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Leaving the district, Su Bai drove over to a shopping center. He parked his car in the shopping center's bas.e.m.e.nt parking, Su Bai then took the elevator upstairs while carrying the little fella.

When he reached the ground floor, rows of shopping carts were placed neatly outside. The shopping cart nowadays are very personalized. Su Bai recalled the time when he was younger and accompanied his parents shopping. The shopping carts back then had a small section for children to sit in. His mother liked to make him sit there as she pushed him around as she shopped.

Su Bai at that time found it embarra.s.sing for a little boy to sit there, yes, very embarra.s.sing. He even retaliated many times because of that but his mother never grew bored about it.

Shopping carts nowadays had a carriage with cartoon characters. Su Bai looked for an Ultraman-themed cart and placed the little fella in it. He then pushed the shopping cart into the supermarket.

Since the little fella was still young and did not have the same thoughts as Su Bai when he was younger, he found it quite meaningful to be pushed by Su Bai. He kept on clapping his little chubby hands while shouting as if encouraging Su Bai.

"Quiet down boy, you are not G.o.dzilla, it's not strenuous pushing you around."

Su Bai gave the little fella a smile. He then pulled out a chocolate bar from the box, undid the wrapper and pa.s.sed it to the little fella, oh no, he should be called Su Yuxuan who was sitting in the Ultraman carriage.

The little fella acted like most kids his age after having something to eat. He held it in his hands and ate it. Su Bai took a few more snacks, opened the package and pa.s.sed it to the little fella.

Su Bai was getting ready to shop at another section.

Someone wearing the supermarket uniform appeared at that moment and blocked Su Bai.

"Sir, sorry. Based on the rules of the supermarket, you are not allowed to open the seal before paying. Please proceed to pay for these items as well as the fine."

"I have not finished shopping, it's not like I would not pay for these." Su Bai said.

"Sorry sir. These are the rules." The female staff appeared very calm but she was looking down on him deep in her heart. 'What era is this? There are still people who still eat before paying. It isn't like ten or so years ago. The supermarket concept was just introduced to many cities and many customers covet little advantages and ended up being a joke. There are many CCTVs around the supermarket nowadays and yet there are still people with no inner quality.'

Su Bai took a glance at the little fella. The little fella felt like something was up and stop stuffing snacks in his mouth. He pouted while looking at the unfinished food in his hand.

"How about this, let me check, I remember...…" Su Bai took out his phone and started scrolling.

The female maintained a polite posture as she stood beside Su Bai. The were already security personnel on their way over at this moment. The did not appear for a fight but to handle the situation.

"Oh, indeed. Sorry, this supermarket is under my name." Su Bai said as he browsed through his contact list. He dialed a number but did not speak after the call connected. He pa.s.sed his phone to the female staff without any care about it and pushed the shopping cart away to continue his shopping.

Five minutes later, the female staff as well as two men who dressed formally and seemed to be the person in charge ran over together. They had indeed put up quite an effort to search for Su Bai in between many exquisite aisles. Their foreheads were drenched in cold sweat.

The female staff pa.s.sed the phone back to Su Bai while feeling a little terrified. Su Bai received the phone and gave a smile. "It's alright. I just here to buy some stuff, just don't bother me."

Those few people wanted to open their mouths but did not dare to continue disturbing Su Bai after noticing his att.i.tude which showed he did not want anyone to disrupt his shopping time with his child. They immediately stepped aside.

Su Bai patted the little fella's head. "Don't worry, continue on eating. This supermarket belongs to our family, eat whatever you feel like eating."

The little fella smiled happily, he continued eating the snacks.

After half an hour, Su Bai left the shopping center. He did not really buy many items. There was someone a.s.signed and they would occasionally replace the food, drinks and necessities in the house. There was really very little items Su Bai needed to purchase and it could be said he brought the little fella to shop around due to a sudden impulse.

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