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"As you please." Su Bai slowly closed his eyes, "I am not interested in this."

"Why? Don't all of you men like this type of taste?" Ying Yinger's whip gently brushed Su Bai's face. Her hand was placed on Su Bai's chest, fondling with cadence. "Don't think that I am a skittish woman. This is only part of the treatment. I am full of respect towards my job, I am also full of respect towards my customers as well as myself."

"Don't misunderstand, I'm just saying that you can make haste." Su Bai explained.

"But sir, you should coordinate with me, step by step coordinating with me, understand?

"This way, the arousal will optimize the effects of the treatment."

Ying Yinger took off Su Bai's shirt, Su Bai's firm chest was revealed.

Two soft hands couldn't resist caressing Su Bai's chest as if feeling out something while in a teasing manner bringing on a certain mood.

"Sir, your body really makes me gasp in admiration." Ying Yinger said while her finger gently scratch Su Bai's sensitive area. Her lips approach Su Bai's chest, "This body is not based on having protein and body building, I repulse those bodies that only has strength but no aesthetics, but sir, I really like your body."

Ying Yinger's cherry lips were almost touching Su Bai's earlobes, her warm breath could be felt by Su Bai's ear.

"Sir, I guarantee this is my first time, I can't hold on anymore."

"First time seducing?" Su Bai asked.

"Heh heh, could be considered so. Wealthy yet not pretentious and have a perfect body, furthermore, still so young. Sir, you are so enchanting." Ying Yinger couldn't help it but to stick out her tongue and gently licked Su Bai's earlobes, "What's more, you are so handsome. Sir, I really envy your wife, really."

"You're very honest."

"Yea, when facing you, I must be honest." Both of Ying Yinger's hands kept on sliding along Su Bai's body. The enticement kept on ringing by Su Bai's ear.

This was a woman who knew how to flirt, a woman who knew how to make use of the environment, a woman who was very smart.

Su Bai's breathing gradually became heavier, disregarding the whole conversation. He was a very normal man, when facing such situation, he naturally would have those kinds of reaction.

"Sir, you'll be my lover, alright?" Ying Yinger gently said. "I'm not asking for a name or a position or any other thing, I'm just hoping that you could visit me when you have the time, is that alright?"

Just when Su Bai was about to reply,


The tender part of Su Bai's waist was tasered.


Su Bai gasped a breath of cold air.

He was totally taken by surprise.

Su Bai's body started convulsing and twitching but Su Bai gritted his teeth and restrained his body from retaliating. His retaliation caused his blood lineage to calm down from the electric shock, his body starts relaxing and the effects of the electric shock started to be effective.

Ying Yinger furrowed her brows, she was a professional and felt the intensity of the electric shock was merely scratching an itch for the man in front of her.

Seems like,

This young man in front of her,

Was more powerful than what she imagined.

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