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Advancing to the late Immortal Emperor realm

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This was an unexpected joy. Despite knowing that the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da could devour many kinds of energy, Jiang Chen never thought of absorbing the entire magma ocean because he knew his own limitations.

Currently, the paG.o.da's mouth was absorbing the magma madly, just like how a blue whale sucked in sea water.

*Hong Long……*

The energy was too great. The forty-seventh level of the paG.o.da rumbled and was fully formed in just a matter of seconds, which then led to the condensation of the forty-eighth level.

*Ka Cha……*

The strong force of suction caused the terrifying whirlpool to dissipate. Losing the support of the magma, the seal collapsed and disintegrated.

“What's that?! Jiang Chen, what have you done?!”

Nanbei Chao saw everything with his own eyes and could sense that the amount of the magma was reducing. Both of his eyes turned red. Although he couldn't see Jiang Chen's figure, he was sure that these changes were related to Jiang Chen.

“Haha! So, this is just how powerful the seal of this magma is! Not only can it not stop me, but also fulfill my wishes.”

Jiang Chen's laughter resounded from the depths of the whirlpool, absolutely sounding far from death. The destructive vortex wasn't able to affect Jiang Chen in the slightest.

“What? That kid isn't dead? How is that possible?”

“Impossible. He was obviously devoured by the vortex. Why isn't he dead? It doesn't make sense. Even a peak intermediate Immortal Venerable died within that vortex. How can he, a puny Immortal Emperor, survive the attack?”

“It seems we have underestimated that man. How can the enemy of the reincarnation of Great Sovereign Batian be an ordinary cultivator? That man must have means that can suppress the seal of the Great Sovereign. When did such a heaven-defying genius appear in Fengchi Immortal Domain? And why did none of us know about him?”


Everyone was filled with astonishment. Although they could not see Jiang Chen, but his joyful voice was enough to prove that he was still alive. Having just witnessed the tragic death of an intermediate Immortal Venerable, it was truly an unacceptable miracle for them that an Immortal Emperor could survive the attack of the seal.

“Good! Sure enough, Heaven Sovereign was right in his prediction. I never thought that this brat would be this miraculous. He even managed to stay alive in that deadly vortex of fire.”

The elder's face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with delight. The incident was like a miracle to him.

Despite their astonishment, they didn't have a clue of what was happening in the magma, except for Nanbei Chao, who could rightly sense that the energy of the magma was being drained at a rapid pace.

According to the past actions of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, it absolutely wouldn't stop once it started absorbing something. It wouldn't take long for all the magma here to be fully absorbed. Those people outside the magma would surely be even more astonished when that happened.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da devoured countless amount of magma in the ocean, turning them into the purest energy before absorbing it entirely. The forty-eighth level was being condensed at a rapid speed. Jiang Chen estimated that if all of the magma was sucked clean, the condensation would surely reach the level fifty, which would benefit him tremendously. He wouldn't have a problem at all in breaking through to late the Immortal Emperor realm.

The roars incessantly lingered on. The devouring speed of the paG.o.da was just too fast. The energy in the ocean of magma was vanishing in an alarming rate. Jiang Chen's laughter continued to reverberate from the centre of the whirlpool. There was no reason for him to feel unhappy. Not only had he succeeded in recovering the Nine Yin Profound Heart, but also ruined this ancient spatial zone that was left by Great Sovereign Batian. It was akin to killing two birds with one stone.

“Jiang Chen, I advise you to stop your actions immediately. Otherwise, I'm going to make you suffer horrendously!”

Nanbei Chao bellowed at Jiang Chen, his eyes blood-red, but that was the most he could do because his integration with the Sovereign body has already reached the critical moment. Although Jiang Chen's actions had seriously affected his emotions, he couldn't allow any accident to happen in the process.

“Make me suffer horrendously? I wonder who is the one that is suffering horrendously right now. Nanbei Chao, you can never stop the things that I want to do. By encountering me, you are doomed to misfortune.”


Jiang Chen's words echoed continuously in the whole region in waves. The last word, especially, echoed back and forth longer than the others.

“Jiang Chen…!”

Nanbei Chao almost spurted out blood. He finally knew why he felt uneasy when he saw Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was exactly the bane of his life. He would encounter bad luck every time he met Jiang Chen. His most foolproof plan had been ruined by Jiang Chen ultimately.

If Jiang Chen hadn't appeared, everything would've been under his control. After he finished integrating with the Sovereign body, he would keep the Nine Yin Profound Heart, exterminate Empress Nine Yin to seize the Immortal Burying Coffin, and then ma.s.sacre all the living beings in this spatial zone, becoming the G.o.d of ma.s.sacre.

All of these were ruined by Jiang Chen's sudden arrival. Not only was Jiang Chen able to take away the Nine Yin Profound Heart, but was also destroying the ocean of magma.

“It's no use shouting, Nanbei Chao. Everything has gone beyond your control.”

Jiang Chen continued to provoke Nanbei Chao. This incident was entirely caused by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, a G.o.d-like weapon. Not even Nanbei Chao could imagine that this would happen.

“Dammit! I must rein in my emotions and concentrate on integrating with the Sovereign body. As long as I succeed, Jiang Chen will die.”

Nanbei Chao gritted his teeth. He had no idea what Jiang Chen used to devour the energy in the magma ocean, but he knew that it was already too late to interfere. He must shift his focus back to the integration process.

*Hong Long……*

The entire zone was in chaos, looking like the end of the world. A great amount of magma was churning violently, disappearing at a rapid speed. The entire ocean of magma was reducing in size constantly. Soon, the forty-eighth level of the paG.o.da had been fully condensed and Jiang Chen was about to break through to the late Immortal Emperor realm.

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