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Director Zhou put his dagger crosswise. He planned to kill w.a.n.g Hongsheng first, even if he had to give up his ident.i.ty as a director and become a fugitive in this story.

However, his dagger suddenly quivered; then a strange power forced it to reverse and stab at him.

Director Zhou was stunned, but not rattled. Throughout his life, he had experienced a lot. Instantly, he let go of the dagger and turned aside. The dagger stabbed into the wall by itself.



By this time, the two cops were already pointing their guns at their director.

Director Zhou raised his hands up, but then he suddenly rushed to the open window and jumped out of it. It was the third floor; Director Zhou grabbed the windowsill of the lower floor to reduce the fall, then he loosened his grip and landed on the ground. He staggered a little at first, but soon, he was running at full speed.

Su Bai, standing on the top of a building opposite the hospital, said into his telecom:

"Strange. Leaving aside the fact that he survived the explosion, it's amazing that he could still move so swiftly."

"Show me the direction. He won't outrun me." Ego's voice came.

Su Bai nodded, chewing a betel nut. Then he picked up the telescope with his left hand and looked down.

"He went to the Liberation Road and turned left. You can go from the west of the Liberation Road and then intercept him at the crossing. But I suggest you don't engage with him at the crossing using your power."

"Why? Kill him and the mission will end."

"Ok, just do as you wish." Su Bai nodded. "And you can slow down a little bit. He's not that fast."

When Ego was running, he was enchanted by his willpower, so he was almost two or three times faster than an ordinary person. He slowed down before the crossing as Su Bai had instructed and then accelerated again. When he rushed out the crossing, he b.u.mped into Director Zhou face to face.

It was already over midnight and there weren't many pa.s.sengers or vehicles on the road. The moment they b.u.mped into each other, a war immediately broke out.

Ego was nearly floating in the air; then he poured out his willpower, as if he was going to smash Director Zhou like squashing a fly.

But Director Zhou showed his excellent reaction. He turned on his side in situ. The ground sank in, but he was unharmed.

Su Bai was watching through the telescope while chewing his betel nut, like watching a movie. But Director Zhou's performance was indeed unexpected. It seemed that he had more secrets than Su Bai had expected. At that moment, Su Bai had seen clearly that Director Zhou's body was almost distorted when he turned.

Was that a movement in martial arts too?

Ego frowned. He thought he could smash his rival at the first hit, but this guy was like a slippery mud fish that escaped from his hand.

That made Ego a little embarra.s.sed. He was pretty vainglorious and selfish; such a person would be characterized as haughty and ruthless towards people weaker than him but flattering and fawning towards those who were stronger. It could be seen from the fact that his att.i.tude toward Su Bai changed immediately after he learned that Su Bai was close to Litchi. Of course, Su Bai had no idea what position Dark Litchi had among all the players; after all, Su Bai was just an experiencer.

Director Zhou quickly drew out his gun and pointed it against Ego.

Ego sneered. He waved his palm; an invisible wall arose in front of him.

"He's gonna escape." Su Bai spit out the betel nut and walked down the stairs.

Director Zhou didn't fire. He turned around and started running to another direction.

Ego was played; he growled and went after him. Many people on the streets were surprised to see a man that could fly. Actually, their reaction would affect the story, but since it was already past midnight, the influence wouldn't be very severe.

Director Zhou was indeed not as fast as Ego when they were running in a straight line; Ego was almost floating with his feet in the air, how could he be outrun by a guy with his feet on the ground?

But Director Zhou's experience became very helpful.

The two audiences before, Qiu He and Zhang Lu, were actually quite good, but they were killed, because they were too ill-matched with Su Bai and Director Zhou in terms of experience and fighting skills. Somehow, Director Zhou seemed to be another extreme compared to them, as if he had spent the first half of his life being chased. Right now, even when he was facing such a strong enemy like Ego, he was still handling everything easily.

Director Zhou climbed over a wall. Ego followed him, but the next moment, he lost Director Zhou's trace.

"h.e.l.lo? h.e.l.lo?"

Ego tried to contact Su Bai with his inter phone, but maybe they were too far from each other or something, so he didn't get an answer.

He looked around and finally decided to keep walking. Then he jumped over the wall at the other end.

Soon after that, he saw a man approaching from the opposite direction. It was not Director Zhou but Su Bai.

"It's too dangerous, why are you here?" Ego asked.

Su Bai shook his head. "We'll never catch him like this."

"He must be in the neighborhood now."

"Then what? You enhanced your willpower, not your mentality." Su Bai sighed. "This guy has been a fugitive for decades. He's well-experienced in escaping."

"Is he really the murderer of those serial murders?"

"Yep. In reality, he must be of similar age with the real killer. Therefore, somehow, he could be both an experiencer and the killer in this story; or maybe he has his own task mission to continue his role as before in this story, which may mean more awards."

"But he's an experiencer. Experiencers can't get the hints of missions."

"There's always an exception for everything. This batch of experiencers can confront the audiences; do you think that fits your experience or so-called common sense?"

"………" Ego couldn't say anything because Su Bai was telling the truth.


From the opposite street, there came a sound as if a trash can was knocked down.

Ego lifted his eyebrows; he immediately floated upward and moved towards that direction.

Su Bai was a little confused; he had just praised that guy for being good at escaping, he shouldn't have made such a mistake to attract their attention. Su Bai reached out his hand and tried to stop Ego, but Ego was so fast that he was immediately far from Su Bai.


Su Bai opened his mouth, but decided not to say anything after all. He just followed.

However, just when Ego walked out of the alley, a dazzling light suddenly came out. Ego had to close his eyes. Next, there came a sound of wheels rubbing against the ground when a car was accelerating.

Ego felt his heart had paused. There was no time to dodge; he pushed his hands out, and his willpower formed an invisible wall in front of him just in time.


The car directly hit the invisible wall and its front caved in; at first, Ego was standing there unmoved, but then he spit out blood, staggered backwards and kneeled down with all his bones cracking.

Even Ego couldn't take the sudden hit of an accelerating car. Although his willpower blocked the car, it was his body that bore the terrible impact.

The door of the car was kicked open. Director Zhou walked out with a wilful smile on his horrible face destroyed by fire. It was as creepy as a man's worst nightmare.

Director Zhou seemed to care no more about Ego who was breathing his last, lying on the ground. He looked at Su Bai, dramatically jumped a few times and shouted:

"I told you, those arrogant guys with merely strength but no experience or vigilance are no different from idiots."

Su Bai nodded. He couldn't agree more. Ego was indeed much stronger than other audiences, but he was too sloppy just now; subconsciously, he was still treating Director Zhou as an ordinary man. But this ordinary man had committed Silver serial murders when he was young, then presumably escaped to Southeast Asia, learned Thai Boxing there and lived a secretive life of being hunted for decades. And he survived all those years; his temperament and tactics were terrifying.

If he could keep developing until he became an audience and exchanged for enhancement, the consequences would be unimaginable. In Su Bai's opinion, a man like Director Zhou would be a perfect match to the Dreadful Radio, as if he was customized for the game.

"He dies, and the story will end. But before that, I want to take your life as well. After all, the more story points, the better."

Director Zhou started walking to Su Bai with a smile.

"You'll regret it. I'm telling you." Su Bai said seriously.

"No, I won't. You think I can't tell? You walk unsteadily, you're afraid of cold, and your breath is disorderly. You are definitely sick beyond recovery. Must be something wrong with your physique. You're now so sick that even G.o.d would laugh at me if I don't take your life!"

"Seriously, you'll regret it if you keeping approaching." Su Bai stood there unmoved and just went on talking.


A blade appeared in Director Zhou's palm, and it slashed across Su Bai's neck. Then he grabbed Su Bai's shoulder with the other hand and tried to kick Su Bai's underbelly. However, hardly had he lifted his foot when he burst out screaming, stepped back several paces and looked at his own palm unbelievably.

His palm was covered with ice, and the flesh on his hand was totally frozen and necrotic!

Su Bai touched the wound on his neck. It had recovered at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. Then he looked the panic-stricken Director Zhou in front of him and said gently:

"Told you. You just wouldn't listen…

… You d.a.m.n idiot!"

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