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The Selection on Monarch Mountain

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Aside from the two geniuses, the rest were the higher-ups of Fengluo Sect. It was natural that they would pay attention to this major event that was held by the Immortal Court on the Monarch Mountain. 

The cultivation base of these two geniuses wasn't bad. One was an early Immortal Venerable and the other was a half-step Immortal Venerable. One should already know that Fengluo Sect was considered one of the greatest major powers in the domain, hence, it was obvious that the geniuses the other major powers would send out would be as strong.

However, these two geniuses definitely couldn't be compared to Jiang Chen. With the cultivation base of early Immortal Venerable, he had the strength to kill opponents in seconds.

Fenghua Zi was in the lead, whereas the two genius disciples were at the back of the group. Despite being the outstanding geniuses amongst their peers, they didn't even dare to speak right now. They knew Jiang Chen and the others' capabilities all too well. They would only shame themselves by acting arrogantly in front of these experts.

Currently, Monarch Mountain was crowded with a sea of people from the major powers of the five domains. No one wanted to miss this major event. Most of these people had come to watch the compet.i.tion. Of all the major powers in Fengchi Immortal Domain, there were at least fifty major powers that were as large as Fengluo Sect.

There were also countless rogue cultivators and experts from the minor and medium powers. With all these people crawling on Monarch Mountain, it was imaginable how spectacular the scene was.

"How many people have taken part in this trial?" asked Jiang Chen.

"There are roughly fifty major powers that qualify. Each of these major powers is only given three spots. So, there should be around 150 geniuses partic.i.p.ating in this compet.i.tion. But Brother Jiang ought to know that apart from the geniuses from the Immortal Court, the highest cultivation base amongst these geniuses will only be at the Venerable realm. I estimate that you can't find even an intermediate Immortal Venerable amongst them. Thus, the trials won't give you any pressure," said Fenghua Zi in a relaxed tone. 

He wasn't trying to boost Jiang Chen's pride. What he said was a fact - Jiang Chen's strength was incomparable to any of the partic.i.p.ants.

Several towering battle platforms had emerged on Monarch Mountain. They must have specially built these for this compet.i.tion.

All along, Monarch Mountain had been a famous place in the Central Domain, but it was nearly destroyed during the chaotic battles that took place inside. Since then, it had become completely deserted, however, its popularity was going to rise again after this major compet.i.tion. These battle platforms were likely to become the platforms of numerous experts in the future.

The cultivators of the Immortal Court hadn't arrived yet, but Jiang Chen was certain that Han Feng would be the one to lead the selection as all of these were his idea.

Looking at the sea of people and those proud-looking partic.i.p.ants, Big Yellow looked completely bored.

"Little Chen, aren't you degrading yourself by joining such a compet.i.tion? Is there even a hair's breadth of a challenge here?" said Big Yellow with disinterest.

"Don't lose sight of our objective."

Jiang Chen darted a glare at Big Yellow. This selection was only a pretense and a suitable excuse for Han Feng to recruit him. And with this formal compet.i.tion, it was less likely to arouse the notice of Star Sovereign. If Han Feng had directly brought Jiang Chen back to Immortal Court, it would surely raise the suspicion of others, which would be a disadvantage to Nangong Wentian.

Fenghua Zi and a few experts of Fengluo Sect had been paying attention to this dog as they hadn't seen him before. They couldn't help glancing at him after hearing what he said.

What gave the dog the right to be so arrogant? Of course, they wouldn't dare to voice out their feelings because this dog was next to Jiang Chen.

As a matter of fact, if they knew the real strength of Big Yellow, they would surely be shivering with fear.

"I don't know what the Immortal Court is thinking. Why would they want to hold a selection all of a sudden?"

"Regardless of the reason, this compet.i.tion is a great opportunity for the geniuses of the various major powers. I heard that the Immortal Court will recruit ten partic.i.p.ants, and I'm eager to know who will be the ten lucky ones."

"The battles amongst them are going to be fierce."

Numerous people were discussing the matter. Although they had no idea why the Immortal Court suddenly wanted to recruit geniuses, this was a golden opportunity. They were almost certain that this compet.i.tion would be intense.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Just then, a whirlwind blew across the void all of a sudden, and an elder appeared on top of one of the battle platforms like a specter. Powerful waves of qi spread out, silencing the entire crowd. He was a mighty half-step Sovereign, which was regarded as a supreme existence by the major powers. None of them would dare to misbehave in front of a half-step Sovereign.

"He's a half-step Sovereign from the Immortal Court. The selection is about to begin," someone said. 

Many of the partic.i.p.ants began to look excited. This was a great chance for them to show their capabilities. Entering the Immortal Court was like entering the blessed land of cultivation. 

The elder was precisely Han Feng. He scanned the surroundings right after his appearance and felt relieved when he spotted Jiang Chen. After all, this selection was mainly held for Jiang Chen. It would be meaningless if Jiang Chen didn't come.

The fact that Jiang Chen had arrived as scheduled indicated the extraordinary relationship between Jiang Chen and Heaven Sovereign. Otherwise, given the crisis Heaven Sovereign was in right now, no one would be willing to get close to him.

"I'm Han Feng, an elder from Immortal Court. I'll be the one to preside over today's selection. Each of you will draw lots to find your opponent. The last ten people remaining on the battle platform will follow me back to the Immortal Court. The battle will start now."

Han Feng said aloud. It was a very simple rule. What opponent you choose will be based on luck, which was one of the things that cultivators should possess. Everyone knew that they couldn't blame anyone for their bad luck.

The geniuses walked forth and began drawing lots. Jiang Chen also moved forward. The one he picked was a young genius named Yu Liang, an early Immortal Venerable from Eastern Domain. He could be one of the geniuses that would most likely be accepted by the Immortal Court.

Unfortunately, this genius didn't have good luck as his opponent in the first round was Jiang Chen. 

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