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Su Bai's shot was resolute and decisive. It was not sloppy at all nor did he hesitate.

The other party had never expected Su Bai to directly fire without saying anything.

The power of the h.e.l.lfire Shotgun was very scary, but the man who looked sloppy had changes in him at that moment. He immediately opened his mouth and a silver colored snake appeared.

The snake snuck out its tongue as it was wiggling out but it was directly destroyed by the h.e.l.lfire Shotgun. The body that was destroyed turned into a ball of silver light and covered that person, removing the remaining power of the h.e.l.lfire Shotgun.


The other party wanted to shout.

But the next moment, he noticed that Su Bai's eyes... were actually closed.

"d.a.m.n thief, you actually dare to steal my stuff. I am very angry, I want to kill you. This bag was a souvenir left by my mother, it is full of memories. I am enraged, I am sad, I cannot control myself, I want to kill you! I don't care about anything else, my mind is filled with rage!"

The other party: "..."

When facing Su Bai who was talking to himself at such a serious time, the other party felt deep malice. Of course, he knew why Su Bai would act silly and say such words, he was also well aware of the meaning behind it.

How vicious!

Since the beginning when the other party was getting ready to steal the bag, Su Bai who was pretending to be asleep was getting ready. When the other party lifted up his bag, Su Bai took out his gun in an instant and directly pulled the trigger.

Su Bai would not simply believe the other party was just a thief. There were surveillance cameras all over the high speed rail. It was a little foolish to steal over here, furthermore, it wasn't just a coincidence that he had s.n.a.t.c.hed the item the monk and someone else was looking for and a thief immediately appeared.

Other than that, Su Bai did not wear anything branded. He did not look any different from any other university student. Was there anything worth noticing?

Even though he knew deep down in his heart that the other party was an audience, Su Bai could not say it out.

This was a rule set by Dreadful Radio. Audiences who a.s.saulted another fellow audience for no rhyme and reason would be inflicted by karma. Su Bai had closed his eyes disregarding everything. He had decided to carry out revenge out of rage after the thief stole his things.

Even though it was a cover up,

Even though it was fake,

Su Bai really did not want to be bound by too much karma. In the last story world, Su Bai had felt that Dreadful Radio had taken care of him after accomplishing his reality task. He naturally knew that he wouldn't be too comfortable in his next story world if he was bounded by too much karma.

Even though it was said that the other audience had stolen his things, both of them were already bounded by karma. Su Bai taking action against him was something reasonable. Su Bai was used to be prudent, other than going crazy and flipping the tables without care, Su Bai would normally take notice on the details.




Another three shots were fired continuously. The other party was facing the attack of the h.e.l.lfire Shotgun from a close distance, he blocked with both fist and made a military boxing pose. A thin layer of splendor covered his body as he forcefully blocked the first two bullets. The other party couldn't block the third shot and was sent flying. Many seats were destroyed and he landed on the ground. His chest was moving up and down as he vomited a mouthful of blood.


The other party immediately shouted.

Su Bai gritted his teeth and continued firing. He adjusted his aim based on the other party's voice.

"Continue? You are really not going to stop until one of us is dead?"

The other party threw a punch at the train window. The window which was solid was smashed into bits. He then directly jumped out of the rushing train.

These were not the same trains used during the railway guerilla[1] era. These were high speed rail [2]. Jumping out from such high speeds was very scary; even an audience would die by accident.

Su Bai had finally opened his eyes. He kept his gun and lifted up his fallen backpack. He looked around at the mess made by his firing and left the carriage as he headed to the middle. He was not too worried that what happened here would spark public outrage. Dreadful Radio would probably clear the mess.

Su Bai stood at the aisle of the middle carriage. Su Bai had arrived at Beijing soon after and got down.

Beijing had sunny weather these few days and it was not too bad. Su Bai carried his bag and took the express train to the Beijing Capital International Airport.

Su Bai was very calm but careful along the way.  

Su Bai had to maintain being careful before reaching Shanghai and placing the item with Lucky at home. Since this painting had been sought after for a long time by that fella and the monk, it must be very useful. In fact, Su Bai had experienced its mysteriousness.

Since this item had fallen into his hands, he naturally had no reason to lose it.

At Beijing Capital International Airport, Su Bai ordered a cup of coffee and a plate of dessert. The bag was placed beside him as he quietly waited for the boarding time.

There were quite a number of people walking by.

Su Bai did not feel he was wrong to feel beleaguered. He wouldn't feel surprised if the monk appeared in front of him right before he boarded. The abilities of audiences couldn't be a.n.a.lyzed rationally by an ordinary person. It wasn't only the monk who was going after the painting, there might be other people as well.

"Sir, do you need another drink?" A waiter asked while he smiled.

Su Bai shook his head indicating that the did not. Su Bai felt something tepid coming from his bag at this moment. Su Bai grabbed the bag with one hand and left the cafe as he headed towards the washroom.

The temperature of the painting continued to rise. Su Bai understood at this moment why that errand boy had taken the painting into the washroom. It was because the painting had started to discharge smoke.

It wasn't smoke that came out from flames but more like layers of curling blue smoke. The people in railway stations and airports were concentrated and security at such places were tight.

Su Bai had entered a cubicle. With the past mistakes of his predecessor, Su Bai really did not dare to relieve himself. He hurriedly took out the painting from his backpack.

It was high noon in the scene of the painting. A red sun was hung high above, the sea seemed lifeless from the evaporation.

Right now, the painting in his hand was scalding. It was like a gla.s.s cup filled with boiling water. It was even getting hotter and hotter. Su Bai was worried that the temperature would be like an electric soldering iron.


It's going to be a problem. How could he bring it up his flight, people might think he had made some homemade explosives ready to self-detonate in the flight.

Su Bai felt it was getting th.o.r.n.y but there was no other bachelor other than Su Bai. The next moment, he directly walked over to the washbasin outside, turned the tap and wet the painting to lower the temperature.

These types of things should not be like ordinary painting which be damaged by touching water. This was what Su Bai thought.

Ordinary people who had these types of treasures would hold it tightly in their hands worried they would lose it; only Su Bai dared to rinse it with water.

Su Bai found an anomaly soon after. The tap water did not drip down but instead entered the painting. When the temperature of the painting returned to normal, Su Bai unrolled it once again. He realized the scenery had to into a raining scene and the sun was covered by dark clouds.

"Really meaningful." Su Bai rolled the painting and placed it back into his backpack. He walked out of the washroom. After such ordeal, an announcement was made to remind pa.s.sengers to board the flight. Su Bai carried his backpack and walked over. It wasn't a suitable location to study the painting. He had plenty of time to study the mysteries of this item that was worth it for the monk and the others to battle for so long in Qinhuangdao when he returned to Shanghai to his own home.

The flight took off and flew very fast. Su Bai slowly lowered his vigilance.

No matter what, Su Bai did not believe the monk and the others would fly up to the sky and s.n.a.t.c.h this item. The abilities of audiences might be exaggerated in the eyes of ordinary people but they are still not to the level of being Superman.

"Sir, what would you like to drink?" Two air stewardesses walked over while pushing the service cart.

"Mineral water, thank you."

After receiving the gla.s.s of water, Su Bai opened up the tray table and unrolled the painting.

The plane had flown over the layer of clouds at this moment. The bright sunlight shone in, it was very glaring but very comfortable. Su Bai did not pull down the window shades like the others. He chose to let it remain open.

The bright sun had shone on the painting, the scene started to change from the originally rainstorm.  

Su Bai took up his cup and took a sip of water while quietly observing the changes. He was thinking in his heart that if this painted had no special uses for himself or it couldn't be used by him whom did not know any metaphysics or magic, it would be not bad to leave it for the little fella. It would be much more meaningful than an educational learning machine.

Very soon, the hand which Su Bai used to hold the cup trembled. A scene that Su Bai never expected appeared in the painting:

In the painting, it wasn't the sea nor was it a rainstorm.

It was a lush gra.s.sland.

Looking from afar, it was a very comforting shade of green, on a green slope, a woman and a boy were sitting side by side on the gra.s.s, mother and son both feeling comfortable.

Su Bai's hand started trembling, his lips had slightly turned pale.

This painting.

He had seen it before in the office of Edward's research center in London!

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