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Chapter 88: Ruthless and Brutal
Su Bai stepped on the accelerator and then the brake. The car bounced forward then came to a sudden stop. Su Bai was okay because he was tied to the driver seat with the seatbelt, but the three bodies who were brought to life by the mist all fell onto the floor.

Su Bai flickered his cigarette outside the window, sounded the horn again and shouted to Seven: "How about we change shifts? I can’t hit the three precious bodies, or do anything at all! I can’t do spells!"

The monk nodded and walked to the door. Su Bai untied himself and jumped off.

Both Su Bai and Seven were clear that this was a strange mist and apparently someone was causing it. Even a Reality Task wouldn’t be too easy. These three people were infected during their trip in Xichuan, but other tourists were fine; it must be more than just an unfortunate coincidence. Whoever did it must have come with a purpose, and it was an evil one: they used these three people as baits, and waited until they got back to the city they were living so that they could cause ma.s.sive infection or ma.s.sacre.

Su Bai felt his hands were too empty; he could really use some nice weapons. He had become more and more fond of that h.e.l.lfire Shotgun, it could perfectly make up for his weak attacks as a vampire, while as a vampire, he would be swift enough to maximize the capability of a gunman.

In the thick mist, a figure showed up. It was a man on a horse; he was wearing a suit instead of Tibetan costumes or any religious clothes, but the blush on his cheeks and his dark skin proved that he was one of the Tibetans.

In a suit, on a horse; that was stylish. Su Bai rubbed his nose with his finger while observing the man.

"Those things in your van belong to me. Thank you for bringing them back. I’ll take it from here." The man talked with an obvious local accent and strong nasally voice, but he could still make himself clear.

Great, that was the man responsible for all this.

Su Bai didn’t waste time talking nonsense. It was forbidden to kill at will in the real world, but killing such a sc.u.mbag would be as good as contributing to world peace and harmony. He would not expect more extra awards, but at least it would not make his next story world more difficult.

The man was surprised when he saw Su Bai come at him without even thinking about replying. Apparently, in his opinion, since Su Bai could control that family, he must be one of those Taoists from inland who always followed certain rules, and those people wouldn’t start a fight without chitchat.

In fact, it wouldn’t make any difference whether the man was talking to Su Bai or the monk. Maybe the monk would say "a word, please", then invite an arhat onto himself, rush forward and hit the man into a mountain.

The man waved his horsewhip towards Su Bai. A horsewhip enjoyed a large range of attack, and those who were good at whips could control it by the moves of their wrists, therefore Su Bai didn’t expect himself to dodge successfully. However, he did manage to face the horsewhip with his less vulnerable parts.


With a heavy hit on the chest, Su Bai was almost bounced off. Luckily, Su Bai grabbed the whip and turned his hands to twine it around his arms. Then he approached.

Immediately, the man let go of the whip, took out a gun from under his suit and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Su Bai dodged aside; the bullet brushed against his face leaving a trace of blood, but it hardly mattered. Before the man could fire again, Su Bai grabbed his ankle on the stirrup. Then Su Bai’s body withered as a dark evil aura spread. Instantly, he was a zombie.

He pulled harshly. With a m.u.f.fled groan the man was pulled down from his horse. Then Su Bai threw himself at the man and stuck his sharp nails into the man’s chest.
The man was apparently confused by Su Bai’s change: how could a normal person become a zombie all of a sudden? But his reaction was quite good; the horsewhip and the gun were merely some tools, now he had showed his real specialty.

The man’s lips moved quickly, muttering a string of obscure notes, then his hands slapped on Su Bai’s chest. It wasn’t a strong attack, but Su Bai felt as if the man’s hands had become an iron burning his chest and his heart, as if he was going to melt! Immediately, Su Bai got up and pulled his nails out from the man’s flesh, leaving ten traces of blood.


The monk sounded the car horn while he was busy attaching spell papers onto the three dead people. Then he leaned out of the window and shouted: "He’s into Esoteric Buddhist Skills! You won’t have any advantage over him if you fight as a zombie!"

After that, the monk got back into the van and attached another spell paper onto the boy’s forehead. Now it was obvious that this young boy had become more and more restless; apparently this little guy had more hatred and was stronger than his parents.

Su Bai understood that, but he had no choice. A vampire would be even weaker and could do nothing but being beaten; he could only fight back as a zombie.

Therefore Su Bai had to hang on as a zombie.

The man stood up with his hand on his wounds. Su Bai had hurt him and left cold toxin in his wounds causing constant damage; he was suffering a lot. It was normal that a zombie would carry ptomaine, but this time, this zombie was carrying cold toxin, which caught him unprepared.

Lucky was sitting on the steering wheel, watching the fight outside for a while as the monk was attaching spell papers to dead people in the van. It really enjoyed the show. However, from time to time, Lucky would cast a glance upon the hill with a meaningful look.

On the hillside, there was no mist, because all the mist started from here. There were three bonfires, but the fuel was not firewoods but some pale green oil. A slovenly-looking man with disheveled hair in Lama clothes was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, waving his hands every now and then to control the direction of the mist.

Behind him, there was a woman in casual clothes. She was watching the fight below with an ice-cold look and one hand over her shoulder.

At last, the man said: "That monk was really something. Our mist has already irritated those three enhanced corpses, but he still can control them. However, Ba.s.san has been fighting with that young man for so long, I’m surprised he hasn’t taken him down yet. Tashi, are you gonna help him?"

"No, Jhampa, I’m not." Tashi answered seriously, "There is someone extremely powerful in their van watching me now, if I join the fight, that person won’t stand by any more."

"So… what’s gonna happen down there? A continuous stalemate?" Jhampa was confused.

"They are more on edge than us. Those enhanced corpses can’t be held up for much longer, so they will give up before we do." Tashi was confident.

Su Bai had been fighting with Ba.s.san for a really long time. His body was covered with terrible wounds, dripping blood; but he couldn’t do anything about it because his rival had special skills that could naturally restrain vicious creatures like him, and would hurt him extremely bad every time. Luckily, Su Bai didn’t leave him comfortable as well; although Ba.s.san wasn’t injured as badly as Su Bai, he was almost frozen. Every time Su Bai got him, a trace of cold toxin was left inside his body even if it was just a tiniest wound, and then it would gradually erode his body. Now Ba.s.san was suffering as if he was thrown into a freezer!

"You want the bodies?" Su Bai asked, breathing heavily and supporting himself against the ground with one hand.

"Yes, hand them over and you can both leave." Ba.s.san said while trembling. Now both of them felt difficult to continue the fight.

Su Bai suddenly smiled and nodded, "Got it. I’ll give you the bodies." Then he shouted to Seven, "Monk, let’s give them the younger one first."

Seven was drawing a spell sign on the boy’s forehead. He paused in astonishment when he heard Su Bai’s cry, but then he immediately got Su Bai’s idea. He quickly wiped out the spell sign he had just finished, tore off all the spell paper he had put on, opened the door and threw the little boy out of the van.

All of a sudden, the little boy was free. With the irritation of the thick mist, he was extremely excited. He opened his mouth and let out a scream; his mouth was so wide that it covered most of his face, which would get on everyone’s nerves. Next, the little boy climbed over the railings and ran down the hill.

Up on the hillside, Jhampa who was sending and controlling the mist was shocked, then he yelled in utter rage: "Those vicious inlanders! They let out an enhanced corpse with ptomaine and cold toxin! They are poisoning every local life!"

Tashi was also astonished and she urged: "Forget this place, just go after that little enhanced corpse! Once he gets into the nearby villages, plague and disaster will get out. The consequences would be catastrophic!"

Below them, Ba.s.san quivered from deep down his heart when he saw that the young boy was thrown out and and was heading down the hill. He staggered along while reproaching Su Bai:

"How can you be so cruel? You just let out an enhanced corpse! Do you know how much trouble you will cause to the local people?"

Su Bai let out a long breath and returned to normal. His wounds were gradually getting better. Hearing Ba.s.san’s query, he felt so ridiculous:

"Sounds like you’d sent the three corpses inland just to benefit people there."

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