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Devil Realm

Chapter 543 - Devil Realm

In regards to visiting the Devil Realm, Tyrant and Tan Lang didn't express any views. Since they had made up their minds to follow Jiang Chen, they began treating Jiang Chen as the mastermind. Tyrant was a fearless guy, and he also had a great interest in the Devil Realm.

Also, even if they returned to the Liang Province now, there was no way they could cause any actual damage to the Asura Palace. Instead, they might have to face life threatening situations. After all, they were still weak. At least, there was still a gap between them and the four major powers of the Liang Province. If they were to face a Combat Emperor, none of them would be any match.

Therefore, not only could they get devil souls by paying a visit to the Devil Realm, it was also an opportunity for them to train themselves. Jiang Chen was confident that he could break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm during this trip. At that point of time, he could easily kill any Eighth Grade Combat Kings, and would also possess the ability to fight against Ninth Grade Combat Kings.

Jiang Chen and his friends had no idea about the Heavenly Tower's evil plot. However, even if they did, Jiang Chen wouldn't be bothered by it. The Heavenly Tower would reap the harvest of their own misdeed, and in the end, Jiang Chen would not be the one to suffer any losses.

The place where Jiang Chen and his friends were staying was an exquisite and serene courtyard. On the surface, the Heavenly Tower treated their guests quite well.

Early morning the next day, Liu Hong arrived outside the courtyard's entrance.

Right before Liu Hong could knock on the entrance, it opened by itself. Jiang Chen and his friends came out from the courtyard.

"Did you rest well?""

Liu Hong asked with a smile.

"I feel refreshed now, not bad."

Jiang Chen said.

"Young master Jiang, our people have arrived. Let's go and meet them now!"

Liu Hong said.

"Are we going to the Devil Realm straightaway?"

Tyrant asked.

"We'll first join with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, then we'll proceed to the Devil Realm together."

Liu Hong said.

Led by Liu Hong, Jiang Chen and his friends came to a flat square located at the top of the Heavenly Tower. Many people were gathered in this square; at least twenty of them. They were all wearing different clothes, and none of them looked old. The youngest was in his early twenties, was the oldest was some middle aged man in his forties. The only common thing about these people was the arrogance visible on their faces. They were all Combat Kings, so they were qualified to be proud of themselves.

Jiang Chen casually gazed at these people and discovered that the strongest was a Fifth Grade Combat King. They weren't disciples of the Heavenly Sect, but instead came for the Heavenly Tower's mission. They would travel to the Devil Realm together and hunt for devils; earning some devil souls.

These Combat Kings could in fact travel to the Devil Realm by themselves to hunt for devils, but instead, they accepted the Heavenly Tower's mission, which would allow them to travel with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect. With that, although they would have to sell all the devil souls they find to the Heavenly Tower, they would also be able to better guarantee their safety with the help of the disciples from the Heavenly Sect. The Devil Realm was after all an extremely dangerous place, and they could get killed at any time within. Thus, none of them dared neglect their safety. 

Noticing the arrival of these three men, the group of people simply gazed at them once then continued with their own matters. The trio had restrained their auras, so no one were able to see their cultivation levels. However, as the three of them were too young, no one would think that they were some powerful warriors. Thus, they simply just ignored them.

Not long after that, the Great Manager and the Second Manager arrived in the square. With a bright smile on his face, the Great Manager said, "Everyone is here. I wish all of you a safe trip, and I hope you can bring back a large amount of devil souls. Now, the Second Manager will bring you all to join up with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, then you'll travel into the Devil Realm. I believe that with the protection of these disciples, your safety will be guaranteed."

After saying that, the Great Manager didn't forget to smile at Jiang Chen.

"Let's go!"

Contrary to him, the Second Manager who had a scar on his face looked rather ferocious. No matter in terms of appearance of character, it was far more difficult to accept him than the Great Manager.

Wasting no time, the Second Manager flew into the sky. Over 20 Combat Kings leapt into the sky at the same time, following the Second Manager. Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Tan Lang looked at each other, then they also flew into the sky, following the group.

Staring at Jiang Chen's back, a smile emerged on the Great Manager's face. Everything was under his control, and he had arranged everything properly.

This group consisted purely of Combat Kings, so they were all very fast. Under the Second Manager's lead, they arrived at a mountain range in just a few dozen minutes. A group of men could be seen hovering above the mountain range. There were over twenty men in the group, but the auras they emanated was much stronger than the auras of those in Jiang Chen's group. They were all wearing the same white uniforms, the word 'Heavenly' embroidered on their chests. They were all disciples of the Heavenly Sect, and they were all powerful Combat Kings. 

"This Heavenly Sect is much stronger than the Asura Palace."

Tan Lang couldn't help buy say. 

"Of course, the Heavenly Sect is a sect with a Minor Saint, the Asura Palace has no way of comparing itself to it. They have countless genius disciples at the Combat King realm, and Combat Emperors aren't rare for them either. This training session doesn't include Combat Emperors, so it can only be considered an ordinary training session."

Tyrant explained. The Heavenly Sect was a major power in the Western Region, while the Asura Palace was only a major power in a small province in the Xuan Region, so the difference between them would obviously be huge.

A man stood at the front of the Heavenly Sect's group. He had a burly body and looked to be in his thirties. He wore a ferocious expression and he looked like a man who was difficult to get close to. However, he was very strong, not any weaker than the Second Manager. He was an Eighth Grade Combat King.

"Second Manger, are these all the men?"

The young man asked. 

"Yes, young mister Qi, these are all the men."

The Second Manager cupped his fist toward the young man; a respectful expression visible on his face. Although he was also an Eighth Grade Combat King, there was still a big gap between him and a genius like this young master Qi. His position in the Heavenly Sect was also below young master Qi's, just like the difference between that fat Ninth Grade Combat King Elder and Xiao Nanfeng in the Asura Palace. 

"Perfect! I never thought young master Qi would lead us this time! He's an Eighth Grade Combat King, we won't have to worry about our own safety!" 

"You bet! Young master Qi is a famous man amongst the Heavenly Sect disciples, a man possessing a bag full of extremely powerful abilities. Since we're only going to enter the first level of the Devil Realm, as long as lady luck is on our side, with young master Qi's overall strength, we'll be able to sweep across the entire first level without meeting any resistance."

"It was a wise decision to accept the Heavenly Tower's mission. Traveling with the geniuses of the Heavenly Sect is so much better than traveling on our own."

Everyone were surprised upon finding out that young master Qi would lead them. 

"Everyone listen up, all of you have to treat young master Qi as your leader, and obey all his orders. With that, he can guarantee your safety."

The Second Manager said to the group. After that, he cupped his fist toward young master Qi once again, then disappeared from the scene.

"All of you, stand behind us."

A Fifth Grade Combat King of the Heavenly Sect waved his hand at Jiang Chen's group, acting in an arrogant manner.

It seemed like everyone was already accustomed to this kind of arrogance, as no one seemed to get angry and just followed the orders. Apparently, as this man was a genius of the Heavenly Sect, it would be abnormal if he didn't behave arrogantly.
Young master Qi took a few steps in the air and arrived in front of Jiang Chen. With a smile on his face, he asked, "Are you Jiang Chen?"

"I am."

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

"The two managers specifically told me to take really good care of you."

Young master Qi narrowed his eyes. Only he knew the true meaning behind his words.

"Thank you for that."

Jiang Chen responded with a smile. 

"d.a.m.n it, who is this guy? I've never seen him before. Why can he get special treatment from young master Qi?"

"I'm sure he had some under the table connection with them. Didn't you hear? It was the two managers of the Heavenly Tower who made the instruction."

Many people were filled with jealousy and envy.

"Let's go!"

Young master Qi shouted, and then began flying. The other Heavenly Sect disciples followed closely after, and those men who came here for the mission also followed along; no one dared to neglect the order. Jiang Chen and his friends were flying at the back of everyone, and didn't say anything.

"Little Chen, I can feel that young master Qi has some hostility toward you."

Tyrant said to Jiang Chen. Although he looked like a thoughtless man on the outside, he was actually a careful observer. He could feel slight hostility from that young master Qi, and even a hidden killing intent.

"He better not provoke me."

A cold smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face. He basically knew what the root cause of this was. Yesterday, he had spotted the greedy looks in the eyes of the two managers after they saw the Nine Solar Holy Water, causing his impression of the Heavenly Tower to plummet. Judging from what happened just now, it looked like the Heavenly Tower was going to tackle him with this kind of approach. 

However, Jiang Chen wasn't scared at all, and he didn't feel like backing off. One way or another, he would visit the Devil Realm. It would be better if this young master Qi didn't come and provoke him, and if he really did do so, Jiang Chen would make sure to make him regret his decision.

No one were talking throughout the journey. After spending nearly half a day flying through the void, the group finally arrived above a desolate valley. This was a desolate place, and they could sense freezing devilish energy hovering in the air.

"The Devil Realm is up ahead. In a man, I'll open up the spatial barrier that will lead us into the first level of the Devil Realm. Everyone, be extra careful upon entering."

Young master Qi said.


Right at this moment, a spatial crack suddenly opened up in front of them. A devil fully covered with black scales dashed out from the crack. It was a First Grade Devil King.

However, it was a miserable Devil King, as it was instantly killed by a slap from young master Qi. Its devil soul was dug out afterwards.

"This place is where the Spatial Node connected to the Devil Realm is located. As this place is frequently attacked by devils from the other side, the surrounding s.p.a.ce is in a very fragile state. Devils will frequently crawl out from the other side. However, those devils aren't very strong, and they aren't able to cause much trouble. They're all usually killed by humans."

Tyrant explained.

Tan Lang was the only person who was surprised by the appearance of this devil, whereas all the others still behaved normally. For them who had lived in the Western Region, a scene like this was obviously not anything special. They were going to enter the Devil Realm, and they all felt somewhat nervous at this moment. They were after all about to face ferocious and cruel devils, and there would be more than one of them.

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