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After the fight broke out, Jiang Chen changed into a frenzied mode. With the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd and the suppression he had towards demonic devils, no one, apart from Crazy Devil, could be a match for him. To put it bluntly, if Crazy Devil didn't interfere in this battle, thousands of demonic devils would be killed by Jiang Chen, not a single one of them would be left alive.

After subduing the half-step Immortal King demonic chief, another demonic chief was killed. Such an impact was just too great. Countless demonic devils were in chaos. Each of them felt their soul trembling, and couldn't accept this abnormal Jiang Chen, especially those half-step Immortal Kings. Seeing Jiang Chen lunging at them was like seeing a ghost. The only thought they had at the moment was to flee to avoid the fight.

Despite being mighty demonic chiefs, they had lost their determination to resist. Additionally, they didn't have any doubts that their outcome would be death if they confronted Jiang Chen.

Inside the Evil Sacrificial Altar, Crazy Devil saw the changes in the battlefield. He fixed his eyes at Jiang Chen. How could he not know the madman who killed Mo Ying? In this final war with the human race, apart from killing Yang Bufan, Jiang Chen was also listed in their must-kill list, but he hadn't expected to see Jiang Chen grow so quickly. Now, not even a half-step Immortal King could hold him, aside from him.

"Dammit! When did so many abnormal humans emerged in the human race?!"

Crazy Devil swore, but there was no way for him to deal with Jiang Chen right now after trying so hard to trap Yang Bufan inside the altar. If he was distracted, given Yang Bufan's strength, he would have no problem leaving the illusory realm. By that time, it would become impossible for him to trick Yang Bufan into the altar again.

"Haha! Crazy Devil, truly unexpected that there's such an extraordinary human, isn't it? Have you noticed that Jiang Chen's combat strength has been soaring? This is because he possess abilities that can suppress your kind. Also, your blood and Qi essence are his nourishment. Every time he kills one of your kind, his cultivation base will improve a little. Now, not even your half-step Immortal Kings are a match for him. Wait until he advances to the early Golden Immortal realm, and he will be capable enough to fight you. At that time, with the two of us combined, you will surely be finished."

Yang Bufan laughed loudly. Although he was trapped in the illusory realm, he knew some of the things that were going on outside. Jiang Chen's strength had truly surprised him, but that didn't affect his performance. In such a chaotic situation, Jiang Chen's advancement was no doubt a great thing to the entire human race. Besides, he really needed Jiang Chen's help right now.

"Humph! Then, I will have to kill you first, then deal with that little monster after."

Crazy Devil harrumphed coldly and attacked more aggressively. Although Jiang Chen had grown very strong, Crazy Devil still didn't put him in his eyes. His true opponent was Yang Bufan, his arch-enemy for the past ten years. Now that he was able to confine his enemy in the altar, he would never let the chance of exterminating his opponent go just because of a puny Golden Immortal human.

As long as he killed Yang Bufan, the human army would be over. This was what he strongly believed in.

As a matter of fact, the decision of not getting rid of Jiang Chen now would bring disaster to the Evil Clan, causing them to go extinct in the end. Crazy Devil had never understood that the threat of Jiang Chen's existence was even greater than Yang Bufan's. Of course, he would understand it after some time, but by that time, it would already be too late.

*Hong Long……*

Explosions happened inside the Evil Sacrificial Altar. Crazy Devil had integrated with the altar into one. Inside the altar was an incomparably evil and cruel world, and it was filled with the Qi of evil. Unceasing attacks were being sent by Crazy Devil, and at the same time, the Qi of evil in the place was trying to corrode Yang Bufan's soul and take control of his mind.

All kinds of evil things, such as Ghost fire, skeleton, corpse, Yin Spirit… appeared, roaring and charging at Yang Bufan ferociously.


Yang Bufan shouted. A combat sword materialized in his hand. He swung his sword at the ghostly beings, however, he soon realized that those were just illusions.

"What a powerful illusory realm!"

Yang Bufan didn't frown, but some streaks of blood were seen in his eyes. Apparently, despite his power, the illusory realm had influenced him somewhat. As the realm continued to intensify, the influence would be stronger and stronger. This wasn't good for him.

"*Jie* *Jie* Yang Bufan, you are finished. After killing you, I will torture that brat Jiang Chen well and show him the horrifying means of the Evil Clan, and let him know that he's no match for the Evil Clan at all."

The voice of Crazy Devil reverberated back and forth gruesomely in the altar, sending chill down on one's spine. His voice was produced using the Qi of evil in the altar. Not only did it enter Yang Bufan's ears, but also into his soul, severely affecting his mind. This was, without a question, a very terrifying thing.

Jiang Chen saw everything clearly, and began to worry. Although Yang Bufan had already begun to be affected, Jiang Chen was still clueless of how scary that place was. No one could understand it without experiencing it himself.


Jiang Chen shouted, reaching the side of another half-step Immortal King demonic chief in a flash. Seeing Jiang Chen's charge, the demonic chief hastily moved aside.

"Brother Jiang, I'll leave the rest to you."

That human expert said. After witnessing Jiang Chen's incredible strength, he was highly confident in him. Before the human expert turned and joined the other battlefield, he darted a sympathetic glance at the demonic chief.

Regretless Falling Dragon!

Out of urgency, Jiang Chen could never give his opponent any chance of resisting. Thus, he attacked using the powerful Regretless Falling Dragon. The damage dealt by the skill could be described as invincible. Not only to the demonic devils, but also to an ordinary half-step Immortal King, they certainly wouldn't be able to defend this strike.


Although the demonic chief was already fully prepared for this attack, he still wasn't a match for Jiang Chen. His entire body was ripped apart on the spot. One should know that Jiang Chen's current power was even greater back when he killed the previous demonic chief.

The demonic chief was enveloped by the paG.o.da's Qi. In an instant, all of his blood and Qi essence were absorbed, becoming the nutrients of the paG.o.da.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

In was only a dozen of breaths before the thirty-second level of the paG.o.da was fully condensed. And in order to break through to the early Golden Immortal realm, he extracted the devil soul and refined it completely. The energy in his Qi Sea surged crazily. 

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