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The Mighty Return

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"It seems like I have fly faster."

Jiang Chen's expression turned grim. The Flaming Wings sprouted behind his back. He had already calculated the Qi of danger using the Great Divination Art. At the present moment, Fragrant Sky City had to be in a critical condition. If he couldn't hurry back on time, something bad would certainly happen.

This was the Evil Abyss. A place that was fundamentally different from the outside world and conscience does not exist here. He was almost certain that once the Five Elemental Tisura Grand Formation was broken, no one in the prefecture would live. This had been the norm in Evil Abyss.

Back in Fragrant Sky City, Big Yellow's head was already full of sweat. He was constantly moving around to different positions to repair the cracks. Even so, the cracks were getting more and more and increasingly bigger. If he was replaced by another person to take care of this situation, the formation would've been broken completely by now, but this didn't mean that Big Yellow would be able to hold on any longer.

At this present moment, it wasn't only Big Yellow who had almost exhausted his energy, but also Ah Da, Ah Er and all the other experts who had joined to support the formation. If the situation continued at this rate, their death would be inevitable as not much strength was left inside of them to fight a battle.

Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying's face paled. Their bodies were shivering. Due to their weaker cultivation base, they could no longer support the formation. At this point in time, plenty of experts in the prefecture began to despair. Their only hope was to see Jiang Chen emerge on time, he was their only hope.

More than half an hour later, the grand formation finally lost its defensive capability. The cracks and damages on the surface of the formation intensified. 

Outside the formation, under the leadership of the three mid Divine Immortal experts, a dozen Divine Immortal experts launched another joint strike. Each and every one of them was furious. Their eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with dense killing intent. It would be abnormal if none of them was infuriated after such long hours of pounding the barrier.

"Everybody, give out all of your strength now. They won't be able to hold it this time. Let's break their grand formation once and for all!" one of the city lords shouted.


Every one of the experts burst out yelling. Each launched their full-force attack, determined to get rid of this hateful grand formation.

*Hong Long…*

Raging energy poured down like a storm, landing heavily at the center of the formation. It radiated a startling aura that was akin to the Nine Heavens Lightning.

*Ka Cha…*

After nearly two days of constant struggling, the Five Elemental Tisura Grand Formation finally broke apart under the enemy's aggressive attacks.


The fragmentation of the grand formation had dealt everyone who supported it a huge blow. All of them spurted out a mouthful of blood and their Qis were reduced drastically. Many of them were sent flying, smashing heavily against the ground. Some of them even created a crater on the ground.

In fact, even the incredibly strong Big Yellow wasn't excluded from this event. The current him had consumed too much of his energy. The corner of his mouth and eyes were b.l.o.o.d.y. But because of his powerful Divine Beast Bloodline, he was able to prevent himself from falling despite the severe injuries.

However, being the core support of the Five Elemental Tisura Grand Formation, he naturally was the one who received the largest backlash. Presently, he had lost all of his combat strength and any early Divine Immortal expert was enough to finish him off.

"Motherf*cker! City Lord hasn't returned yet until now! Everything is over!"

Chen Hui couldn't help but curse. He placed his hand on top of his chest and stood up forcefully. The tremendous consumption plus the backlash of the formation had brought them a huge impact. Despite being Divine Immortal experts, not much strength was left inside of them.

Despair. Numerous of them were in despair!

Above Fragrant Sky City, every one of the experts of the three cities were staring below with ferocious and disdainful eyes. At this time, they felt that they could finally express their anger. The best way to express their fury on these people was not through killing but in torturing them, killing them would never bring as much pleasure as torturing them to death. 

The three city lords fixed their gazes on Big Yellow at the same time. Despite the grand formation having been broken and their hostile relationship, they couldn't help but raise their thumbs up for this dog to express their admiration.

"Where's Jiang Chen? Ask him out now!" one of the city lords spoke coldly.

"Don't worry. He will be here soon. However, it will also be the time of your death the moment he arrives," said Big Yellow, shaking his tail. 

There wasn't a single ounce of fear displayed on his face. Regardless of whether the others had confidence on Jiang Chen or not, Jiang Chen was a miracle to him. He always believed that Jiang Chen would emerge at the very last moment. This fact was already proven from all their past battles and crisis.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had already mastered the Great Divination Art, the art that could predict future. So it was impossible that he couldn't predict the crisis in Fragrant Sky City.

"City Lord, this dog is too arrogant. In my opinion, that Jiang Chen must have fled because of fear. We don't have to waste our time waiting for him anymore. Let's get rid of all these people, especially this dog. We must torture him as much as we can. The reputation of the three cities has been ruined because of this dog."

"That's right. We must not let him die too easily. We have to slowly torture him to death as only that can dispel our grudges and hatred."

"Flay this dog, then suck his blood essence dry. I can see that this dog has a very vigorous blood and Qi. He must be some kind of extraordinary demonic beast. If we could absorb his blood essence, perhaps we will be able to obtain some benefits."

The three city lords spoke with ridicule. They had already sentenced Big Yellow to death as they couldn't think of a reason why this dog shouldn't be killed. Despite so many experts besieging the city, this dog had wasted their two days by using only a single formation. This incident alone had severely ruined their name. Therefore, it was a must for them to torture this dog properly.

As for Jiang Chen, many had already brushed the thought of killing him aside. They all thought that Jiang Chen must have already fled for his life before they came.

"Very well. I will capture this dog, then properly torture him. There are also two pleasant beauties below. We are going to have lots of fun together."

A city lord smiled malevolently. They had already noticed Huang Ying and Yan Qingcheng from the very beginning. Beauties like them were a fatal attraction to them.


The city lord acted decisively, launching out a big palm all of a sudden towards Big Yellow.

Just as the big palm was about to reach Big Yellow's head, a ray of brilliant sword light suddenly descended from the sky and landed on the big palm unbiasedly, cutting the palm into half.  

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