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Two Kinds of Flame?      

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"This brat is too haughty. Although he has overbearing combat strength, he has some problems in his brain. Naturally, he can't be compared with senior brother Yang Zhi."

"We'll see. The spiritual herbs are ready. He's about to start the concoction. I really can't bear to see his humiliating scene later."

"Ai! This is recklessly wasting G.o.d's gifts. Those spiritual herbs are rare treasures. If it was me, I will absolutely be able to gain loads of benefits, but they're now going to be wasted. What a pity!"

The outer disciples who followed Yang Zhi felt that they had overestimated Jiang Chen. No matter how powerful his combat strength was, he would only be a wild man for not knowing the height of the Heavens and depths of the Earth. His future achievements were bound to be limited. 

As a matter of fact, it wasn't just them who felt this way. Many disciples on the scene also felt that Jiang Chen was unaware of his own limitations. This was totally wasting G.o.d's gifts. The disciples of Dan Prefecture were gnashing their teeth, restraining themselves from rushing out and beating the b.a.s.t.a.r.d up. 

"You can begin now, boy. I would like to see how a half-step Immortal King concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill." The Seventh Prince crossed his arms and spoke intently.

"Seventh Prince, there's nothing to see from this little rascal. Let's go." Yun Canglan said, seeming to be very bored and uninterested in Jiang Chen's concoction.

"Don't worry, Uncle Canglan. We have said a moment ago that it will be good as long as there's someone in Genius Prefecture that can defeat me. Since this brat wants to make a fool of himself, we'll have to fulfil his wish, don't we?" The Seventh prince spoke, absolutely not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes. 

In his point of view, it was already considered being too respectable when they used the term rascal to describe Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn't say a word. The smile on his face vanished. His Qi rushed out of his body like tides, rolling across the whole square. Putting every other thing aside, his Qi alone made plenty of faces slightly change.

"What a powerful momentum! A half-step Immortal King can actually have such a powerful momentum."

The Seventh Prince was also somewhat shocked, and couldn't help darting two more glances at Jiang Chen. Of course, this momentum wasn't enough to make him attach more importance to Jiang Chen, because a powerful momentum and skills were two different things.

Countless eyes fell upon Jiang Chen, antic.i.p.ating Jiang Chen to make a fool of himself. There was one person who was calmer than the others, however. He was Big Yellow. No one understood Jiang Chen more than Big Yellow. Alchemy was an incomparably simple thing to Jiang Chen. The key to concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill was the flame. What flame in the Heavens and Earth could match the combination of three kinds of Saint Fire?

Upon seeing Big Yellow's relaxed face and Jiang Chen's confidence, Yang Bufan's eyes perked up. Although he didn't dare to believe it, he still felt that Jiang Chen could create another miracle.

Jiang Chen began his concoction. A dozen types of spiritual herbs were floating in the air before him. He turned his palm and the True Thunderfire emerged. The mighty flame looked like a lighting cloud with rumbling thunder inside.

The emergence of this flame turned the whole scene quiet.

"This is a very powerful flame - the True Thunderfire. My Goodness! This guy actually possess such powerful flame. This is a flame extracted from lightning tribulation. It contained Extreme Yang and is the fire of the Heavens and Earth. The grade of this flame is very much higher compared to the Seventh Prince's Great Earth Heart Fire."

"True Thunderfire! It's really the True Thunderfire of the legends! This freak actually has such a trump card. This is too shocking. It seems like it wasn't just an empty talk after all. It turns out that he has hidden such a mighty trump card."

"True Thunderfire is indeed one of the flames with the most Extreme Yang in the Heavens and Earth. This fire is way above the Great Earth Heart Fire, but since Jiang Chen's cultivation base is still weak, even if he's an alchemist, he's still no match for the Seventh Prince."

The appearance of the True Thunderfire had triggered a pandemonium. Most of the people's expression began to change. The sneers had been reduced significantly in an instant.

Dongfang Yu nodded secretly and felt slightly relieved. He had witnessed Jiang Chen's soul power. Now, seeing Jiang Chen casting out the True Thunderfire astonished and delighted him.

"Dammit! It's truly a waste that the mighty True Thunderfire is possessed by a puny figure like him. If I can acquire this flame and combine it with my Great Earth Heart Fire, my cultivation base will surely rush to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, and my alchemy will rise to another horrifying level." 

The Seventh Prince couldn't help but curse, feeling envious of Jiang Chen's True Thunderfire. In his point of view, a figure like Jiang Chen wasn't qualified to have such a good flame. Only a high and mighty n.o.ble figure like him could control the True Thunderfire.

Jiang Chen was quite satisfied with the situation, but shocking this group of people was merely just the beginning.

Just as everyone was fascinated by the True Thunderfire, Jiang Chen stretched out his other palm. Similarly, another flame surged out of his palm. That was a Red Fire Dragon, swinging its head and tail before turning into a sea of fire. Traces of dragon roars came out from within.

"What's that? My G.o.d! That's another mighty flame. This guy actually possess two types of flames."

"What's that flame? It feels formidable. It has the shadow of a true dragon and its grade isn't weaker than the True Thunderfire. How is this possible?"

"It's the True Dragon Flame! The heart fire that only the legendary true dragons can ignite. Isn't this guy overly abnormal for having both the True Thunderfire and True Dragon Flame?"

There were countless voices of exclamation. If the True Thunderfire had brought them shock, then now, it wasn't just shock that they were feeling. They felt convulsed.

"Haha! The ancient True Dragon Flame has actually appeared, and this is an incomparably pure True Dragon Flame."

Dongfang Yu laughed. From the beginning until now, this was his first time laughing. These two types of flames alone were enough to help Dan Prefecture and Genius Prefecture regain their honor. One could clearly see this just by looking at the faces of the people of Great Cloud Empire.

Elder Liu's mouth went wide. The fury on his face began to fade. He wasn't a fool. With his sharp eyesight, he could naturally discern the extraordinary quality of Jiang Chen. How could a person who could combine the True Thunderfire and True Dragon Flame be an ordinary individual?

The disciples of Dan Prefecture settled down gradually. Their fury instantly vanished, and was replaced by a glimmer of hope. These two types of flames had given them sufficient confidence. They now felt eager to continue watching the entire process. They wanted to see what Jiang Chen was really capable of doing. 

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