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Physique Refinement    

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Jiang Chen couldn't help being surprised by the situation. This corpse was definitely a late Immortal King expert before dying. When he had been turned into a living corpse, his combat strength was supposed to be weaker than his previous self. This living corpse's combat strength was even more terrifying than before however, his physique in particular—it had already reached a terrifying degree.

Jiang Chen's physique was already deemed very powerful. The physique of this living corpse was enough to compete with Jiang Chen, however. How could Jiang Chen not be shocked by it?

*Jie…* *Jie…*

The living corpse made a gloomy sound that could make one's bones mourn. Its speed was extremely fast, appearing anywhere in a blink. If Jiang Chen was replaced by an ordinary late Immortal King expert, he would have already been killed and his heart would've been dug out already.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

Jiang Chen's reaction was quick. His attack continued to collide with the living corpse's, creating huge sparks which added a trace of brightness in the gloom. Both of them had fought for over one hundred rounds. Despite that, Jiang Chen had yet to destroy the living corpse.

Facing this kind of situation, even Big Yellow was shocked. No one knew more than him how powerful the flesh of Jiang Chen was. Any late Immortal King wouldn't be able to match Jiang Chen's physique, but this living corpse had done it.

Of course, this was because Jiang Chen hadn't used his dragon-form yet. Once he transformed, his physique would be the scariest and this living corpse surely wouldn't stand a chance.

But Jiang Chen didn't need the dragon-form at all to deal with a living corpse.

"I'm done playing with you."

Jiang Chen's Qi fluctuated, he struck out a dragon claw that was coated with flames. It pounded heavily on the sharp claws. Regardless of how powerful the living corpse was, he was after all a dead man that has the death and corpse Qi. 

These things feared Jiang Chen's flames the most. His flames were already condensed from three kinds of sacred flames. It was the natural enemy of the living corpse.

The living corpse was forced back once more. Its mouth uttered a growl, however, its body had already caught the flames. It couldn't extinguish it no matter how hard it tried. Jiang Chen raised his arm once more. Enormous flames enshrouded the living corpse, turning the scene into a sea of fire in an instant. The living corpse was entirely trapped within the flames, struggling intensely.

"True Dragon Palm!"

Jiang Chen shouted, and immediately launched a deadly strike. The living corpse could no longer stand it and was burned to death ultimately.

"Little Chen, why did you incinerate him? You should've given it a chance to escape so that we can find out where it's heading." Big Yellow grumbled when he saw that the living corpse was burned to nothingness.

"It's no use. That living corpse has no spirit at all. It's just a killing machine that is controlled by some force. Thus, it will never run away."

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had also thought what Big Yellow was thinking. He wanted to know the origin of this living corpse more than Big Yellow. Even though he, too, wanted to see where the living corpse would escape to, he knew pretty well in his heart that this corpse had already long been dead, and without any spiritual intelligence. All that's left was a killing weapon that would never run away even if it fought until daybreak.

"That living corpse is too sinister. An intermediate Immortal King appeared last night. Today another one appeared, a late Immortal King. I wonder if there's a half-step Immortal Emperor tomorrow. Motherf*cker!" Big Yellow said.

"It's very sinister indeed. I now have some idea about how those disciples died." Jiang Chen nodded.

"How did they die?" Big Yellow asked curiously.

"I guess there must be plenty of living corpses that are being controlled by the hidden force, but for some reason, the hidden force can't attack the target by itself. That was why it used these killing weapons to help it do the killings. Plus, the living corpse is based on the cultivation base of the target. I'm only a half-step Immortal King, and you are only an early Immortal King. That explained why the hidden force had sent out an intermediate Immortal King the first time. Based on normal circ.u.mstances, it should be enough to deal with us. Unexpectedly, our strength is just much stronger. No ordinary Immortal Kings could be a match for us. That was why a late Immortal King expert was sent. Just like what you said, the hidden force will never let us go. A half-step Immortal Emperor is very likely to appear tomorrow."

Jiang Chen said, convinced by his own guess as this was the most likely situation.

"A half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse. That will be even scarier." Big Yellow curled his lips.

"I'm looking forward to it."

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of smile. "Big Yellow, I don't know if you have realized that the two living corpses that had appeared continuously have one thing in common - strong physique. That late Immortal King living corpse physique was already sufficient to match with mine. If I can have an intense combat with these living corpses using my physique, I will surely be able to advance my physique, igniting the potential strength inside of me, allowing my cultivation base to advance further. Now that we are in this valley, we'll put the thought of finding the secret aside for the time being. If a stronger living corpse emerge, it will surely be a good time to improve my physique."

Given Jiang Chen's intelligence, he had formulated his own plan. To him, cultivation was more important than anything. After he obtained the Snow-Jade King Ginseng, his foundation became stronger and stable, however it would be very difficult for him to have another breakthrough within a short period of time. These living corpses had very powerful physique and fierce responses, which was what Jiang Chen wanted. He was going to stay in this valley for a month anyway. He couldn't just stay idle in this month. Before knowing the secrets of this valley, he could use those living corpses as his training target. If he was lucky, he might even get unexpected benefits.

Moreover, the power that existed in those living corpses could also be absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. It had been a very long time since the paG.o.da absorbed anything. It had remained at the thirty-fourth level. It still had loads of secrets. So as long as there was chance, Jiang Chen would let the paG.o.da absorb energy.

Of course, he would never let the paG.o.da absorb a precious treasure like the Snow-Jade King Ginseng, because that was just too wasteful and such a treasure not only could positively affect his root, but also strengthen his foundation.

"This seems to be the only way. Anyhow, you have the means to deal with them. If you killed too many of them, I believe that the hidden force will begin to make some moves. At that time, the secret will be revealed."

Big Yellow nodded. He and Jiang Chen were very intrigued by this spooky valley. Also, they knew that this place was extremely dangerous. They had to stay vigilant at all times. 

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