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Chapter 182: Psychopath!

This story world had an important setting. It was the old hotel building. There were guestrooms, the restaurant and the conference room which were the three most important parts of the hotel.

There were still many additional settings, for example the sea during the first scenario and the desert during the second. These setting were unrealistic compared to the hotel. There were many points that defied common sense which was enough to differentiate the primary and secondary settings.

At this moment, inside a cave, all the audiences were hung on the wall of the cave, some were tied up by a snake but these snakes were already dead. The bodies of the snakes were like strings stuck to the walls of the cave, binding these tossing and turning audiences who were on the verge of death on the wall.

Another portion of them were hugged by sand monkeys on the cave walls. The sand monkeys were also dead. Their bodies had turned into stone and were merged to the wall. These audiences were also bound on the wall.

This type of chained and caged method was really innovative and meaningful at the same time. Of course, it was also very atrocious.

One audience after another gradually awakened. They were like furnaces sucked dry of their essence, energy and spirit; their minds were very dispirited.

Xu Zhenzhen and Liu Tao were tied by the snake's body and hung on the wall. Both of them were close to each other; the first thing they did when they woke up was to check their surroundings and do a head count.

Seventeen people.

Only seventeen people.

Short of one person!

Xu Zhenzhen open her mouth and did a mouth sign. 'Su'.

Liu Tao nodded his head. He understood what Xu Zhenzhen meant: short of Su Bai.

Yes, short of Su Bai.

Both of them lowered their heads at this moment. It did seem that they found it hard in this environment, but it was more like heaving a sigh of relief instead.

Based on their experience, out of eighteen people, seventeen of them were here and one person

still hadn't shown up. During the third round of voting, that person might be the person with the highest votes.

Because Zhao Zhen had a.s.saulted Su Bai during the beginning as well as being ignorantly vain and arrogant, he was gloriously chosen to die in the first round. Qian Lan wanted to be a good person and showed kindness or perhaps she wanted to take a bet. In the end, she was voted to die by the audiences she had helped.

There would basically be a scenario before every round of voting. This scenario would evolve into a story line. This story line was able to differentiate one person from the group.

The person who stands alone would basically be the next person to have the highest vote count. From there, it would be a walk towards the gallows.

This time, that person was Su Bai.

Xu Zhenzhen's guess was that Su Bai's actions had crossed the bottom line of the story world. That's why he would be sent off by this method. Based on Xu Zhenzhen's opinion, Su Bai would not live past two rounds of voting. With her together with Chen Yixin as well as Liu Tao all three of them voting from him every round and him maintaining number two position, he kept getting exposure, and sooner or later it would be his turn.

It was just like an advertis.e.m.e.nt. Throwing money to advertise everywhere seems to be wasting money, but in truth, after it becomes a psychological suggestion among the audiences, at a certain time and place, if they need the product and see it on the shelves of the supermarket, they would choose to buy the product they had seen on the advertis.e.m.e.nt.

Su Bai was well aware about this fact. There were a few mother*ckers who kept voting for him to be second; his presence was already felt twice by the other audiences. This was really discouraging for him. This was what led Su Bai to aggressively want to trade lives with Chen Yixin. Since he can't live past two rounds, pulling someone who voted for himself to join him was better than being all alone and dying without being able to do anything after being voted.

All the audiences had awakened and were dispirited. Half of them were burnt badly. These people were roasted until they fainted in the desert. It was as if they had no intact skin on their bodies, but this type of roasting was not like being directly burnt by fire. Every time one of them fainted and was on the verge of death, a sand monkey would appear and drag these audiences away.

Nonetheless, even though they were still alive, they were roasted until they were crispy outside and tender inside. All of them are at the gate of death. These audiences were not ordinary people. To put it in cliche words, they

they were people who are prepared to face death. As long as they had a single breath left, they would continue to struggle to live on.

Everything was to live on!

Many people started counting heads and sizing up the surrounding people.

The audiences at Liu Tao and Xu Zhenzhen's side we full of green and purple patches. Their lips had blackened. They had been poisoned. Once of the saddest incidents in life was that you were dying from thirst in the desert and found a pool of water but the water... was poisoned.

The toxicity was very strong and depended on the person. The stronger the abilities, the stronger the toxicity. This was why Liu Tao and Xu Zhenzhen were in low spirits. This was not putting up an act like the doctrine of the mean[1], it was the true depiction.

There were seventeen people hung on the walls of the cave.

There was an underground river at the bottom; the waters of this underground river were very cold. The people hung above could feel the never-ending invasion of the cold, they could even see a few pieces of floating ice appear.

The eighteenth person that everyone was thinking about had appeared.

A bigger piece of floating ice appeared. It was blocked by a protruding rock and the piece of floating ice shook.

Su Bai who was covered in a layer of frost slowly woke up at this moment. It took him half a minute to break away from the stiffness of his body. As for both of the h.e.l.lfire Shotguns, one was tied in a dead knot hung on the belt of his waist, the other was held tightly in his hand. Because his body had gradually turned stiff while drifting around, Su Bai had entered lethargy and had a short-term hibernation as he held the gun in his hand.

Su Bai slowly climbed off the floating ice and landed on the solid ground. He had lost an arm and many parts of his body were covered in wounds. With his current image, he was able to kneel and beg for food under a pedestrian bridge in the real world.

Su Bai really wasn't better off compared to those people hung on the cave wall since he and Chen Yixin were harming each other before entering this scenario.

At least Su Bai was currently free while the people in the cave had lost their freedom.  

The most important point was both his h.e.l.lfire Shotguns were still by his side.

"So hungry, so cold." Su Bai mumbled.

What he wanted to do the most was to first have a meal followed by a nice hot bath and finally lie down on the soft bed and have a nice sleep.



He suddenly had no feeling anymore.

After all, he was already very tired.

Su Bai took his gun stock and gently tapped on his own head, he was scolding his psychopath self deep in his heart.

Didn't you want to commit murder? Now there are seventeen people hung over there as live targets, up to you to choose from, why are suddenly too lazy to kill?

Su Bai lifted his head a let out a roar. This sound was like a beast roar but it was filled with exhaustion.

Su Bai started to sweep his glance at the people on the cave wall one by one.

Those people tried to avoid his gaze. The scene where Su Bai and Chen Yixin almost perishing together was deeply imprinted in their minds. Su Bai's madness that time, his att.i.tude where he absolutely had no regards to his own life, had indeed let the others feel dread because this type of person was unscrupulous, did not care about anything, had no character weaknesses and had no incriminating information and weak spots that could be used.

When Su Bai's gaze fell on Chen Yixin, she was smiling at Su Bai. It was like she was trying to say: Come on, fire at me. We couldn't die together last time, try this time.

Su Bai did not open fire and continued to shift his gaze and continue on. His gaze stayed on Liu Tao and Xu Zhenzhen longer than the others.

Xu Zhenzhen and Liu Tao held their breaths; they were very nervous. They were afraid Su Bai would suddenly change his mind by not fighting with Chen Yixin but exchanging lives with them instead! They were unsure about Su Bai's line of thoughts; perhaps their thinking was like the monk last time.

The other seventeen people on the cave wall really could not comprehend Su Bai's style of thinking. These seventeen people were very normal and very rational. The had no way to understand and have the experience of a psychopath.

Su Bai currently really wanted to kill one of them and then just die.

But he also really wanted to have a meal, a hot bath and then lie on the soft bed to sleep.

Dying was just a matter of sooner or later. If he died now, he couldn't enjoy those things.

Forget about it.

Su Bai lifted the gun in his hand. 

The hearts of all the people on the cave wall skipped a beat.




Everyone's 'shackles' were destroyed by the luxurious bullets of Su Bai's h.e.l.lfire Shotgun. Everyone fell down and recovered their freedom. At this moment, just as Su Bai had expected, the surrounding environment instantly changed from the underground cave into the hotel restaurant.

Su Bai did not care about the bewildered gazes of the others. He took a plate and filled it up with Yangzhou fried rice, a few roasted sausages and a bottle of red wine as he limped back to his own room.

In the room, Su Bai ate voraciously and finished his food. In the end, he finished up the expensive bottle of red wine as if it was beer just like a cow chewing on peonies[2]. He then belched in satisfaction. He then walked into the bathroom. When the hot water touched the wounds on his body, it hurt but it was very comfortable.

Su Bai did not bother to wipe his body; he directly lied on his bed.

Very soon, soft sounds of snoring could be heard...

The next day, when sunshine shot through the window, forcing Su Bai to open his eyes, he saw a row of words on the ceiling:

"Please head to the conference room."

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