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Fresh blood was now the most delicious food for Su Bai and one of the few things that could intrigue him because to some extent this had become Su Bai's staple food.

At this time, Fatty and Ego were making out with their girls and enjoying themselves a lot. Those girls were breathing heavily under their touch, and were almost lit up.

Su Bai followed that servant to a private room.

The servant knocked gently on the door and went in. After a few seconds, he went out and left without the gla.s.ses on his tray.

Su Bai hid himself by the potted plants behind a pillar. Then, he stepped out and came to the door. There was a window on the door, through which he could see there were three men inside.

One of them was kneeling on the floor in a nice suit, the other two were monks from western region, and they were sitting on the couch cross-legged as if they were reading some spells.

Those gla.s.ses of blood were on the table. After the monks finished the spells, they started enjoying the fresh blood.

They were drinking slowly; their Adam's apples were moving as they swallowed.

But the middle-aged man in suit was still devotedly kneeling on the floor.

Su Bai frowned. Did he just find a secret place for some kind of evil rite? And it seemed that there was nothing attractive. He felt a little disappointed.

He had no interest in disturbing such odd tricks; that was the duty of the government.

However, just when Su Bai was leaving, he saw that one of the monk started retching. He covered his mouth with both hands, and his stomach was moving up and down dramatically.

Next, a scarlet bead appeared in the monk's palm.

All at once, Su Bai's eyes were fixed on that bead. He had some beads like that. With Lucky's help, he got a small box of that kind of beads. He didn't take any of them, because those stuff were not allowed in the last story and Su Bai had entered that world as clean as a new person.

In the real world, Su Bai was not in danger or hurt, so he didn't need to take that. But it would be better to reserve more.

The man in the suit took the bead from the monk's hand, put it into his mouth and started chewing, despite that it had just been vomited by the monk.

Next, there was enjoyment on the man's face. Then he kowtowed to the monks.

The monks held there Buddha beads and got up, ready to leave. One of them took a bank card from the table and put it into his sleeve.

Su Bai stepped back, hid himself in the darkness and held his breath.

Now hiding had become Su Bai's gift, because his features as a living person were concealed either by his vampire blood or by the ice-toxin he had got which made him similar to a zombie.

The two monks went out. Their clothes were indeed a little weird, but Chengdu was not far from Tibet, and there were many minority people in their costumes, therefore these two monks wouldn't catch much attention, unlike in that eastern coastal city Su Bai had lived in, where such attire was seldom seen.

The man in the suit also came out. But he went in another direction instead of following the monks.

Su Bai looked at the monks from behind and then at the people enjoying themselves in the dancing pool. After a second thought, he called Ego just in case.

"Hi, Bai. h.e.l.lo? Bai? What? I can't hear you!"

Ego picked it up, but because of the noise, he couldn't hear Su Bai's voice.

Su Bai hung up and texted:

"Found something. Come to the back door."

After that, Su Bai went on following those monks. They went to the back door and tried to take a taxi there.

He stopped by the stairs. After a while, Ego and Fatty arrived. Both of them were drunk, and Fatty's clothes were quite untidy.

Su Bai pointed to Fatty's lower parts.

Fatty paused and stretched his hand to check out. Then he turned around, zipped himself up and turned back.

Su Bai pointed to the monks. "These two monks look interesting."

Ego looked at them and his eyes narrowed. Then he rubbed his hands softly.

Su Bai could see a small cucurbit hanging over a monk's waist moved slightly. Then Ego smiled.

"Interesting. Those monks are really capable of something."

"What?" Fatty was intrigued. As for them, the biggest problem was to survive in the next story world, and the key to that was to make sure their capabilities were enough to protect themselves. Some stuff could be exchanged from the e-shop, but the prices were high and story points were precious. Therefore, it would be good if they could get something in reality. Of course, it might require some good luck. After all, people involved in mysterious stuff were quite rare; they were not easy to find, let alone to plunder their secrets or instruments.

As thus, Fatty was no longer upset for the interruption in the middle of his dating. His eyes started glowing; apparently, he had made up his mind to rob these two monks.

"These monks even can't go out from the front door, they must be bad guys! I can tell from the first sight! In my opinion, we should take care of them, for a safer society. This is the right thing we should do."

Fatty was rolling up his sleeves. But Ego stopped him:

"Take it easy! These monks are obviously heading back, maybe they've got a den here or something, like a branch or headquarter. There must be more good stuff. To catch bigger fish, you must learn to cast a longer line. Anyway, I'd like more even if you're satisfied with those trifles on them."

Fatty stared at Ego in surprise. "Snaky! I have to admit that I've underestimated you. You're more than a pervert into married women."

The monks got a taxi and left while they were talking. So they immediately got out and took a taxi to follow them.

"Follow the taxi in the front, please. That's our friends in that car." Su Bai said simply.

The two cars went from the third ring of Chengdu to the downtown, one following the other. At the entrance of an exclusive residential district, the monks' taxi pulled over.

So did Su Bai's.

Fatty looked around and was a little shocked. "I thought they would hide in some boonies! They are staying in such a great place? They are freaking rich!"

Ego also got out and tidied his clothes, "We'd better follow up, or they'll get lost."

They followed them at a distance through the gate, and then got into the elevator with the monks.

Yes, there were five people crowded in that elevator.

The monks. .h.i.t the thirteenth floor, and Su Bai hit the fifteenth.

When the elevator arrived on the thirteenth floor, the monks left. After the door closed, the Fatty breathed heavily. "d.a.m.n it! Don't they ever bathe? What's that stinky smell?"

"Manly smell." Ego joked.

After the elevator reached the fifteenth floor, Su Bai pressed the b.u.t.ton of thirteen.

The three of them walked down to the thirteenth floor.

"How can we find them in so many rooms?" Fatty whispered.

Ego pointed to his nose, "I got a sensitive nose, I can…"

But suddenly, a door opened in front of them. They immediately dodged into the stairs.

Four monks walked out from that room and went to the elevator.

They seemed to be very happy. They were talking about something, but Su Bai and his pals couldn't hear any of it from where they were hiding.

Soon, the elevator arrived and the monks got in. After seeing the elevator go downward, Su Bai and the others stepped out.

Fatty went to the room and pressed his ear on the door, "It's empty. But the door needs the key card. We should…"

Ego came up and touched the door. Then it opened.

He had pushed the lock cylinder with his willpower.

"Sh*t! That's something! You could have made a fortune with that specialty!"

They walked in. All the walls were covered with dark red wallpaper, looking really depressing.

Fatty must have had too much drink in the salsa dance club. He hurried to the washroom while loosening his belt. Then he shouted:

"F*ck, these guys have stuffed the washroom up! Even the toilet is covered by clothes and hats. Don't they pee?"

"Here, a spittoon." Ego pointed to a clay jar outside the washroom. Then he went to the room and started searching.

Su Bai was also searching. But he accidentally got some red paint on his hand when he was moving a rough hemp rope, and he had to go to the washroom to wash his hands. Fatty was peeing towards that clay jar; after aiming at the jar, Fatty turned his face to the cubicle inside, seemingly looking at the painting on the wall.

However, Su Bai just walked in and saw it— white smoke was rising from the jar and it formed a figure in white clothes with messy hair. Its face was close to Fatty's d*ck and moving…

… as if this ghost was giving a b.l.o.w. .j.o.b to Fatty while Fatty didn't notice at all.

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