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Jiang Chen wasn't interested in any of those chit-chatting outside, he didn't want to hear any of them. All of his concentration had been put in the Great Divination Art.

In a twinkle of an eye, a day has pa.s.sed. All of a sudden, Jiang Chen opened his eyes. They were so bright they looked like dazzling stars in the night sky.

A dimly discernible aura of divination spilled out of Jiang Chen's body, making him look incomparably divine. His dark hair fluttered even without the breeze. His fingers were trembling as light was glowing from his fingertips.

"I have already reached the Spiritual Wisdom realm. I could consider this as a success in the early stage. Sure enough, the Great Divination Art is extremely profound. I spent one day and had only comprehended a trace of its essence, which got me to the early-stage realm."

Jiang Chen smiled, realizing how difficult the process of cultivating the great art was. Of all the cultivation method and combat techniques that he had cultivated in the past, none of them was as challenging as this.

If Tianji Zi was present, he was afraid that his master would pa.s.s out straight away because this was the result that he got after spending a year and a half. Jiang Chen however used only a day to complete it. Such a blow would be too much for him to stomach.

Not only him, any of the past cultivators of the Great Divination Art would also stand like a petrified corpse if they learned that Jiang Chen only took one day to reach the early stage of the Great Divination Art.

It was undoubtedly a miracle, the greatest miracle that had ever happened in the history of Great Divination Art to have such an achievement. It was highly likely that not even the creator of the Great Divination Art had imagined that someday, a junior would achieve such a result in just one day. 

"Once one reached the Spiritual Wisdom realm, one can calculate the good and bad things that will happen in the future. I'll try looking into my future to see if I will face any great danger in the Evil Abyss."

Jiang Chen muttered to himself and immediately, he circulated the Great Divination Art. After prying into his future for a while, he felt the urge to spew out blood. It was just like what Tianji Zi said—his fate had gone beyond the scope of the divination. Even with his Spiritual Wisdom realm, he wasn't able to predict any future that was related to him.

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