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Fragrant Sky City

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Plenty of them however didn't have much sentiments for Lascivious Young Master's death. To them, the young master's death was just akin to replacing him with another conqueror, which had no influence to their lives at all.

In Evil Abyss, sentiment was regarded as an extravagant emotion.

Jiang Chen approached the young master and turned back to his human form, holding the Heavenly Saint Sword. The present Lascivious Young Master was no longer a threat to him. Killing him was as simple as crushing an ant.

Lascivious Young Master lifted his head and looked at Jiang Chen with hatred and fear.

"It's ironic that I would fall in the hands of a Heaven Immortal expert."

Lascivious Young Master forced a smile, but didn't beg for his life. He knew the norm of the Evil Abyss very well. There was no point in begging for his life because defeat was equal to death.

*Pu Chi!*

Jiang Chen sent his long sword forth without saying a word, penetrating through the young master's chest. A destructive force burst out from the Heavenly Saint Sword, destroying all the vital force inside Lascivious Young Master's body. 

In this evil place, one didn't need to have a solid reason in order to kill.

As for Jiang Chen, even if he didn't met Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying, he would still go and eliminate this lascivious man. Now that he had come to the Evil Abyss, he had to accomplish something, and killing was only the beginning.


Flames spread across Lascivious Young Master, incinerating his entire body in a few blinks, leaving no remains behind.

Seeing the place where the young master was incinerated, the two early Divine Immortal expert hastily came to Jiang Chen's side and bowed to him.

"Congratulations Young Master on becoming the new conqueror of Lascivious City. The two of us will always be at Young Master's service."

The two of them spoke at the same time. Right now was the right time for them to show their loyalty to their new master.

"The name Lascivious City is too unpleasant to hear. Change it to Fragrant Sky City. I want the two of you to make a plaque for Sky Fragrant City and hang it outside the front gate."

Said Jiang Chen. He wasn't comfortable with the name 'Lascivious City' and now that he was the new master of this territory, it was his responsibility to modify the name to 'Sky Fragrant City'. Others might not have a clue about this, but Big Yellow understood it completely. Jiang Chen was a person who valued relationship. He had numerous relatives and friends in the Mortal World. Fragrant Sky City would remind him of the warmth and his father.

"Yes, City Lord. By the way, how may we address City Lord?" One of them asked.

"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen revealed his name. From now on, this name would be spread across the Evil Abyss and one day, this name would become a symbol and would make countless of people tremble in fear as soon as they heard it. 

The two of them didn't ask any more questions. They recorded the name in their memory and went to complete the task ordered by Jiang Chen. The name of the city was never their concern. What they were concerned about was whether they could continue to survive in the Evil Abyss.

After killing Lascivious Young Master, Jiang Chen let the two girls out of the paG.o.da. Then, they headed towards the prefecture. This was the first territory that he had conquered in the Evil Abyss, but it surely wouldn't be the last. He wanted to conquer all of the cities in this world and named them Fragrant Sky City.

In the Prefecture!

As Huang Ying stared at this bright smiling face in front of her, she found it hard to relate him to the ferocious and domineering killing G.o.d earlier. Thinking about the means that Jiang Chen had used in the battle prompted her heart to palpitate.

"Young Master Jiang is surely an unrivalled genius."

Except this line of words, she felt that whatever she said would be superfluous. This youth was a man with great personality and charisma. He was the son of the Heavens and his future achievements would be limitless. It was only a matter of time before nothing could challenging him in the Evil Abyss anymore.

"You are welcome, Sister Ying. We'll be like a family from now on. There is danger everywhere in this place. So you and Qingcheng should stay here until we find a way to exit this world."

Said Jiang Chen with a smile. Fragrant Sky City was the right place for these two girls to settle down.

"I wonder when will we be able to leave this place."

Huang Ying shook her head and sighed. This place was nothing more than a purgatory. It wasn't a simple task to leave this world because the spatial pa.s.sageway that connected this place to the outside world was being controlled by the Evil Lord, a mighty Immortal King expert. That was a level which they could never reach.

"Not to worry Sister Ying. Big Brother Jiang is here and he is surely going to get us out of here soon."

Said Yan Qingcheng. She was very confident in Jiang Chen. To her, as long as Jiang Chen was present, there was nothing that they couldn't achieve.

Huang Ying nodded. Although she didn't have too much hope on leaving this nightmarish place, Jiang Chen's emergence had allowed her to see a glimmer of light. What Jiang Chen did today was just too impressive, it was totally beyond her imagination.

Shortly after, the two early Divine Immortal experts came to the main hall of the prefecture with the completed plaque of Fragrant Sky City. As Divine Immortal experts, it was a piece of cake for them to do this kind of stuff.

"City Lord, I'm Chen Hui and he is Li Si."

Chen Hui spoke and introduced themselves.

"En, the two of you have done well. You two are going to get boundless of benefits if you continue to serve me well." Said Jiang Chen.

"Of course, but City Lord has killed Lascivious Young Master and conquered Lasci-no, Fragrant Sky City. I'm afraid that this has created a big trouble." Said Li Si.

"Oh? What kind of trouble?"

Asked Jiang Chen with great interest. Although he had heard lots of information from Huang Ying, those were merely general informations. Therefore, he was still unclear about the status of this piece of territory.

"City Lord, this is the outer area of Evil Abyss. There are a total of 36 cities in this area. Although all the cities are operating independently, there is a certain connection among them. Some City Lords have a very good connection with one another, which is equivalent to an alliance. And because of this, they were able to maintain their existence in the outer area. Lascivious Young Master isn't an exception. He also has three good friends and their cities are not far away from this city. The Four of them got along very well with one another and were called brothers. Today, you have killed Lascivious Young Master. If those three City Lords know about this, I'm afraid they won't let this matter rest easily."

Said Chen Hui. He had a very good understanding about the division of powers in the outer area and the connections of his previous young master. 

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