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The Subjects of Pill Experiment     

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Jiang Chen's speed was incredibly fast, traveling a thousand miles in a flash. By using the Great Void Technique and divination map, he soon discovered the coordinates of Fengchi Immortal Domain. The divination map could even find the location of Saint Origin World, so it would have no problem locating Fengchi Immortal Domain.

"Fengchi Immortal Domain is billions of miles away. I'll have to cross two Immortal Domains before reaching it. With my cultivation base and the full extent of the Great Void Technique, I'm afraid that it'll take me at least a day to arrive," Jiang Chen muttered. 

He had to acknowledge the vastness of the Immortal World. This world could certainly be described as boundless. One should know that given his current strength and Great Void Technique, his speed was even faster than any average Immortal Venerables, he could even reach certain places in an instant. But now, it would take him a day even though he had exerted the Great Void Technique to the full extent.

It only showed that those who intended to cross between great Immortal Domains must be at least an Immortal Emperor. Any cultivator below that level such as Heaven Immortal and Divine Immortal would surely take at least a hundred years to arrive at Fengchi Immortal Domain from Ethereal Immortal Domain.

While he was traveling inside the s.p.a.ce, he couldn't help sighing. Too many things had happened ever since he ascended to the Immortal World. Every step he took was full of dangers and difficulty, involving countless of people and matters. He wondered if he could still recall all of these memories when he reached the top of the world someday.

The more experts one faced, the greater one's state of mind and knowledge would become. The endless path of cultivation was the impetus for Jiang Chen to advance non-stop. Now that he was heading towards Fengchi Immortal Domain, he would temporarily put aside the grudges in Ethereal Immortal Domain, as nothing was more important than searching for his father.

A day later, he arrived at the boundary of Fengchi Immortal Domain, in front of him was a barren mountain. The thin heaven and earth spiritual qi made him think of the time when he had just ascended to this world. Of all the nine Immortal Domains, each had formed a world of its own, however the norms were the same, each were divided into different territories and controlled by the Immortal Court.

"I have arrived at last. I will calculate father's exact location now."

Taking in a deep breath, he cast the Great Divination Art once more, intending to find the precise location of Jiang Zhenhai. As long as Jiang Zhenhai was in Fengchi Immortal Domain, and given Jiang Chen's cultivation in the Great Divination Art, it wouldn't be difficult for him to divine the whereabout of Jiang Zhenhai.

Before long, he had locked on a position and zoomed towards it. The Great Divination Art indeed showed that Jiang Zhenhai was in this Immortal Domain. It was very wise of Jiang Chen to have chosen the Fengchi Immortal Domain as his destination.

More importantly, the fact that he could divine the approximate position indicated that Jiang Zhenhai was still alive. If Jiang Zhenhai was dead, not even the Great Divination Art could find his whereabouts.

Fengli City! It was located at the central zone of Fengchi Immortal Domain. It was a huge city that had produced many outstanding talents as it was located in a very conducive cultivation environment and had sufficient cultivation resources.

Judging from the size of the city, there was bound to be fierce compet.i.tion between the major powers within the city, although the outside view of the city was free from tension and struggle. There were people going to and fro in constant streams at the city's majestic gates. It was certainly a land of peace and harmony.

However, there seemed to be a hint of darkness within this particular city. Currently, Jiang Chen was standing outside the city. Given his eyesight, he was able to see through the camouflage of the city at first glance.

According to the Great Divination Art, Jiang Zhenhai was in this city.

Jiang Chen didn't want to alert the enemy. Instead, he walked nonchalantly on the streets of Fengli City and obtained some news from the pa.s.sers-by. There was only one major power in this city - Yu Family. This single family had gained full control over the entire city. Despite the size of the city, there were no forces that were strong enough to compete with this family.

Furthermore, Yu Family hadn't existed in Fengli City for a long time. Before their arrival, there had been several major powers, constantly competing with each other. But after they arrived, they annihilated all the major powers at the fastest speed, conquering the city and making it flourish.

"It seems Yu Family isn't just a simply family." The corners of Jiang Chen's mouth revealed a hint of a smile.

Pill Store Fengli was the biggest pill store of the city. It also belonged to Yu Family. It was running its business on a large scale. Back then, Jiang Family also had its own pill store back in Fragrant Sky City. Of course, there was no comparison at all between Jiang Family's and Yu Family's.

From the surface, the business seemed to be thriving, prosperous and proper, and had a great reputation, however, no one had ever thought that there was a dark side behind those veils, a more brutal and inhuman side.

Below the pill store was a s.p.a.cious and dark underground square, lit up by a very faint light. There were five or six burly men guarding the doors of the square. At this moment, the doors opened, two corpses were carried out and incinerated.

Those two corpses seemed incomparably thin, pale-faced, disheveled and miserable, as though they had been poisoned.

"Another two who can't stand it. The pill developed by the pill store this time is too toxic. Even a Heavenly Immortal subject couldn't bear it."

"It seems we'll have to catch new subjects again."

"Right. This isn't our concern. We just have to perform our duties well."

The guards said, clearly used to seeing dead people being sent out of the square. In fact, there wasn't one subject who was sent in that didn't die. It was a living h.e.l.l.

Presently on the square, people were lying everywhere on the ground. Most of them were paralyzed. Some were coughing constantly. Some were spurting out blood. There were more than a hundred people on the square. The smell in the air was revolting. These people didn't have a strong cultivation base. The strongest amongst them was a Divine Immortal whereas the weakest was a Human Immortal.

They were the subjects for pill experiments, all of whom were captured by Yu Family after Yu Family obtained recipes from unknown sources and began making new pills. In the world of alchemy, such an act was disgraceful and would incur public indignation. An ordinary alchemist wouldn't do such a thing. A true pill wouldn't require a guinea pig. Only those dark pills would need subjects to test the pill. 

All these subjects were silent. Their expressions were full of despair. That's right. There could only be despair in this place. They knew their end pretty well - death, sooner or later. Every day, they witnessed the death of a companion. They felt very scared at the beginning, however such a feeling had become numbed overtime. There were some newcomers who couldn't bear it and yelled defiantly but this caused them to be beaten up badly in return. If they continued to disobey the orders, they would be killed immediately. 

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