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Although Daoist Yufeng already protested, Dugu Sheng and the others were still fixing their gazes on Tian Muyun. Apparently, Daoist Yufeng's opposition was pointless as the true decision maker in Skycloud Pavilion was Tian Muyun.

For a moment, the scene fell into silence, including the experts of Skycloud Pavilion. They would never believe that Tian Muyun would hand over Tianji Zi to the three major powers. Tianji Zi's status was different from Jiang Chen's. Jiang Chen was merely a genius whereas Tianji Zi was a highly respected elder of Skycloud Pavilion.

A look of coldness was all over Tianji Zi's face. He had suddenly lost all hope and patience for his Sect Master. 

Tian Muyun's eyes flashed brilliantly. No one knew what exactly was going on in his subtle mind. He was willing to do anything for his own benefit. He even dared to kill his own master. Even though Tianji Zi had a dignified position in Skycloud Pavilion, the elder was nothing to him.

"I can help you all draw Jiang Chen out by using Elder Tianji Zi."

Tian Muyun mused or perhaps he didn't even think about it at all before he spoke.

When these words got out, it caused another wave of commotion. The crowd in Skycloud Pavilion became agitated. It had totally changed their impression of Tian Muyun completely. They suddenly felt that this young Pavilion Master had become somewhat strange. Helping the enemies to draw Jiang Chen out was a traitorous act. More importantly, he was going to use Tianji Zi to draw Jiang Chen out. This was unacceptable to many people.

As a matter of fact, it's not just the disciples of Skycloud Pavilion that were shocked, but also Dugu Sheng and the other experts. Their initial goal was only to exert some pressure on Tian Muyun. No one had ever thought that this Pavilion Master would agree so quickly. This had gone beyond their expectation.

"Pavilion Master. I, Yufeng, will be the first to disagree."

Daoist Yufeng tone was stern, apparently he's angry. Ever since Tian Muyun became the Pavilion Master, this was the first time he opposed Tian Muyun openly.

"I know what I'm doing."

Tian Muyun frowned. He was a person with pride, he didn't like people commenting on his actions or opposing his decisions.

"Haha! Good, good! I never thought that you're a ruthless lord, which is completely different from your master, Ouyang He. Since Master Tian has agreed to our request, hand over Tianji Zi now."

Huangfu Yaotian said with a smile. Such an unsentimental remark turned countless disciples sour. Everyone felt incomparably unpleasant.

"Huangfu Yaotian, I think you all are thinking too much. Although I have promised to use Elder Tianji Zi to draw Jiang Chen out, I didn't say that I would hand Elder Tianji Zi over to you all. Elder Tianji Zi is highly respected in Skycloud Pavilion. How can I give way someone who has contributed so much to my pavilion?" Tian Muyun replied with a smile.

"Then what do you intend to do?" Yun Zhonghe asked.

"I will announce the news that Tianji Zi has been imprisoned, so that Jiang Chen will be compelled to appear, however, I will be the one to hold Tianji Zi captive, not you all. This is my bottom line." Tian Muyun said. His tone was extremely resolute.

After he finished speaking, Tian Muyun turned to Tianji Zi. "Elder Tianji, I'm doing this just to protect you. I hope you don't misunderstand it."

After hearing this, Tianji Zi sniffed. Given his intelligence, it was impossible for him not to figure out what Tian Muyun was planning. Since Tian Muyun had already decided to expel Jiang Chen to prevent his reputation from being tarnished, he wouldn't hesitate to use Tianji Zi to lure Jiang Chen out. In other words, Tian Muyun had done all of these just to protect himself.

In truth, Tian Muyun's actions had made numerous disciples of Skycloud Pavilion uncomfortable. Tianji Zi could now see clearly the real character of the young Pavilion Master who seemed so subtle-minded.

"Humph! I thank Pavilion Master for his kindness, but I, Tianji Zi, have already decided to leave Skycloud Pavilion. From now on, Skycloud Pavilion has nothing to do with me anymore."

Tianji Zi harrumphed coldly, he then clasped his fists at Tian Muyun, turned and left. Tianji Zi was a man with sentiments and forthrightness. Since Tian Muyun was acting all unfairly, there was no need for him to work under such a person whilst feeling aggrieved and suffocated.

Tianji Zi now stood on the same line as Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was also a person who valued sentiments. He too, would never let Tian Muyun and the three major powers get whatever they wanted.

"Elder Tianji, don't be reckless. The Pavilion Master is doing this for your own good." Daoist Yufeng hurried forward to stop him.

"Elder Daoist, I have high respect for you, but what the Pavilion Master did today is disheartening. Although I haven't been with Jiang Chen for long, he is my true disciple. As his master, when my disciple is in trouble, even if I can't provide any help to him, I should never become his burden." Tianji Zi finished speaking and left.


Tianji Zi was quick, but Tian Muyun was faster, appearing before Tianji Zi and blocking his path entirely.

"Elder Tianji, do you really want to betray Skycloud Pavilion in front of everyone?" Tian Muyun's eyes turned somewhat cold.


Tianji Zi felt a tremble in his mind. He couldn't believe that Tian Muyun would use such a word to describe him. This was literally labelling him as the 'bad guy'. He suddenly realized that he had underestimated Tian Muyun. This Pavilion Master was ruthless. Not only did he want to get rid of Jiang Chen, but also Tianji Zi. And now, Tianji Zi had just found another excuse and reason of Tian Muyun to eliminate him.

"Haha! What a good word to use! Since you say so, this old man is going to betray Skycloud Pavilion for sure. Kill me if you dare."

Tianji Zi burst into laughter. He was a man of stubbornness. Knowing that he was already in Tian Muyun's trap, he was still displaying his ardent side without hesitation.

*Hong Long……*

Tianji Zi unleashed his powerful Qi and struck at Tian Muyun. This was his first time attacking the Pavilion Master and also the first in Skycloud Pavilion to do so. Daoist Yufeng could see that despite Tianji Zi being a pa.s.sionate person, he was also a person with a strong character. He would rather die in Tian Muyun's hand than be used as a bait to lure Jiang Chen out.

"Humph! Tianji Zi, how dare you attack me!"

Tian Muyun raged. He was the true king of Skycloud Pavilion. No one had ever dared to oppose him. Tianji Zi completely did not put him in his eyes in front of so many people. In that case, he naturally wouldn't be lenient anymore. Plus, this was also exactly what he wanted.     

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