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"As you please." Su Bai slowly closed his eyes, "I am not interested in this."

"Why? Don't all of you men like this type of taste?" Ying Yinger's whip gently brushed Su Bai's face. Her hand was placed on Su Bai's chest, fondling with cadence. "Don't think that I am a skittish woman. This is only part of the treatment. I am full of respect towards my job, I am also full of respect towards my customers as well as myself."

"Don't misunderstand, I'm just saying that you can make haste." Su Bai explained.

"But sir, you should coordinate with me, step by step coordinating with me, understand?

"This way, the arousal will optimize the effects of the treatment."

Ying Yinger took off Su Bai's shirt, Su Bai's firm chest was revealed.

Two soft hands couldn't resist caressing Su Bai's chest as if feeling out something while in a teasing manner bringing on a certain mood.

"Sir, your body really makes me gasp in admiration." Ying Yinger said while her finger gently scratch Su Bai's sensitive area. Her lips approach Su Bai's chest, "This body is not based on having protein and body building, I repulse those bodies that only has strength but no aesthetics, but sir, I really like your body."

Ying Yinger's cherry lips were almost touching Su Bai's earlobes, her warm breath could be felt by Su Bai's ear.

"Sir, I guarantee this is my first time, I can't hold on anymore."

"First time seducing?" Su Bai asked.

"Heh heh, could be considered so. Wealthy yet not pretentious and have a perfect body, furthermore, still so young. Sir, you are so enchanting." Ying Yinger couldn't help it but to stick out her tongue and gently licked Su Bai's earlobes, "What's more, you are so handsome. Sir, I really envy your wife, really."

"You're very honest."

"Yea, when facing you, I must be honest." Both of Ying Yinger's hands kept on sliding along Su Bai's body. The enticement kept on ringing by Su Bai's ear.

This was a woman who knew how to flirt, a woman who knew how to make use of the environment, a woman who was very smart.

Su Bai's breathing gradually became heavier, disregarding the whole conversation. He was a very normal man, when facing such situation, he naturally would have those kinds of reaction.

"Sir, you'll be my lover, alright?" Ying Yinger gently said. "I'm not asking for a name or a position or any other thing, I'm just hoping that you could visit me when you have the time, is that alright?"

Just when Su Bai was about to reply,


The tender part of Su Bai's waist was tasered.


Su Bai gasped a breath of cold air.

He was totally taken by surprise.

Su Bai's body started convulsing and twitching but Su Bai gritted his teeth and restrained his body from retaliating. His retaliation caused his blood lineage to calm down from the electric shock, his body starts relaxing and the effects of the electric shock started to be effective.

Ying Yinger furrowed her brows, she was a professional and felt the intensity of the electric shock was merely scratching an itch for the man in front of her.

Seems like,

This young man in front of her,

Was more powerful than what she imagined.

Her alluring tongue licked her own lips, Ying Yinger increased the intensity.

The electricity started flowing through Su Bai's body, it started trembling violently. He did not make a sound but his whole body kept on swaying.

Ying Yinger kept on adjusting the taser's intensity and position, she finally found a critical point. She kept on observing solemnly at Su Bai's reaction while she continued on with the electric shock.

The stimulants of his body gradually attacked his consciousness, he felt as if he was floating, this was a feeling hard to be described by words, a very unfathomable feeling.

SM actually has such effects?

There was a charm in Ying Yinger's voice. It kept on sounding by Su Bai's ear, it sounded so near yet so far, her breath was directly right in his face at times and yet totally unable to grasp at times.

"How do you feel? Do you feel like you are floating?

"Your soul is very light, very light, feeling like you are soaring freely, your soar higher and higher, you have flown over a layer of clouds. The blue skies are right beside you, right above you, quick, yes, slowly lift your head, there is light right above you, a very glaring light, light..."

Su Bai automatically relaxed his body at this moment, he also automatically let go of his consciousness, allowing Ying Yinger to lead. Otherwise, based on Ying Yinger's ability, she had no way to pull Su Bai to this extent.

Su Bai's consciousness automatically coordinated with Ying Yinger.

He felt his soul was drifting in the clouds, he felt his body was thoroughly free from all restrictions as is he was liberated.

Ying Yinger slowly moved away the taser, a steel wire appeared in her hands as she quietly wrapped it around Su Bai's neck.

Su Bai was still caught up with the aftertaste of the electric shock at that moment.

Ying Yinger gently tightened the steel wire suffocating Su Bai to a certain extend.

Sweat could be seen on the tip of her nose. She was obviously very tired, controlling the angle and intensity of the taser as well as hypnotising him before this as well as suffocating him now was a tough activity for a lady.

"You gradually couldn't breathe but your body and mind has gained freedom, this freedom makes you feel comfortable, makes you forget everything. Your body, is now covered in radiance.

"It is the warmth of the sun, the embrace of the sun. It is welcoming you, it is waiting for you, it is calling out to you.

"Let go of all your precautions, put down all of your vigilance and welcome the warmth deep within your heart.

"Listen to me, take it slow,


Su Bai felt as if he could see his whole body covered in white radiance. In the end, a gra.s.sland appeared in his surroundings. The bright and beautiful sunlight, the highlands in Zoigê County[1], the air was a little thin but the skies were extremely blue. The sunlight was abundant, the greens were lushed and filled with many cattle.

This was a beautiful scenery, it was so beautiful that it takes one's breath away.

Su Bai checked himself out and realized he was wearing a tiny suit, it was as if he had become smaller.

"If it's hot, take off your coat, my silly son. When I just met your father, regardless of how hot or cold, he insisted on maintaining his elegance, don't you all know it is very silly?

"Disregarding temperature for the sake of elegance, such a joke."  

A friendly and sweet voice of a lady sounded by Su Bai's ear. It wasn't Ying Yinger's voice this time, it was from a different lady bring joy and happiness.

This voice gave Su Bai a sense of familiarity and he even... missed it very much. It was as if it was hidden deep within his heart, existing within his soul.

A pair of warm hands took off his tiny coat, revealing a set of child's clothing inside. The lady pulled him from behind and both of them sat down on the hillside.

The lady was embracing him, both their heads were close to each other.

"Son, that's a yak."

The lady wore a sky-blue dress. It did not cover her alluring figure. It instead revealed a youthful yet mature type of beauty. It naturally revealed the elegance of a n.o.ble.

When Su Bai was reading about interesting stories about the republic era, every time he read about Lin Huiyin, he would integrate Lin Huiyin with the lady deep within his memories, her literary talent, her temperament, her soft-spoken charms were no different with Lin Huiyin. She did not like to travel all over like Lin Huiyin, she only had her husband deep within her heart.

"Alright, both you mother and child sit right over there."

A man shouted from behind with resonance.

Su Bai tried to turn his head to have a look but was pulled away by that lady.

"Don't move. Daddy is drawing the both of us. You see, it's so beautiful here."

Su Bai wanted to lift his head to look at the lady's face. He really enjoyed this warm feeling, it was really... enjoyable.

Just when Su Bai lifted his head and still had not seen her face,

His face was splashed with cold water.

"Cough cough... cough cough... cough cough..."

Su Bai was crouching on the floor coughing nonstop. A bruised patch slowly faded on the soft spot of his waist but there was still a bruise on his neck.



He almost had a chance to look at his mother's face. 'd.a.m.n it, why did it stop!'


One of SU Bai's arm grabbed on Ying Yinger's shoulder, that lady was crouching on the floor and her whole body was covered in sweat. Her lips were pale and she was feeling weak, the treatment she gave Su Bai had been a huge burden to her.

"PAIN… PAIN… PAIN…" Ying Yinger shouted.

Su Bai finally realized and released his grip. He lifted his head up and inhaled a deep breath,

Ying Yinger glanced at Su Bai. She bit her lips, "Your mental pressure and acc.u.mulated emotions are many times more serious than I imagined. How did you manage to bring a kid to go shopping?

"By the way, did you almost do what you had always wanted to do?

"Let me tell you, it is impossible. It is like normal dreams, waking up during the crucial moments. It actually wasn't a coincidence that you woke up during the final second, this is because the time in your subconsciousness and reality are not on the same platform. Your dreams and consciousness think it is only short of that little time but in reality, the shortage might be half an hour or even a few hours.

"If I did not stop just now, you would have been strangled to death, just like a famous case of the red dressed boy[2], strangled to death while having erotic asphyxiation at home."

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