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"It's Zhang Xuan. It seems he's going to kill Dragon Shisan."

Someone recognized Zhang Xuan, who was also once a famous figure in Eastern Profound Domain.

"I heard that this Zhang Xuan is tremendously terrifying. His spear technique is powerful enough to destroy the Heavens and Earth and was undefeatable. Additionally, his cultivation base has already reached the horrifying early Immortal Venerable realm. Chu Tian is no match for him. I wonder if Dragon Shisan is strong enough to deal with him."

"Dragon Shisan is a natural fighter, but being able to kill Chu Tian and being able to fight Zhang Xuan are two different concepts. I suppose this match is going to be incomparably exciting. I'm looking forward to it."

"Zhang Xuan has to interfere this time. Firstly, Yellow Spring Sect suffered a tremendous loss yesterday because of Jiang Chen. Secondly, Dragon Shisan, who has been reborn, declared on killing Old Ancestor Yellow Spring. If Zhang Xuan doesn't act now, his sect's prestige will fall tremendously."

The crowd was stirred by Zhang Xuan's killing intent. They all knew that he was a peerless figure of the Immortal Court, incomparable to a genius like Chu Tian. In their point of view, Dragon Shisan was now in a grave danger. Even though both of them were monstrous geniuses, one level of difference was equivalent to an enormous gap.

"A genius of Yellow Spring Sect?"

Dragon Shisan looked at Zhang Xuan with eyes full of cold murderous intent. Right now there were two major powers that he hated the most - Corpse Yin Sect, which had been annihilated by Jiang Chen, and Yellow Spring Sect. Therefore, he would never be polite to the people of Yellow Spring Sect.

"Brat, you are being too arrogant. How dare you disrespect our sect master and our sect?! I'm afraid your death is certain this time," Zhang Xuan said darkly.

Even though Dragon Shisan had killed Chu Tian, he still didn't put Dragon Shisan in his eyes. He was too confident in his strength and knew very well the gap between a half-step Immortal Venerable and a true Immortal Venerable. Since Jiang Chen, for whom he had come for, didn't show up, he would naturally channel his fury to Dragon Shisan.

"Death? I'm a man who has died once. Since you have come, show me how powerful you geniuses of Immortal Court really are."

Dragon Shisan's qi fluctuated. Boundless waves surged out of his body. Both of his fingers formed seals, that were then swept across at Zhang Xuan. There was nothing much for him to converse with the people of Yellow Spring Sect before fighting.


Zhang Xuan let out a cold harrumph, and likewise, his powerful qi surged up. The wild energy of an early Immortal Venerable surged out like a wave as he launched a strike that stirred countless of people.

Even ordinary intermediate Immortal Venerables were no match for a genius like Zhang Xuan. Therefore, it was afraid that only Venerable Ling Long in Exquisite Paradise was capable of fighting him.

The palm struck out by Zhang Xuan was several dozen meters in size and extremely bright, colliding with the seal of Dragon Shisan.

*Hong Long……*

The void was instantly torn asunder, issuing a riot of colour. Both of their attacks seemed equally matched.

"What?" Zhang Xuan exclaimed. 

His facial expression changed slightly. Clearly, he couldn't believe that Dragon Shisan's scariness would reach such an extent. Although he didn't launch a full-fledged attack just now, no half-step Immortal Venerable could withstand it. Not only was Dragon Shisan able to resist it, but his qi was still as powerful as before. That was to say, Dragon Shisan had received the attack with ease. There was no way that Zhang Xuan could ignore this fact.

As a matter of fact, he had no idea that it was also not Dragon Shisan's full-fledged attack. That seal of Dragon Shisan didn't even incorporate the Battle Saint Technique. It was merely used to test the gap between him and a true early Immortal Venerable genius.

"Dragon Shisan, it was just a tentative attack. I'm not going to be courteous anymore."

Zhang Xuan uttered a remark. All of a sudden, he turned over his palms and lifted them above his head. Energy was brewing on his palms, forming a huge mountain. Under his control, the energy mountain locked on Dragon Shisan's qi and was hurled at Dragon Shisan.

Countless spectators were astonished. It was hard to imagine how much energy this attack contained. Even if one didn't die under this attack, a severe injury was inevitable.

"Battle Symbol Art."

Dragon Shisan's eyes sparkled. His face remained as calm in the face of such a powerful attack. This powerful genius of Immortal Court had aroused his fighting spirit. After advancing to half-step Immortal Venerable realm, he had gained a deeper understanding of the Battle Saint Technique, making him even more adept in using it.

The Battle Symbol Art formed a giant seal and, carrying a heaven-defying aura, it rushed at the energy mountain in front.

*Hong Long……*

Every particle in the air was shattered. The seemingly indestructible energy mountain was destroyed by the mighty Battle Symbol Art, which rushed forward at Zhang Xuan with unabated momentum.


Zhang Xuan's facial expression changed slightly once more. Under the impact of the ferocious Battle Symbol Art, he was thrown a dozen steps before regaining his balance.

"Impossible! How can he be so strong?!"

Zhang Xuan's eyes seemed to be turning red as though blood were seeping out of it. He couldn't accept the outcome. He knew that Dragon Shisan was an Immemorial Battle Spirit, however he also believed that he himself was very strong, given the fact that his cultivation base was a level higher than his opponent. It was undeniably a disgrace to be forced backward by Dragon Shisan, someone who had a lower cultivation base than him.

"My G.o.d! Isn't Dragon Shisan too powerful? He has actually thrown Zhang Xuan backwards."

"Awesome! He's indeed an Immemorial Battle Spirit with heaven-defying combat strength and techniques. But the fact still remains that Zhang Xuan is a first-cla.s.s genius of the Immortal Court and a true Immortal Venerable. How can he not be a match for Dragon Shisan?"

"As I said, the real show has just begun, but Zhang Xuan isn't a person to be trifled with. I heard that he has a spear technique that is incomparably terrifying, which he hasn't displayed yet. It can even boost his combat strength and killing power. Therefore, it's still not certain who will win the match."

Dragon Shisan's powerful attack had thrown the crowd into puzzlement for they all thought that this match was an inevitable victory for Zhang Xuan. Now, it seemed like the situation had changed. Zhang Xuan was going to go all out in the next rounds of battle. The real exciting fight had just begun. 

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