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Huge Transformation  

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Speaking of talent, Wu Ningzhu's talent was rather terrifying as she had already reached the early Golden Immortal realm when she ascended to the Immortal World. Nevertheless, she became helpless when she encountered Young Master Futian.

Luckily, Futian hadn't had the chance to touch Wu Ningzhu. This fact alone made Futian suffer a ma.s.sive loss. It might be better if he had only lost the unparalleled beauty, but losing his life as well, ultimately made his effort enormously unprofitable.

As a matter of fact, early Golden Immortal wasn't much of a thing in Eastern Profound Domain. Each leader of the patrolling unit of Great Qian Empire was of Golden Immortal realm.

"Sister Ning, swallow this pill first, then I will use my Great Derivation Soul Technique and wood spiritual Qi to help heal your injured soul. With the help of this Emperor Grade Pill, you should be able to recover very quickly. This can be considered a good fortune for you. Perhaps, it can also provoke a metamorphosis. Moreover, the divine soul seed planted by Futian in your body has yet to disappear. I will now help you refine that divine soul seed as well," Jiang Chen said. 

He knew very well about the current condition of Wu Ningzhu. With the help of Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill, nothing else would be a problem. The divine soul seed left in her body had already turned into a seed without a master. If it's refined, it would become nourishment for Wu Ningzhu.

Furthermore, he knew very well that the injuries were also a great fortune for Wu Ningzhu. Given Wu Ningzhu's talent, her cultivation base would surely skyrocket once more. As to what extent would she reach, this would depend on Wu Ningzhu herself.


Wu Ningzhu took the Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill and swallowed it like Jiang Chen instructed.


The medicinal power of the pill was incomparably fierce. After entering Wu Ningzhu's body, the powerful medicinal power exploded, rushing towards her limbs and the other parts of her body , causing her body to tremble violently. The Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill was not only extremely beneficial in healing her soul, but also the tremendous energy in the pill could help strengthen her foundation and physique.

Seeing what was happening, Jiang Chen didn't dare to be a bit neglectful. He immediately circulated the Great Soul Derivation Technique. His soul power flowed into Wu Ningzhu's body like a clear steam. At the same time, he channelled the wood spiritual Qi into her body and guided the medicinal power in her body.

Wu Ningzhu was after all, merely an early Golden Immortal. Her body wouldn't be able to control this kind of ma.s.sive medicinal power. Once her body lost its control, she could probably get the opposite effect - not only would her soul not recover, but her body would also be damaged greatly.

Of course, Jiang Chen's presence made this fact not worth mentioning. Given Jiang Chen's means, he could also control the Emperor Grade Pill pretty well, distributing the medicinal power, allowing Wu Ningzhu to gain the most out of it.

"Sister Ning, restrain your mental state. Wash yourself with the medicinal power of Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill first. After your soul becomes strong and firm, I will then help you refine that divine soul seed."

Jiang Chen reminded Wu Ningzhu the things that she needed to take note of. This was a very important and crucial process that allowed no mistakes, or else the repercussion would be unbearable. After all, the soul was the root of a person. Once something went wrong with the soul, it would be very difficult to heal.


Wu Ningzhu nodded. She was very confident in Jiang Chen, letting down all of her defences, permitting Jiang Chen's soul power to rush into her body freely. That clear and refreshing soul power and wood spiritual Qi gave her a rich sense of security. That was trust. Jiang Chen was a man that was worthy of her trust.

Wu Ningzhu's soul was still too weak for the medicinal power of Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill, and her soul had suffered a certain extent of injuries. As such, it wasn't feasible to rush it. Plus, the medicinal power of Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill was just too strong. Jiang Chen estimated that it would take at least two days to complete the process of absorbing the pill alone. 

Once this process was finished, it would become much easier to refine the divine soul seed.

*Weng…* *Weng…*

Strong spiritual Qi filled the entire courtyard. A layer of pale golden light enshrouded Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu, like an enormous golden coc.o.o.n that buzzed constantly.

At this time, Big Yellow was playing the role of a guardian. He was a qualified guard. Although he knew that this was the Prefecture and no one would come to disturb them, he still remained vigilant at all times. This had been his habit and also the responsibility Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu had entrusted him with.

Two days had pa.s.sed very quickly. In these two days, the Prefecture of King Fan was unusually bustling. Everyone in the prefecture was making preparations for the King-Conferring Ceremony. Only Jiang Chen's place was the quietest, because Yang Bufan had given a special order. So no one dared to interrupt them.

Everybody in the prefecture knew that an honoured guest had come to the prefecture. A friend that King Fan personally went to greet. Though this guest was merely a Golden Immortal, no one dared to neglect and look down upon him.

With Jiang Chen's help, Wu Ningzhu had succeeded in absorbing the Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill. At this moment, Wu Ningzhu's soul had grown several times stronger than before. At the same time, the pure energy formed by the pill was compressed in her body, as a nourishment that she could refine and absorb at any time.

Jiang Chen nodded and withdrew all his soul power. Currently, Wu Ningzhu's soul was already strong. Even without Jiang Chen's help, she could refine the divine soul seed left in her body without a problem.

Her waterfall-like black hair danced on itself. The light made her unparalleled pretty face so attractive, even Jiang Chen couldn't help but be fascinated by it.

As Jiang Chen instructed, Wu Ningzhu began to refine and absorb the divine soul seed. Her soul power had become a desolate maw, devouring the divine soul seed in a gulp.

That was left by an intermediate Immortal King. Although it was merely a tiny little seed, it was an extremely precious treasure.

She could feel that her soul was experiencing a great transformation. She felt that her entire body was undergoing a metamorphosis from inside out. As soul was the root of a person, the greater the soul was, the scarier the person would become.

Under such an impact, her potential was once again stimulated. With the help of the soul power (the seed) and the energy of Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill, her cultivation base began to climb!


In a blink, she broke through to the boundary of early Golden Immortal realm and advanced to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. This, however, wasn't the end, but just the beginning. 

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