from the e-shop. I’ve only used it once, and I don’t know much about it, actually."


"Monk, next time you wanna try binding, or you can join a club where a bunch of people are fond of such thing."


Su Bai made fun of him. He was hurt, but it was a nece

ssary test so he didn’t actually feel that bad. However, the monk p.i.s.sed him off by tying him up without asking for permission. Anyway, thinking of what he did with the old Lama when he wanted "a word" with him, he felt even more relieved.


Apparently that was how the monk got things done. He would stick to his own way in doing everything, though it might seem to be extreme in other people’s eyes. Su Bai couldn’t blame him since he wasn’t showing off anything; who would blame a stone for being tough?


Seven put away the yellow ribbon and said to Su Bai, "Let’s go now. It’s almost noon now. It may take almost an hour to get to the Huanglong Area, and we still have a mountain to climb."


Su Bai nodded. Basically, this task was tiring and troublesome, but there wasn’t much difficulty. As for those Lamas, technically, they were not brought by the task; they were only after them because Lucky had killed people.


After saying farewell to Poggi’s grandfather, Seven checked the three dead people before he got into the van. Then he sat on the pa.s.senger seat. Since they teamed up, Su Bai had been the driver all the time.


Su Bai got in and checked; the A/C wasn’t on, but it felt uncommonly cold and even wet. Clearly, the three people in the back were almost out of control.


"Monk, are we really going to destroy them on the mountain? I think they’ll make great companions when traveling in summer, they could help save the A/C fee." Su Bai put Lucky on his laps and started the car.


"Not funny." The monk took it seriously. "As long as they’re not taken care of, no matter where you put them, they will be like time bombs. If they hurt anyone else, it will be even more dangerous for us."


The car left Jiuzhaigou Valley and went onto the winding mountain road. Mt. Xuebaoding was over 5000 meters high, which was high enough for most people to suffer from alt.i.tude stress. Luckily Su Bai and Seven were both extremely strong, so they wouldn’t have to worry about that.


However, just after an abrupt turning, three white yaks appeared right in front of them. White yaks were born to look sacred; yaks were not rare in this area, and yak meat was one of the special cuisines here, even when exportation was left out, the locals would consume a great deal. Such white yaks were the tourists’ favorite subjects to have their photos taken with, therefore, from time to time, the locals would lead their white yaks out and charge the tourists if they wanted to take photos with them.


Now the three white yaks were in the middle of that narrow road, so their van couldn’t get past. If they were three pheasants he would have rushed by, but they were not; they were huge heavy yaks, if Su Bai dared to hit them, no matter these yaks could survive or not, the van would definitely be destroyed.


The van stayed still. No other vehicle from the front or the back. It was abnormally quiet.


The monk had been resting with his eyes closed since they left Jiuzhaigou Valley; now he opened his eyes and a light flashed inside. He put some strength into his palms and then said sincerely:




From below, thick mist started to fill the air. Usually mist would appear at sunset, but now it was still in the morning, which was interesting; besides, the mist looked oddly blue.


When the three yaks were enveloped in the mist, their eyes turned red, then they started snorting heavily as if they were about to rush right into the van. Apparently the mist had some special influence on them.


Su Bai looked around. It was hard to see anything because of the thick mist. He was quite shocked:

"That’s something."


Seven opened the door, got off and walked right in front of the van. Just then, the yaks finally lost control and rushed madly at them.


Su Bai thought the monk would invite an arhat and fight back directly as he did with the old Lama, but he didn’t. Instead, he took off his black gown and rushed towards the yaks. When he was really close to them, he covered them with his gown for a minute and uncovered them afterwards.


Three mad yaks changed their direction abruptly, ran off the road, broke the railings and fell into the valley.


"Wow, smart."


Su Bai was looking for a lighter with a cigarette in his mouth when a hand pa.s.sed a lighter with flame. Su Bai leaned over, lit his cigarette and smoked.


The man’s face was next to Su Bai’s; in his hand, the flame was still burning on the lighter. The kid was lying p.r.o.ne on the back seat, looking around with an evil look. And the woman was trying to grab Su Bai’s neck. From the rearview mirror, Su Bai had already seen everything.


He pressed the horn and yelled at the monk outside the van:


"They are G.o.dd.a.m.n naughty. Again."

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