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"Here we are, sir. Sir? Here we are."

Su Bai was woken up by the driver. When he opened his eyes, he found himself sitting in a cab. The sudden light was stunning; Su Bai used one hand as a shield against the sunlight and stretched out the other hand to reach for his wallet in his pocket.

"Sorry. I fell asleep." Su Bai handed over the money.

"It's okay. You seemed tired. Let me get your change." The driver smiled and took the money.

"Keep it."

"Wow, thank you."

Su Bai got off and stood in front of the gate of a housing estate. Everything seemed to be a dream, but Su Bai knew well that he had been through all that. Now he was suffering from a deep fatigue.

The house was cleaned regularly, so it was neat and clean. But it seemed deserted and lifeless because no one was living there; even Su Bai would only come back for a little while during long holidays.

Now, Su Bai was sitting on the couch, with his feet on the tea table and his eyes closed. He was trying to calm his mind.

Before he could notice, it was already dark.

The house was cleaned regularly but there was no food or drink prepared for him. Su Bai got up and was going to eat out. Just then, he suddenly remembered that he seemed to have forgotten something important: he hadn't checked his awards for the last story.

Didn't remember such an important thing until now. Even Su Bai himself was impressed. He took out his cellphone, entered WeChat and found that the official account of Dreadful Radio had sent him a message before, almost the same time when he got off the cab. It was a secret message that only a specific group of people could read.

He opened the link, and it was a pa.s.sage with words and pictures. It roughly introduced the story at first, and at the bottom of it, there was a list of awards. The list was pretty complex, with every member listed in it, but most words were grey, which meant those people were already dead. Since they were dead, those story points would be useless. For example, if some of them had killed experiencers or audiences and should get some awards, those story points would become meaningless even if they were distributed to them.

Only three people had survived this story.

Su Bai, Ego and w.a.n.g Hongsheng.

When he saw w.a.n.g Hongsheng's name, Su Bai smiled. This guy had survived this story lying in bed! Must be his lucky day! Actually, if they weren't planning to use w.a.n.g Hongsheng as a bait, maybe SU Bai and Ego wouldn't keep him alive. Then, after Director Zhou was killed, w.a.n.g Hongsheng was brought to key protection. Su Bai didn't have the time to find his location, and it would cost too much time and energy to kill him under such protection, and it would be too dangerous. It wouldn't be worth all the trouble.

Now the main tasks were also released to Su Bai.

Main task 1 was to kill experiencers, 100 story points each.

Main task 2 was to kill audiences, also 100 story points each.

Main task 3 was to sentence the killer, 300 story points (distributed according to contribution).

Sentence, that was an interesting word. One way to accomplish this task would be to catch the killer, bring him to the police and establish a case, but it would also be a way of sentencing him by killing him like Su Bai did without legal procedures. It was sort of an open task.

Another interesting fact was that experiencers and audiences shared the same amount of awards. It indicated that this batch of experiencers and audiences were actually equally matched. In fact, if the experiencers and audiences had chosen to fight man to man since the very beginning, maybe the winner would be the experiencers. At the end of the story, if it was not for Su Bai, Ego would have been killed by Director Zhou.

As a matter of fact, if Director Zhou wasn't that unreasonable and greedy, he might have won easily since other experiencers respected him so much and Su Bai was with him as well. After all, his opponent was merely a leader who only cared about playing with others' wives and a team that had already fallen apart.

[w.a.n.g Hongsheng: MT 1 Award: 0

MT 2 Award: 0

MT 3 Award: 30

Total Award: 30 Story Points]

[Ego: MT 1 Award: 0

MT 2 Award: 200

MT 3 Award: 100

Total Award: 300]

[Su Bai: MT 1 Award: 300

MT 2 Award: 100

MT 3 Award: 170

Total Award: 570]

After he finished reading, he couldn't help but smile. He got the highest awards as expected. Actually, his luck counted a lot, but sometimes, luck was also part of one's true power.

In fact, many story points was wasted. Main task 3 only distributed awards among the survivors, but main task 1 and 2 had wasted many story points on Director Zhou who was already dead.

570 story points plus a few remaining ones from last time, it added up to a little over six hundred. It was pretty much, at least for someone of this level like Su Bai. So he opened the e-shop and checked the items in it.

The first he looked for was [Blood and Physique]. Of course, this Broken Vampire Blood had no chance for further enhancement. Beside, to Su Bai's surprise, there were so many bloods and physiques that they almost filled the screen, but they were all grey to him, which meant unaccessible. It was not because that Su Bai didn't have enough story points. In fact, most bloods and physiques would only cost over 100 story points at the primary stage, i.e. G-level. Then it would cost 500 story points to upgrade to F-level. From top to bottom, it was ranked as S, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and the higher level it was, the more story points it would require. Above S-level, there were still higher levels, but Su Bai was not authorized to check, even though he had accomplished three experience tasks and become a real audience.

With the 600 story points Su Bai had got, it would be totally enough to upgrade a blood or physique to F-level. However, they were all grey. That was to say, it was not because Su Bai needed more story points, but because Su Bai current blood and physique couldn't take in any new blood.

Broken Vampire Blood had indeed changed Su Bai's physiques, but it wasn't functioning thoroughly, and Su Bai wasn't really a cla.s.sic vampire. Therefore, some bloods and physiques might not agree with Su Bai, but there shouldn't be too many of them; at most, those with obvious light nature wouldn't fit him. But now, there were a bunch of them. No, there was actually no accessible blood or physique for him. This indicated that after Su Bai took Nona's blood, a power of ice came into his body and messed up with his original physiques and conflicted with his vampire blood; then when he left the story world, the Dreadful Radio was "kind and sweet" enough to comb them for him and thus made his physiques stable.

Therefore, Su Bai's blood and physique now were kind of an alien variety. It was different from the conventional ones, so there was no conventional way to upgrade it.

Su Bai looked at his cellphone screen in a trance for as long as two minutes. Then he shook his head. It must be his fate. Never mind. If he didn't bite Nona's neck, Ego and he would have ended up as ice statues.

Since bloods and physiques were not accessible, Su Bai went to the "Tools". Compared with Bloods and Physiques, there were a lot more items in "Tools". All kinds of items were priced orderly.

He scanned them for a while, but didn't make any exchange unhesitatingly like he had done last time. At least he could be a little unhurried than last time.

Then he looked at the time. It had been a while. He opened the door and left the house.

Chengdu was a heaven for gourmets. Su Bai had lived here with his parents when he was a kid, therefore he was familiar with the food here. He turned around at a crossing and sat down in an old restaurant of sticked food. In his memory, this restaurant had been here since he was very young. But the old owner had pa.s.sed away, and now his son owned this place.

Su Bai picked his favorite hotpot soup, left his wallet, key and cigarettes on the table and went to pick some sticked food.

It would be charged according to how many sticks a customer had got. Each stick would cost three dimes, sufficient and affordable.

He took a plastic basket, filled it with sticked food and picked up two beers on the way back. But when he returned to his seat, he found a lady sitting on it.

The lady was wearing a skirt with floral patterns, her hair was tied up and her skin was fair. She looked delicate and elegant like a piece of art made of china. Anyone facing her might get a sense of inferiority.

But Su Bai might be an exception. After all, he had just returned from a world of Dreadful Radio Game, and he was not in the right mood for a beautiful encounter with a random beauty. Now he only felt hungry.

He put his stuff on the table, looked at this young lady in her early 20s and flirted with her:

"I'll buy you sticked food and you'll sleep with me, deal?"

He meant: this was my seat, please move away.

However, to Su Bai's surprise, the lady just raised her head and looked at Su Bai:


The answer was straightforward, with no hesitation at all.

Su Bai was a little confused. Such a pretty lady… Was she really a call-girl?

Then, Su Bai heard a cat:


Su Bai looked down. A black cat was lying on the lady's feet, napping cozily.

It was… Lucky.

Su Bai raised his head again and looked at the lady.

The lady also looked up at him and asked:

"Still wanna sleep with me?"

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