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Su Bai yawned. He was much more comfortable after having enough food and drinks as well as taking a nap after a bath. At least he wasn't as worn out as before after experiencing the two different worlds of ice and fire. Su Bai was already heavily injured after he went all bonkers and harmed himself together with Chen Yixin. He was then sent into the desert and the ice pit. This was an extreme mental and physical torment.

There were times where people actually did not know what they really wanted. The so-called enlightenment and realizing their true needs were the results of experiencing setbacks and torment, especially to audiences who lived from hand to mouth.

Living on was already the greatest satisfaction.

Being able to continue living was already something luxurious. They would suddenly realize that the pursuits and ideals of many others in the real world were wan and weak in comparison.

For example, Su Bai's current lost arm, other than complaining, it was a little inconvenient. He really didn't care much about it. If he was still alive after the task ended, all of his injuries would be healed. If he died before the task ended, then there was no need to care about it. He would be dead and would not care if he was short of a limb. He wasn't a eunuch where they would pay particular attention to sew back their precious lump before being buried. Su Bai was not so conventional.

After changing into more comfortable clothing, Su Bai walked out of his room. He could only hear his own footsteps at the corridor, it was utterly quiet.

He first entered the restaurant. There wasn't anybody there either. After giving much thought, he realized he must have overslept. It must be the regulations of the story world that 'woke' him up. It could be said that everyone had already eaten their breakfast and headed to the conference room. There was only him left.

Su Bai was neither in a rush nor was he nervous. He even purposely took a plate to place some shaomai and little steamed buns; he had also taken a pack of soy milk. He carried the food into the conference room just like a boss. The most important figure would usually appear at the last minute.

There were already seventeen people seated in the conference room. Everyone subconsciously looked at Su Bai as he entered. Su Bai was indeed a crucial character during the third round of voting. Su Bai was already equal to the deceased Zhao Zhen during the first round and the deceased Qian Lan during the second round in many people's hearts.

Su Bai behaved with a calm composure. He realized Liu Tao had taken up his usual seat. Liu Tao did not pay attention to Su Bai. He acted as if he couldn't hear or see anything.

That's fine. Su Bai directly walked to the front and sat on the forefront seat. He was already at his last hour and yet someone would s.n.a.t.c.h his seat, really a person without upbringing. Even a death row inmate would be able to have a good meal before his sentence was carried out. What a petty fella.

Su Bai was having such thoughts as he placed his breakfast on the conference table.

Qian Lan and Zhao Zhen's corpse were by his side. Zhao Zhen was better a bit, it was only his head that fell off. All four of Qian Lan's limbs were separated from her body, transforming her into a human stick, looking miserable. Su Bai ate his breakfast easily under this environment.

Su Bai's appet.i.te grew much better with the aroma of the food combined with the stench of blood. Su Bai enjoyed this feeling; to enjoy a nice-smelling, piping hot breakfast under the gazes of the crowd next to corpses. It was hard to imagine such treatment in the real world, but in the story world, this was actually nothing out of the ordinary. It was only that this story world was a bit more special, relatively stricter and comparatively stifling. Su Bai's current behavior was unconventional.

Sure enough, it could be comprehended as... he had abandoned himself.

Since he knew he was going to die very soon, couldn't he be a little bit arrogant and unbridled?

After eating the few steam buns, Su Bai suddenly realized he forgot to take a straw. How would he drink the soy milk?

Su Bai used his finger to poke a hole on the pack of soy milk. A little bit of soy milk spouted out and fell on the corpse's body. Su Bai was not bothered at all. He placed the pack by his mouth and started sucking the warm soy milk, drinking with gusto.

Only the sound of Su Bai chewing his food could be heard in the conference room. Su Bai did not purposely lower the sound he made. Su Bai would usually eat in a leisurely manner when he was alone. Since his parents pa.s.sed away, he was used to quietly enjoy his meal at the dining table. Perhaps he had let go of all previous repressed emotions at this moment. He was unrestrained just like when he was younger.

It was surprising that the regulations of the story world would give him so much face. The name list only appeared after he had finished eating his breakfast and wiped his hand on his shirt.

Su Bai was unhurried and not nervous at all. He waved the name list in his hand to attract the attention of the others.

"It's time to depart after eating and drinking ones' fill. Since you all are voting me, by chance I can break free. Brothers and sisters, don't be embarra.s.sed since I won't be upset. We are all audiences, none of us know when we would die. Anyway, no need to have mental pressure. Just one line, It's alright that I die since I would not let you all off the hook even if I become a ghost."

There was only Su Bai's voice and no others in the conference room.

Liu Tao laughed grimly in his heart. Su Bai's current performance in his eyes showed that he had no room to advance or to retreat; he knew Su Bai would die without a doubt this time. There would be many people voting for him, he felt that there was no need to add salt to injury. His gaze swept to Xu Zhenzhen. Xu Zhenzhen also happened to be looking at Liu Tao. Both their gazes clashed at that moment.

Liu Tao looked towards Chen Yixin after that, Xu Zhenzhen silently nodded her head.

Going with the tide, it was better to finish off a pitiful woman who had broken her foot rather than giving Su Bai an overwhelming number of votes which was superfluous. This woman was pitiful not because she was bullied by everyone but all thanks to Su Bai.

Su Bai would definitely have the highest vote this round. Now they could elect a new second place to replace Su Bai's position and garner attention.

Liu Tao and Xu Zhenzhen had already chosen.

Many others had also chosen. Chen Yixin was among them. Chen Yixin bit her lips. She did not know why but she already felt imminent crisis.

If you gave it a thought, you would be able to a.n.a.lyse the reason.

It was... exposure rate.

In the rules of voting, the leading bird would be shot. People who did not know how to mask themselves like Zhao Zhen and Qian Lan. Being an ordinary person was the law of survival over here. Because Su Bai went to find her that day, both of them had a battle on a grand scale in the room, many people already had a deep impression of her. They could see her ability as well as see through her schemes after Su Bai's questioning.

This was like a celebrity having an affair with an ordinary girl. The girl would be famous due to the exposure. Su Bai had ignited himself and shone at Chen Yixin at the same time.

Chen Yixin was sitting at the middle position. Xu Zhenzhen and Liu Tao were sitting at the back. Chen Yixin was not able to see them but she was sure that she would be next after Su Bai was dead.

On the name list, Chen Yixin contemplated, the tip of her pen was on Su Bai's photo as she hesitated for a long time. No matter what, she must be prepared and even make preparations just like Su Bai did.

Since Su Bai would definitely die, then her own vote?

Chen Yixin's chest started to fluctuate. She gritted her teeth and drew a tick on Su Bai's photo. No matter what, Su Bai, you better die first since you had prepared yourself to die. Didn't you?

Facing Su Bai's carefree response, a majority of them were not used to this scene. The first two rounds had a very solemn atmosphere. Su Bai's gesture this time made it neither fish nor fowl. It didn't seem to be voting for someone's death, it was like voting for a village secretary. Whoever was voted would be promoted and get rich, like starting to pull votes or asking for votes.

Su Bai placed down his name list. He then observed the people behind in an exaggerated manner. After that, he turned around and ticked on Chen Yixin's name without hesitation.

The name list entered the table and disappeared. After a minute, the vote results appeared.

Su Bai turned taciturn. He quite sat in his seat and place his hand in his knee.

At the last moment, it was impossible for him to calmly accept his death. Su Bai would feel much better if he could simply swap places with those martyrs. At least it would be for the sake of the democratic country when he sacrificed himself. But this current death was too awkward and senseless.

He touched the h.e.l.lfire Shotgun on his waist, Su Bai was hesitating to give it a try at this moment but he gave up that idea. He had a little too much for breakfast and it was not suitable for heavy exercise; it was not good for digestion.

Furthermore, he couldn't lift both guns up as he entered the conference room and shout "DIE DIE DIE..." and had a team annihilation. He could only kill a single person. It wouldn't be able to work off his anger and it did not satisfy his craving.

Su Bai did not have many thoughts at this moment. He was only thinking about the little fella. If he knew this was going to happen, he would had made his will. Just like his parents, leaving him a huge number of a.s.sets and a well-planned system.

Su Bai abruptly squinted his eyes. It was as if he had thought of something and was thereupon at ease. It was already meaningless to think of those things right now.


The vote results had appeared.

Su Bai waited for three seconds before reaching out for his piece of paper. With a single look, Su Bai suddenly slammed the table.


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