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Cheers erupted off the unusual situation. It was an incessant clamour that filled the air. Some people rubbed their eyes lightly, they did not believe what they had just seen. Some of them sprang out. They were not able to accept what they saw.

The battle concluded with Wan Yi Ming as the loser; he also lost his life. His life that was taken away by Jiang Chen’s foot. There wasn’t a slightest power to resist the attack. A position amongst the four geniuses in the Liang Province and a level at the Ninth Grade Combat King was only a mere reputation in front of Jiang Chen, it did nothing to make any actual impact on him. Before his skull was broken and trampled to death, his weapon had already been s.n.a.t.c.hed. The after effect of this had twisted all the facts planted in people’s head earlier. The fact that Jiang Chen was not eligible to be the opponent of Wan Yi Ming was gone. At most, they thought that Jiang Chen’s power could only be on par with him, but the real situation happening here was unbelievable.

“My Goodness! Has he really grown this much? He is just a Seventh Grade Combat King but he killed a Ninth Grade Combat King effortlessly? He was dealing with an enemy that is two grades higher than him, plus it was the genius of the Invincible Sect. This will be a huge loss to the sect.”

“Undoubtedly, the ability to cause disaster exists inside of him. He is the devil of devils, which one cannot use common sense to judge. When he was a Fifth Grade Combat King, he killed the Second Tyc.o.o.n, who was an Eighth Grade Combat King. Now his power is two times stronger than before, killing a Ninth Grade Combat King should be deemed common.”

“This is what a counterattack means. I really want to know how he advanced two levels of Combat King within ten days.”

“I want to know what is the condition of Xiao Nan Feng and Qian WenYu now. Jiang Chen had eliminated Wan Yi Ming brutally. The next will be them. Judging by Jiang Chen’s current power, their joint effort might not be able to defeat him.”

For a moment, all gazes were focused on Xiao Nan Feng and Qian Wen Yu. Their faces were pale and drawn. They had never thought that Jiang Chen had become so scary, scary to the point that Wan Yi Ming had to make his ultimate sacrifice. They knew that their combined strength wasn’t going to be enough, but retreat wasn’t an option at all. In front of these people, that option would dampen their reputation and fame.

“Wakaka&h.e.l.lip; Excellent.”

Big Yellow laughed with his usual expression. It was within Big Yellow’s expectations that it wasn’t hard for Jiang Chen to kill Wan Yi Ming. There was no one who knew Jiang Chen’s scary power than him, after all

“It is truly extraordinary.”

Tyrant was almost speechless, but he was still pleased. Jiang Chen was going to become stronger, he would be happy for his friend anyway.

“Little Chen has grown incredibly, his opponent didn’t even have the chance to react. It will be the end for Xiao Nan Feng and Qian Wen Yu. I think the major powers in Liang Province will need to re-shuffle to fill up the vacant positions very soon.”

Tan Lang couldn’t help but shook his head. He had seen too many miraculous incidents from Jiang Chen. It was a mistake that they, the Asura Palace, Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction, offended him. This mistake would cost them greatly. The major powers of Liang Province would begin another wave of candidacy for the vacant positions of their geniuses, like what happened in Southern Continent after the complete destruction of the Devil King Palace which led to the direct rule under the Profound River Palace.

After killing his opponent, Jiang Chen shifted his gaze to Xiao NanFeng and Qian WenYu then said, “Qian Wen Yu, I will give you a chance to live and not kill you if you beg for it. What do you say?”

This was a direct question for Qian Wen Yu which did not include Xiao Nan Feng. This was because, in Jiang Chen’s heart, this arrogant man must die, a death that was unavoidable, a certain excruciating death.

“This is humiliating!”

Qian Wen Yu shouted with rage, his furious aura erupting up to the sky. This must be a ridicule. He represented Invincible Sect as the number one genius to fight today’s final battle. Not only was his face being shown here, but also the reputation of the sect. If he surrendered and beg for his life before the battle, he would not find anything that can cover up his face. He also knew how much this would hurt the reputation of Invincible Sect, there was no way for him to survive in Liang Province.

“Humiliating? So What? I didn’t tell you to kneel in front of me. Why not become a human pet for Big Yellow, I guarantee that your future is way brighter than staying in the Invincible Sect.”

Jiang Chen said it in a calm tone.

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled and his ears raised when he heard the two words ‘human pet.’ “Yes, this is definitely not a bad decision. Become my apprentice and follow me, it is better than the future you will have in Invincible Sect. Little Chen, you have very sensible vision for this.” He thought.

“Brother Qian, the man humiliated you to this extent, which is intolerable. If I am not wrong, the spell he casted to kill Wan YiMing was his limit. Not just that, brother Yi Ming failed to see his weak point because he looked down on him. Although his combat power is a little higher than each of us, with our combined strength, there will be chances of eliminating him.”

Xian NanFeng whispered to Qian WenYu. It seemed that fear had sneaked up on him. He knew Jiang Chen’s iron will of tearing him apart as an act of revenge for his good friend, Zhaung Fan. If he was to face him alone, he wouldn’t stand a chance given Jiang Chen’s combat power. But, fighting him with an ally might have hopes.

In reality, Xiao NanFeng was wrong. Two versus one would be good. But, even with the combined strength of twenty Xiao NanFeng and Qian WenYu wouldn’t be enough to kill Jiang Chen.

“Okay, we will fight together.”

Qian WenYu said while gritting his teeth. He hated Jiang Chen instantly. How could he possibly accept being a ‘human pet’? This was disgraceful and totally unacceptable.

“Don’t say I didn’t give y’all chances and say that I’m cruel.”

Jiang Chen said it with an abnormally cold tone. He twisted his body, disappeared from where he stood and appeared in front of Qian Wen Yu. He attacked without hesitation, not giving time for the two of them to form an alliance. It was not because he was afraid of their combined power but he didn’t want to waste any more time.


Qian Wen Yu sensed quickly when the attack was made. He reacted immediately, a wave of Yuan Force rushed out from his body, speeding towards his opponent.

Jiang Chen raised his left hand and pointed his forefinger at Qian Wen Yu’s brow, the finger that was fused with the Saint finger. Once the power was released through the finger it became unbelievably bright, it was unstoppable.


The Yuan Force could not slow down even the slightest amount of the force that had erupted from the forefinger, and ended up being crushed under its force. Qian Wen Yu witnessed it for the first time. Jiang Chen touched his forehead softly with lightning speed. It was so fast that it was impossible for a Ninth Grade Combat King to avoid this attack.


A deep sound was heard. A b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared on Qian Wen Yu’s forehead, the fresh blood gushed out continuously, as if water escaping from a fountain. His whole body became stiff and his eyes widened, as though unable to accept his miserable death.

“You, you&h.e.l.lip;”

Qian Wen Yu died under Jiang Chen’s forefinger. His body fell from the sky. A great genius of Liang Province had fallen.


Another round of cheers was induced. They were all shocked when they saw the unbelievable scene, it was unforgettable. If ‘frightening’ was the term used to describe when Jiang Chen was trampling Wan Yi Ming in five steps, the term could be reused for Qian Wen Yu’s case. This had exceeded many people’s scope of understanding, beyond their ability to comprehend and accept.

“My G.o.d&h.e.l.lip;Using a forefinger to kill a Ninth Grade Combat King. This is OUTRAGEOUS!”

“What level has he actually grown to? This is truly unbelievable. Not even a genius like Qian Wen Yu can bear the forefinger’s attack and was touched to death.”

“Looks like Xiao NanFeng isn’t going to escape his death. It is Jiang Chen’s intention at the beginning to get rid of him. If the three geniuses die today, there will be a dramatic change in Liang Province.”


All of them were shocked but ‘shock’ wasn’t the right word to describe their feelings anymore. The mentally prepared Tyrant and Tan Lang also could not resist from the ‘shock’. All their attention was on Jiang Chen’s forefinger, admitting its great power.

It was his first time to make an attack using the finger fused with Saint Bone, the result was more unimaginable than what he thought. It was a blow of surprise for the rest of them too because the method of killing could easily take down the number one genius of Invincible Sect.


That event caused Xiao Nan Feng's mouth to drop wide open. Just now, when he tried to make his first attack, Qian Wen Yu was killed, he stopped himself immediately. At first he thought to fight him together with his ally to gain the upper hand, but now it had become a vain hope.

Now he knew that Jiang Chen’s power wasn’t under his estimation at all. Even if he allied with Qian Wen Yu, the conclusion would be the same.

“It’s your turn. I suppose you have already prepared for it right?”    

Jiang Chen’s tone was cold and emotionless. He deeply resented Xiao NanFeng. He felt too reluctant to communicate with him but he didn’t want him to die easily. Dying like how his two companions died was a luxury for him.

“Jiang Chen, I admit that I am incapable to be your opponent, but don’t you think there isn’t a conflict between us?”

Xiao Nan Feng was afraid. The fact that he voluntarily admitted that he wasn’t the opponent anymore was an indication of surrender. But, no one dared to mock him. The death of the two strongly indicated the deterrence for the rest. Only an idiot would continue the battle and end up dying. Any further battle with him would deem meaningless.

“I think, if I am the one who is in your position now, you won’t say these words to me. In truth, killing a filthy guy like you will dirty my hands. You know more than anyone else about what you have done. Today, it is impossible for you to die like them.”

Cold light beamed from both of Jiang Chen’s eyes. He had never hated someone so much since his past life until now. With a wave of his hand, a stream of light dashed through overhead. It stopped in the sky, it was the body of Zhuang Fan.

Jiang Chen pressed on Zhuang Fan’s back to hold him, allowing his body to stand upright. Zhuang Fan faced Xiao Nan Feng even though he could not see his murderer anymore.

“Xiao Nan Feng, kneel down and bow before him with your forehead touching the ground!”

Jiang Chen shouted at him angrily.

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