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Jiang Chen's body was filled with killing intent from top to bottom. At the same time, there was also an intensely oppressing pressure, constantly pressing against Fu Wei like an enormous mountain. Currently, despair has started to blossom inside of Fu Wei. That was a despair that he had never felt before. Not just that, he also felt a pang of regret from the fact that he hadn't conceded defeat earlier.

Unfortunately, he no longer had that chance. As for confrontation, Fu Wei could only smile bitterly in his heart. In this situation, what else does he have to fight against Jiang Chen? He had been under constant suppression of Jiang Chen's strength. He had no chance of turning back.


Many people shook their heads, feeling sorry for Fu Wei as they could already see the outcome of the match. Although they hadn't fought Jiang Chen before, they could already discern that he was absolutely not a kind person, but a vicious being. Fu Wei had very little chance of surviving even though he was a genius of Divine Line Sect.

Although it was true that a genius of Divine Line Sect could walk across Eastern Profound Domain unhindered and no one would dare to provoke them, this was King Fan Prefecture. Others might be afraid to do so, but not King Fan.

"Fu Wei, what are your last words before you die?"

Jiang Chen appeared not far from Fu Wei and asked. Fu Wei wasn't like Qu Shuangting, Jiang Chen would certainly not give Fu Wei a chance to live.

"Jiang Chen, if you kill me today, my dad will never let you go. Divine Line Sect won't forgive you as well." Fu Wei replied maliciously.

"Humph! Fu Wei, you aren't worthy of being a genius of Divine Line Sect. Still saying such childish words before your death? Do you think you can threaten me with this? If this worked, your brother wouldn't have died. Don't worry, as long as your dad dares to seek vengeance on me, I will make sure that he will reunite with you brothers below. The same goes to the people of Divine Line Sect. Anyone who finds trouble with me will only end up dead."

Jiang Chen snorted coldly and spoke unhurriedly. He believed that Fu Wei was a sensible person, and that Fu Wei understood that saying such a threat at this time was pointless.

"Jiang Chen, I don't believe that you can kill me that easily."

Fu Wei couldn't accept himself being defeated in the hands of a half-step Immortal King. Knowing that it was virtually impossible to escape, he lifted his sword and slashed fiercely at Jiang Chen.

Unfortunately, he had no idea how far the gap between him and Jiang Chen had become. It was an almost insurmountable gap. The indestructible sword was grasped by Jiang Chen's dragon claw. Fu Wei couldn't pull it free from Jiang Chen's grip no matter how much force he used. With a yank, the sword was forced out of Fu Wei's hand. It was an irony that the late Immortal King supreme genius, Fu Wei, couldn't even protect his own weapon from Jiang Chen.

"Fu Wei, it's over. Go down and meet your brother."

Jiang Chen sounded cold-blooded. He then made a slash, beheading Fu Wei with a Pu Chi sound. He didn't even give Fu Wei a chance to struggle. Being killed by his own sword was probably the most aggrieved way of dying.

Instead of looking at the corpse of Fu Wei, Jiang Chen studied Fu Wei's sword, admitting that this was a good sword. Since Wu Ningzhu still hadn't gotten an Immortal Weapon, he could give this King Grade Immortal Weapon to her.

After killing Fu Wei, he withdrew his Qi, reverted back to his original appearance and strode out of the light barrier to Yang Bufan's side. He knew that the battle was already over and that Crown Prince and King Ping wouldn't continue sending their geniuses to fight, as they had already lost enough face.

"Haha! Good, brother!"

King Fan patted Jiang Chen's shoulder and laughed heartily. Seeing the darkened faces of Crown Prince and King Ping, he couldn't help feeling delighted.

"Amazing, brother Jiang! Never thought that your talent is so heaven defying! A genius like you will be either ranked first or second even in Genius Prefecture."

Experts began to encircle Jiang Chen from behind. The more they looked at this genius newcomer, the more pleasant they felt. Putting everything aside, Jiang Chen had become a great hero of King Fan Prefecture today. If Jiang Chen wasn't here, today's situation would be really difficult to handle. King Fan would definitely be humiliated by the others in his own King-Conferring Ceremony.

On the other side, the atmosphere in Crown Prince and King Ping's side had become incomparably stifling. Despite their reluctance, they couldn't deny that they had lost outright and miserably today.

"Crown Prince, what do we do now? Do we have to send a half-step Immortal Emperor to get rid of that brat?" A man in Crown Prince's side spoke in a low tone.

Crown Prince darted him a glare. "Idiot."

Even if Crown Prince was a fool, he knew what it meant to send a half-step Immortal Emperor. In Great Qian Empire, those who were called Immortal Emperors were the expert of the experts. Even a half-step Immortal Emperor was a very terrific existence. The battle of geniuses of Royal Highnesses had always only involved Immortal Kings. None of them had once sent out an Immortal Emperor. Furthermore, the news of letting a half-step Immortal Emperor fight a half-step Immortal King was so embarra.s.sing. They wouldn't gain any reputation even if they won.

Moreover, which half-step Immortal Emperor would be willing to fight a half-step Immortal King in front of so many people? That would only  degrade his own status.

More importantly, this Jiang Chen had performed too miraculously. Who knew what kind of miracles could this b.a.s.t.a.r.d create? What if the half-step Immortal Emperor wasn't even his match? That would only intensify the disgrace.

Besides, they had already sent out three powerful geniuses, ranging from early Immortal King to late Immortal King to fight the battle, but all of them were eliminated by Jiang Chen. Two were wounded and one was killed. Given such a situation, no matter how thick-skinned Crown Prince and King Ping were, they wouldn't be willing to continue the battle.

"Crown Prince, King Ping, do you still want to fight? Are you going to send a half-step Immortal Emperor? My brother has a warlike nature. He likes to battle very much, especially battling against geniuses. Even if you send out a half-step Immortal Emperor, my brother will still dare accept the challenge," Yang Bufan said with a delightful smile. 

Even a fool knew that Yang Bufan was challenging Crown Prince and King Ping.

"Haha! It really makes people envious that King Fan has such a genius by your side. There's no need to battle anymore. All of us have witnessed Jiang Chen's strength. However it's a pity that a genius like him is staying in King Fan Prefecture. Why don't King Fan let him enter Genius Prefecture for cultivation?"

King Ping let out two laughs, he didn't seem to feel embarra.s.sed at all. He would never reveal what he was thinking to anyone. 

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