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Let's go wild within the limitation of all rules.

Fatty's spells were not very powerful, but there were so many of them that electricity burst out and spread all over the place. The three monks had been holding the toads and casting spells, but now, they leaned on the wall. Their bodies became limp, their lips were quivering and no spell could be cast. Even the three toads were foaming at their mouths.

Ego's darts became invincible with his willpower enhancement. Especially in a melee like this, it was impossible to defend them effectively. The monk who spoke Mandarin tried to dodge, but the dart changed its direction as well and went directly into his throat.

Su Bai raised up his head and his fangs grew out once again. He threw himself out as a wild beast and slapped on a monk's face. It was not a very strong hit, but the coldness in his palm froze half of the monk's face immediately. The monk screamed in pain, but Su Bai ignored him and went after the next monk.

They were very skilled in fighting while the four monks were actually quite the amateurs. Victory was just a piece of cake for them. Fatty struck them in surprise with a bunch of spell papers, then Su Bai dashed around and made them unable to watch out for every attack, and at last, Ego cut their heads down while he swaggered around. With one joint attack, all the four monks died a violent death immediately.

Neighbors were shouting with fear; some women were crying.

"Guys, let's get lost!"

Fatty ran away with his jar and Ego followed him with the painting.

Seeing them walk toward the elevator, Su Bai called out:

"There must be more cops downstairs! Let's take the stairs and jump out of the window from the fourth or third floor."


Fatty immediately turned around and ran down the stairs behind Su Bai. So did Ego, but he was faster and smoother because he sat on the handrail and slid down since he could be better balanced with the help of his willpower.

When they arrived at the fourth floor, Su Bai was the first one to jump out of the window in the corridor. He grabbed the water pipe and slid down. His hands rubbed against the pipe; his skin and flesh frazzled and his blood was dripping. But it effectively reduced the fall. After his feet touched the ground, Su Bai crouched down, gritted his teeth while bearing the pain and watched his half-worn palms gradually recover.

Su Bai used to think vampires were cool because they could always recover after getting injured. But now, after what happened to himself, he no longer held that idea. It hurt no less when his flesh and blood were dragged up for recovery. Actually, it was torture.

After Su Bai's hands recovered, Fatty and Ego also arrived. They were much stronger and more experienced than Su Bai, so it was much easier for them.

At a distance, they could see the light of the police vehicles parking at the entrance of the building. They took a detour, left the housing area and got a room in a nearby hotel.

After they got into the room, Su Bai went to take a shower. When he got out with a towel around his waist, he saw that Fatty was sitting on a bed and Ego on the other. Both of them were examining the stuff they had taken.

"I'm hungry, let's get some take-out." Fatty touched his stomach.

"Not me. I'm tired, I'll go to sleep." Su Bai lay on the bed and covered himself with a blanket.

Fatty looked at Ego, but Ego also shook his head. "It's late, I'd better go to sleep. I'll have lunch when I wake up."

"Sh*t! I'll feel lonely to eat alone!"

"How about the instant noodles served in the room? You can eat that. By the way, Fatty, try opening the bottom of the box instead of the top. Then we can clean it up and put it back when we check out. The housekeeper may think it's untouched, so we won't have to pay for that."

"…" Fatty.

That night, Su Bai slept really sound. Although they might be tracked down by the police, he wasn't worried. Anyway, these two guys would handle most trouble if there was any.

When the midday sunshine shone in the room, Su Bai opened his eyes. He saw Ego was sleeping in the other bed with Fatty. Perhaps they felt embarra.s.sed to disturb him since he was already asleep.

After cleaning himself up in the bathroom, Su Bai took out his cellphone to check the nearby restaurant, so the three of them could go for lunch together when the other two woke up.

Just then, he got a message on WeChat. It was from Litchi:

"I'm leaving."

"Be safe." Su Bai thought over but could only reply like that.

"Lucky's in your house. Take care of it for me."

"No problem."

"Hope you're still alive when I'm back."

"That makes two of us."

Their conversation ended here. It was simple, because the relationship between Su Bai and Litchi was simple.

Last night, when they were having the bone hot pot, Su Bai had asked about exactly how advanced Litchi was. Fatty answered "very", and Ego answered "very and fairly". Then the three of them spontaneously ended this useless discussion on this boring topic.

Su Bai read that mission notice again. His blood and physique couldn't be exchanged or upgraded, so he couldn't be enhanced through exchanging from the e-shop. Fatty had been enhancing himself as a Taoist. Although he had learned all sorts of stuff, his mainstay had always been normal. and Ego was enhanced in willpower. Both of them had chosen a normal way, so neither of them could give Su Bai any advice.

He looked at the environment of the story world, which was shown in the picture. Since there were mountains and forests, he would need some tools that could be used in a forest. However, Su Bai wasn't sure whether tools were allowed in the story world. It would be a waste of time and energy if he had prepared things in reality and exchanged tools from the e-shop, but nothing was allowed in this particular story world.

Anyway, he had 600 story points. It would be a pity if he had to keep them all. If he died…

Su Bai shook his head. Yeah, story points were just like money: at birth, we could bring nothing; at death, we could take away nothing. Even more, story points were worse than money; money could be left to others as heritage, but story points couldn't. They would be nothing if he died before using them.

With a gla.s.s of water placed in front of him, Su Bai pulled down the list with the other hand supporting his chin. He found a lot of stuff priced less than 500 story points, but he was hesitating. Then he saw a set of "Soft Armor". It looked like an ordinary underwear, but it could provide a pretty good physical defense and cost 500 story points.

Now the only question was: would the next story allow the audiences to bring anything with them? And if anything could be allowed, then what on earth would be allowed?

In Su Bai's opinion, if there was anything that could be allowed in, a piece of underwear-like clothes should be counted in. However, Su Bai checked the skill list. His blood and physiques couldn't be enhanced, but some skills were still available for Su Bai, such as some vampire skills or part of the zombie skills. But they seemed a little of no value for now. And those well-known skills of real vampires or zombies were not available, which made Su Bai speechless. Now, he was neither fish nor fowl, and there would be a hard track waiting for him. While others could upgrade themselves comfortably and conveniently, he had gotten story points but had no idea about how to spend them properly.

After a long while, Su Bai smiled and rubbed his chin. However, just then, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest and fell onto the floor.



The other two were sleeping and snoring, but now, they fell off the bed at the same time and started curling themselves up and wailing.

Finally, after a dozen seconds, the three of them calmed down at the same time.

Fatty coughed and yelled, "What's the h.e.l.l! Wasn't the mission issued already? Why issue it again?"

"d.a.m.n it! The Dreadful Radio must think it's funny." Ego sat up.

Su Bai picked up his cell phone and found a new message. He opened it, read it and said in surprise:

"There's no difference! The newly issued information of the mission looks exactly the same as the last one!"

"What the h.e.l.l? Same here. Is this a joke?" Ego also checked his cellphone and cursed.

"Same here...Eh?"

Fatty called out in alarm, attracting the full attention of Su Bai and Ego.

"Among the recruited audiences, apart from Bai and myself, there used to be two more names visible of the people I've known. But now these two names are covered in mosaic. Well, that's the only difference."

Ego kicked Fatty on his a.s.s.

"Fatty, you motherf*cker! Do you mean we were tortured again only to see these two mosaics for you?"

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