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The Time Limit of Seven Days

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Tian Muyun scanned the crowd again and frowned when he found nothing unusual, a genius like him rarely made any mistakes in his senses. 

"Master Tian. Since everyone has already arrived, we break the seal now so that the disciples can begin their training," the patriarch of Yun Family, Yun Zhonghe, spoke. 

The fact that he had only asked Tian Muyun showed the degree of importance he attached to this pavilion master. In truth, Tian Muyun's performance in these past two years had given the other top experts a hint of pressure. In their point of view, Tian Muyun's current status had already surpa.s.sed Ouyang He's.

"En, let's begin now."

Tian Muyun nodded. His body flashed and headed towards the huge doors of the ancient tomb, followed closely by Daoist Yufeng and the other top experts of the three major powers.

This was probably the first time that the One-Line Eight Immortals came together in unison, but this was also because of their common objective. Anyone should know that young geniuses were the future of the sects. Tian Muyun was a good example: he made his way to the top as an ordinary genius. If it wasn't for Tian Muyun, Skycloud Pavilion would have collapsed and be devoured by the other three major powers after Ouyang He's death, because Daoist Yufeng's sole strength wasn't enough to support such a big sect.

The Eight Immortals struck out a ma.s.sive energy and various profound hand seals. They were all half-step Immortal King experts. Although they had yet to master spatial force, they already had a certain understanding of the spatial law.

Under the joint attack of the Eight Immortals, the seal was destroyed with ease.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

The rusty and huge ancient doors rattled open slowly and with difficulty. No one had a clue about how long it hadn't been opened until now.

The sound of the huge doors could be heard clearly even from a distance. Some experts could even sense the stench of decay flowing out of the ancient tomb.

The One-Line Eight Immortals were fixing their eyes at the huge doors. When the doors were fully opened, Huangfu Qun frowned.

"Something's wrong," said Huangfu Qun.

"What's wrong?" asked Yun Zhonglong.

"Although the seal outside has already been broken, there's still an invisible barrier inside that hasn't been destroyed yet," said Huangfu Qun. 

Amongst the seven Immortals, he was the only one who specialised in formation. Which was why the other seven didn't notice it at first. But after hearing what he said, the others quickly circulated their divine sense and found out that there was actually a faint Qi of a barrier behind the doorway.

"The seal feels like death, like it has never been opened before," said Tian Muyun.

"Let me examine it."

Huangfu Qun moved forward. Given his many years of experience in formations, he could discover a clue from it in an instant.

"How was it?" Huangfu Yaotian asked.

"This seal is much scarier than the previous one. Although the seal hasn't been activated yet, it has been triggered the instant the front doors were opened. According to my calculation, this seal will probably be activated seven days later and the doors will automatically close. In other words, those who enter the ancient tomb would only have seven days of time. Anyone who can't get out of here within that time period, he or she will be trapped inside forever," said Huangfu Qun.

"We can still break this seal together seven days later," said Dugu Sheng arrogantly.

"That is hard to say. What if it can't be broken? This isn't something we should bet on. Therefore, we have to fix the time. Anyone who goes in must get out within seven days. Seven days should be enough for training." Huangfu Qun shook his head and said.

"It seems like this is the only way."

Yun Zhonglong nodded, agreeing to what Huangfu Qun said. After all, they couldn't joke around with the lives of the young geniuses. One should know that there were too many people who would go into the ancient tomb this time. Adding the rogue cultivators, there were tens of thousands of them.

Subsequently, the One-Line Eight Immortals returned to their camp and started making arrangements.

"Everyone in Skycloud Pavilion, listen up. The ancient tomb will only be opened for seven days. So you all have to get out of there within this time period, or else, you may be trapped permanently inside when the doors closed," announced Daoist Yufeng.

"This ancient tomb sure is extraordinary. It can actually close on its own."

"Seven days isn't short. We should try our best to get as many benefits as possible. My cultivation has already reached the peak of the half-step Divine Immortal realm, one more step to reach the true Divine Immortal realm. By that time, I will become a high and mighty core disciple. This is what I hoped for after coming out of the ancient tomb."

"That's right. This is a rare life and death trial. We must take advantage of it as we only have seven days of time. We have to utilize every time we have and prevent ourselves from getting stuck inside."

Many experts began commenting about the unexpected time limit. Anyway, it was still an acceptable time period for training.

Meanwhile, the other three major powers also finished their arrangements. Because the experts didn't try to lower their voices, every rogue cultivator on the scene was able to hear every word clearly. In these seven days, there were going to be lots of intense compet.i.tions.

"Get lost. I will be the first to go in, if not, I'm going to lose more. Being the first will probably get me more benefits first!"

Someone roared, he then flew towards the huge doorway of the tomb. Once a person took the lead, the others also jumped on the bandwagon. All of the young geniuses of the four major powers surged frenziedly into the doorway like a continuous flow of water, while those rogue cultivators were still standing there, knowing that this wasn't the right time to enter and that they wouldn't get any benefits to go in at this time.

In just three minutes, all the geniuses of the four major powers had vanished into the spatial zone of the tomb. Next, the rogue cultivators rushed in without delay. Some had eyes that had already turned red, fearing that they would be slower than the others.

Jiang Chen mixed into the crowd unnoticeably and reached the doorway in an instant. With a flash, he disappeared into the darkness.


Something caught Tian Muyun's attention as he looked at the doorway of the ancient tomb. He didn't know why that silhouette had given him a sense of familiarity.

"Impossible. It's virtually impossible to get out of the Evil Abyss alive." Tian Muyun let out a cold laugh. 

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