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Qian Lan had 12 votes. To be honest, this was not out of Su Bai's expectation. In fact, it was reasonable.

Su Bai had wanted to vote for Qian Lan, that's why he had took a few extra glances at her photo. But in the end, he followed through with his joke with Xu Zhenzhen and voted for her instead. Su Bai felt it was beneath his dignity to vote for Qian Lan.

When came the second round of the voting, there was already foreshadowing and familiarization of the first round. During the second round of voting, everyone already had their own strategies and reasoning. There was also enough grace period for them to think and consider how to make their choice, who to choose so they could effectively remain.

The 'falling in water and escaping from fire' plot Dreadful Radio designed was to push one step further the development of the story line. If everyone just ate in the restaurant and rested in their own rooms without any billows, it was very hard for someone to have a high vote count. It needed to create an incident for one of them to had very high votes to the extent where everyone would expect them to die.

If it continued on to be dull, the probability of Su Bai dying next was very high. Because he had three votes the last two rounds, his exposure rate was very high. He was the second highest voted the first and second round. If everything remained calm and quiet during the third round, it was reckoned that some people would subconsciously vote for the person who had steadily been second highest. Since everyone would think there must be a reason for him to be second, even if the didn't know why, they would still let him die.

At that moment, the votes might be very balanced and it would be hard to have ten votes or more, then Su Bai would easily be at the top of the list.

Dreadful Radio had always added interesting elements in the story, that's why Su Bai who always had an extremely bad temper started to be low profile since entering this story world. Of course, this was also because the current development of events hadn't challenged Su Bai's bottom line or else Su Bai would start going crazy. It was hard to tell, even though he knew he would die by killing others, he would still want to pull others down with him. It wasn't Su Bai's first time harming others without benefitting himself.

During yesterday's scene, Qian Lan had used wind magic to help many people, more than half the people were not burnt to death due to her. But this wasn't a residential district where you find joy in helping others and receive an honorary flag in grat.i.tude. This was the story world where two parties cannot coexist. All the audiences' thoughts were based on their own benefits.

No one was willing to have someone with a high prestige and have the grat.i.tude of others appear. Even if they felt grat.i.tude towards Qian Lan, even if they felt good about Qian Lan, this did not affect their vote for Qian Lan.

A majority of them felt that if Qian Lan had a following and lots of grat.i.tude, she would have higher influential power and her chance of living on was higher. She might even influence her followers to vote for the death of others. The lower the chances of dying, the harder they were to kill. From a perspective, the chances of the others in dying would be significantly higher. In short, everyone noticed that Qian Lan might pose a threat to themselves, that's why they subconsciously voted for her.

There was an ancient saying: When there are adequate stores, they will know what decorum is. When the people had enough of food and clothing, they would know what honor was. It wasn't without reason barren hills and turbulent waters made bad civilians. This was the story world; everyone had a sense of imminent crisis. Over here...

There were no morals,

There was no honor,

There was no grat.i.tude,

Only a life or death struggle!

Qian Lan had made an error in judgement.

Su Bai was clear that Qian Lan had wanted to take a risk; she wanted to gain a favourable impression of others. It was like gambling. If she won, it would confirm her position as a good person; her chances of being voted during the next round would be very low. She felt her chances of winning this bet was high, providing help in the hour of need, isn't it?

For Su Bai, who was used to seeing from the angle where human nature was evil, it was clear that her chances of losing was higher. She was too rash and in the end fell head first.

The people who could appear here were not good people. If based on the definition of good people in the real world, the people here were sc.u.m, were bad people. Otherwise, they would not live until today.

Qian Lan stood up in a daze; her gaze was full of disbelief. When she saw the vote results, she nearly crumbled. She never thought it would end this way.

Many people did not dare to look at Qian Lan in the eye because they felt guilty.

Humans are actually a very weird creatures because of their complexity.

Even a wicked-beyond-redemption murderer would not think how he should commit heinous acts and utterly heartless deeds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They might give some change to the beggars at the roadside or even donate some money to charity.

Those audiences who voted for Qian Lan did not have a heart of stone. They would still feel guilty which could be considered as them having a conscience. At least they had some bottom line unlike Su Bai who was unaffected due to his psychotic line of thinking.

Others did not dare to look at Qian Lan except Su Bai, he supported his chin while being calm and composed, disregarding Qian Lan's gaze while observing her because he found this interesting.

The feeling Qian Lan gave off at this moment was that she was too naive. At the same time, Su Bai realized Qian Lan was unable to move her body. After the vote results came out, Qian Lan was restrained to a certain extent; it was not possible for her to go crazy and kill people out of outrage even if she wanted to. Even if she wasn't weak, she wasn't strong enough to challenge the rules.

Su Bai understood this point; at least he understood this point. If he was to be voted the highest by the audience during the next round, he must first kill someone he disliked to perish with him before the voting and not after the results were out. Otherwise, there wasn't a chance to even struggle.

The next moment, Qian Lan's limbs started to come off. The part that came off did not bleed and was very neat. All four limbs fell off to the ground and she became a human stick. Qian Lan then died with a resentful gaze.

It was a brutal death, a tragic death. It was a death that gave a tingling sensation.

Su Bai couldn't help but lick his lips; the scent of fresh blood was intoxicating.

He even wanted to applaud— an applaud to the rules of the story world for having so many ways to kill.

So interesting and fun to see someone, who had saved others and did a good deed, die in such an extremely brutal way. The taste of irony was so thick that it could turn into liquid and drip down. It was like giving a hard slap to those who Qian Lan saved and yet voted for her.

However, Su Bai controlled his impulse. He already had three r.e.t.a.r.ds who kept voting for his death. Even though Su Bai was unsure why and didn't even know who voted for him, if he applauded at this moment and face smacked those people, a few other people who harbored hard feelings would vote him next. Then Su Bai might be the person with the highest vote next round and would face the same treatment.

Su Bai did not wish to die especially by such annoying method. Allowing this bunch of dregs to decide his life and death was an insult to Su Bai. Even psychos needed to had pride, didn't they?

He got up and took out a cigarette. That person was dead and the meeting was adjourned. Su Bai used his matches to light his cigarette. He was the first to leave the conference room. The others started to follow behind.

"Bro, give me another cigarette." Liu Tao tapped Su Bai's shoulder from behind.

This was a very offending behavior, a very irrational behavior. It was also a very wanton behavior. It was as if he was certain Su Bai did not dare to take action, did not dare to kill him there and then.

Su Bai's twitched his mouth, forcefully resisting himself to not carry out his instinctual counter-attack. He took out a cigarette and threw it on the floor, he then stepped on it. His actions were smooth and natural.

Liu Tao's expression immediately changed, looking embarra.s.sed. He never imagined Su Bai would sever all ties with him.

Su Bai continued walking without turning back.

Liu Tao's face blackened for a moment and he also left.

Returning to his room, Su Bai pull out a chair and sat beside the bed. There was nothing outside the window, no view, no wind, no sun. Everything was pitch black. n.o.body dared to climb out because it was obviously against the story world's rules.

Cigarette after cigarette was lit. Su Bai became relaxed afterwards. Both the h.e.l.lfire Shotguns were placed right in front of himself; there was no meaning to it.

Someone knocked on Su Bai's door at this moment.

"May I come in?"

The voice was very soft. It was a woman.

"Buzz off." Su Bai replied with two words.

The other party turned silent; footsteps slowly faded into the distance. She should have left.

There was a reverse a.n.a.lysis[1]. Su Bai could use backward reasoning[2] on why he had three votes during the last two rounds. Why would they want him dead for no rhyme and reason?

Why? For what reason?

They were the ones who voted for him first, there must be some resentment; there must be a reason.

At least, there must be some curiosity, right?

Since entering the story world, who had taken the initiative to approach him?

Liu Tao, Chen Yixin, Xu Zhenzhen, Zhao Zhen who died was not counted. There was an eighty percent probability it was the first three names.

Since you all wholeheartedly insist of voting me, then why would I need to display false friendship with you?

Wouldn't that be stooping to a new low?

Su Bai extinguished his cigarette. He covered his face with both hands. He had an ominous feeling because he felt he was going to...

Go crazy.

Su Bai could be seen smiling between the crack of both hands.

It was a forceful smile which looked a little sinister.

But Su Bai was crying deep in his heart

He suddenly felt that his impulse was starting to take control.

When it wasn't time to go crazy,

He went crazy.

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