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Chapter 296 – The Cruelest Bet Underneath the Heavens

After Jiang Chen finished his explanation about the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, Han Yan was so astonished that his mouth was wide open. Such a complicated method of concocting a pill, it was simply not something an ordinary alchemist could do. Even the most powerful alchemist from the Martial Saint Dynasty wouldn’t have confidence in concocting one.

“No wonder the Blissful Manor wants to exchange the Nine Solar Holy Water, even they don’t have the Nine Soul Restoration Pill.”

Han Yan said with a sigh.

“That goes without saying. If the Blissful Manor had the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, they would trade it with that man directly, and we wouldn’t be seeing the Nine Solar Holy Water in this auction.”

Big Yellow said, “Although the Nine Soul Restoration Pill is extremely rare, it can only help with restoring a person’s soul. The Nine Solar Holy Water can provide unimaginable advantages to anyone.”

“Little Chen, we don’t have this Nine Soul Restoration Pill either. Looks like it will be hard to get this Nine Solar Holy Water. The owner of the Nine Solar Holy Water must be a wealthy man, so unless we can take out the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, we won’t be able to get the Holy Water.”

Han Yan said.

“Yes, I don’t have the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, but neither does the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan. The superpowers from the Jian Province doesn’t have the ability to concoct a pill like that.”

A smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face. As a Saint-Rank Alchemist, his accomplishments within alchemy was hard to imagine. He knew very well about the difficult of concocting a Nine Soul Restoration Pill.

Xu Neng’s glance swept across the entire audience. He could see many people whispering amongst each other, but none of them showed any signs of bidding for the Nine Solar Holy Water. It was no longer an auction, but a trade with a specific criteria.

“Friends, is there anyone who has Nine Soul Restoration Pills? A Nine Soul Restoration Pill can be exchanged for a single drop of the Nine Solar Holy Water, and I’m sure you all know that this trade is definitely worth more than you give!”

Xu Neng’s words were actually directed at the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan. In his mind, if there were anyone here who was able to take out a Nine Soul Restoration Pill, it must be someone from either of these superpowers.

“Haha, Xu Neng, don’t ask anymore. Even the best alchemist from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan wouldn’t be able to concoct this pill.”

A loud laugh burst out from one of the private room, it was Old Man Ling Shan.

“Auctioneer Xu Neng, although the Shangguan Clan doesn’t have the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, we can give you all the ingredients required to concoct it. I wonder if this is enough for us to exchange with the Nine Solar Holy Water.”

Shangguan Chong asked.

“Is the Shangguan Clan joking, or slapping Master Blissful’s face? The Blissful Manor has all the resources, and is the strongest power in the ocean; they simply don’t lack any rare treasures and ingredients. I know the Shangguan Clan can provide all ingredients and herbs, but do you really think the Blissful Manor doesn’t have those?”

Right after Shangguan Chong finished speaking, an indifferent voice sounded out from the third private room. Everyone were familiar with the voice by now, it was the voice of Chen Jiang!

“f.u.c.k! This Chen Jiang is clearly fighting the Shangguan Clan head to head, he just won’t let go of any opportunity!”

“But, what Chen Jiang said seems reasonable. If the Shangguan Clan is able to provide all the ingredients and herbs, the Blissful Manor will definitely be able to do so as well. But what that person wants it the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, not the raw ingredients. What he’s lacking is an alchemist who can concoct the pill.”


Discussions filled the auction hall once again. Everyone felt as if Shangguan Chong just spoke bulls.h.i.t.

“Chen Jiang youngster, when I, Shangguan Chong am speaking, you’re not allowed to interrupt! Get lost!”

When Shangguan Chong heard what Jiang Chen said, he couldn’t restrain the anger within his heart any longer. He desired to rush over to Jiang Chen and devour him alive.

“Don’t try to show off in front of this master dog, you’re just a reckless old b.a.s.t.a.r.d! If there’s a chance later, this master dog will have a chat with you about life!”

Big Yellow’s words was heard by everyone in the auction hall, and it made everyone burst into laughter. It also made the fury within Shangguan Chong’s heart stronger. He was a highly revered Combat Soul Elder from the Shangguan Clan, a respectable person no matter where he went. But, a dog just insulted him, he couldn’t endure it any longer.

“Silence please!”

Xu Neng quickly calmed the audience down before Shangguan Chong went out of control. The Blissful Manor had already received a reward from that person, and they would have to give it back if they couldn’t help him find a Nine Soul Restoration Pill.

“The friend who entrusted the Nine Solar Holy Water to us clearly mentioned that he only wants Nine Soul Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness. If the Shangguan Clan doesn’t have it, don’t force yourself.”

Xu Neng said.

“Auctioneer Xu Neng, the Myriad Sword Sect can also provide all the ingredients and herbs required to concoct a Nine Soul Restoration Pill. Furthermore, we have a powerful Combat Soul alchemist, he can try to concoct this pill.”

Ye Xiao from the Myriad Sword Sect expressed his willingness as well. The Nine Solar Holy Water was right in front of them, and they didn’t want to let it slip away, no matter how heavy the price they needed to pay; they just had to get it!

“The Myriad Sword Sect is even better at joking than the Shangguan Clan! Try to concoct the pill? That’s even more bulls.h.i.t! Putting aside our friend who is in urgent need for a Nine Soul Restoration Pill, even if he wasn’t in urgent need, how certain is your alchemist that he can successfully concoct this pill? Also, how certain is he that he can make it 100% effectiveness?”

Jiang Chen once again jumped in the conversation.

“f.u.c.k! This guy is completely fearless! It looks like he’s going all out against the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan!”

“But his words do make sense. The Nine Soul Restoration Pill is extremely difficult to concoct, and that person also wants it to be a 100% effectiveness pill. I don’t even think the alchemist from the Myriad Sword Sect has full confidence in making it, right?”


Chen Jiang’s name had become completely famous in today’s auction. Regardless of who it was, Shangguan Clan or Myriad Sword Sect, he didn’t take any of them seriously. Since the beginning of the auction, he had repeatedly fought both these superpowers.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, saying that the Myriad Sword Sect can’t concoct this pill? Don’t tell me you, Chen Jiang can concoct it? Why don’t you take a p.i.s.s and look into your own reflection, find out who you really are!”

Ye Xiao angrily said. His hatred toward Jiang Chen was much stronger than his hatred toward Shangguan Chong. He was fooled by Jiang Chen and was forced to pay 400 million for the Heavenly Wings skill, and this made him feel awful, like he had just swallowed a fly.

“I might be weak when it comes to other things, but I sure know how to concoct pills. Also, I have successfully concocted a few hundred Nine Soul Restoration Pills, I’m an expert at this.”

Jiang Chen said with a loud and clear voice. His words spread throughout the entire auction hall, and was clearly heard by every single person.

At the same time, on top of the auction hall, there was an isolated room, and two men sat inside. Both of them were looking at a large crystal ball in front of them. Inside the crystal ball, the entire auction hall was displayed.

One of the men had a body full of power and grandeur, and he wore a golden armor that shone brightly. He was Master Blissful! As for the other man, he wore a black suit and a bamboo hate. The hate covered his face with shadows, so no one could see his real ident.i.ty. He too had a majestic body, just like Master Blissful. Because he wore a tight suit, his big muscles were perfectly visible. It looked like there was an explosive amount of strength within his muscles.

Judging from this man’s aura, he was pretty young.

Both Master Blissful and the man in black had gloomy expressions, but when they heard what Jiang Chen said, their eyes suddenly lit up.

“Who is this guy?”

The man in black asked with a vigorous voice.

“He is Chen Jiang, a rare genius from the younger generation. He’s a ruthless and decisive man, and he has absolutely no respect for the law. Although this is the first time I’ve met him, I really like this guy. But, I have no idea if he really can concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill.”

Master Blissful said.

Back in the auction hall!

The entire audience burst into laughter immediately after Jiang Chen finished speaking.

“Haha, what a joke, I’ve finally witnessed what it means to shamelessly boast! Youngster Chen Jiang, you should really take a p.i.s.s and look into your own reflection! With your Divine Core cultivation base, even if you were an alchemist, there is no way you can concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill!”

Ye Xiao burst into the laughter. This was the first time he laughed with so much joy since the auction started.

“Youngster Chen Jiang, you should know your own limits! Even if you really want the Nine Solar Holy Water, you shouldn’t shamelessly boast like that!”

Shangguan Chong obviously wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to add a mocking comment.

“Auctioneer Xu Neng, this guy is talking nonsense and disturbing the auction’s order. In my opinion, you should chase him out from this auction hall, chase him away from the Blissful Island!”

Mao Sheng commented as well. His words were like razor sharp swords pointed at Jiang Chen. His hatred toward Jiang Chen was much greater than Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong’s hatred. Both of them had only suffered losses to their dignity and wealth, but Mao Sheng had lost a few core disciples and his own grandson.

“Humph! Don’t talk if you don’t have the ability to back it up!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed.

“Young master Chen Jiang, do you really know how to concoct a Nine Soul Restoration Pill? Are you sure this isn’t a joke?”

Xu Neng asked as he furrowed his brows. He had a pretty good impression toward Jiang Chen, but that didn’t mean he could accept Jiang Chen’s joke. Furthermore, in Xu Neng’s opinion, Jiang Chen couldn’t do it. Jiang Chen was after all just a Divine Core warrior, so the strength of his soul wouldn’t be enough to support the pill concoction process.

“Of course I’m serious about what I said. I want to buy three portions of the ingredients required to concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill. Once I successfully concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pills, I’ll exchange it for the Nine Solar Holy Water.

Jiang Chen spoke with the utmost confidence.

“If he can successfully concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, I, Ye Xiao will forever walk backwards!”

Ye Xiao coldly harrumphed.

“Precisely! This brat is clearly looking for trouble! Even the Combat Soul alchemist from our family can’t concoct this Nine Soul Seizing Pill, and this boy is just a mere Divine Core warrior, what a joke!”

Shangguan Chong said with a grin on his face.

“Really? If I manage to concoct a 100% effectiveness Nine Soul Restoration Pill, will you both eat dog s.h.i.t in front of everyone here?”

Jiang Chen said with a loud voice.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what did you just say?”

“How dare you insult me? You deserve a thousand deaths!”

Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong immediately became furious. Someone was actually daring enough to ask them to eat dog s.h.i.t in front of everyone! With their status, this was a daylight insult!

“Since both of you are so certain that I can’t concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, why don’t we have a bet? I’ll concoct the pill in front of everyone here. If I fail, my life will be yours, but if I succeed in concocting it, both of you will have to eat dog s.h.i.t in front of everyone, fresh dog s.h.i.t.”

Jiang Chen’s words was like a bomb being dropped in the audience, and it immediately caused the entire audience to boil.

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