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Nine Ways to Perish

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This was Jiang Chen's first time entering the inner sect right after his success in the Iron Dummy Array. It was indeed a very unusual way of entering the inner sect because every other disciple was required to obtain the ident.i.ty jade card first before joining the inner sect.

Every inner disciple was stirred up by Jiang Chen's power, making him the center of attention; a pinnacle being on his first day of arriving in the inner sect. If he could defeat Qu Yuan today, his prestige would be establish in the inner sect. From then on, no one would dare to offend him anymore.

Of course, many were expecting Jiang Chen to create another miracle by defeating Qu Yuan. However, n.o.body had ever imagined that Jiang Chen would kill Qu Yuan. Despite this being the life-and-death stage, Qu Yuan had a very special ident.i.ty. Even if Jiang Chen was extremely audacious, he wouldn't dare kill Qu Yuan, killing him would be similar to waging war against Elder Yang Shu.

"Jiang Chen, you've really enraged me. You have made me lose all my face by forcing me to such an extent. Next, I will end your life as quickly as possible so that your soul can stay on this stage forever!"

Qu Yuan's anger soared uncontrollably. Even with his level and ability, he couldn't believe that he hadn't won yet even after more than 10 minutes of continuous exchange. This was humiliating and a serious disgrace to him.

"What else do you got? Quit talking c.r.a.p and show it all out."

Jiang Chen sneered, totally not putting Qu Yuan in his eyes. He had gained a better understanding of Qu Yuan's ability. If he wasn't mistaken, Qu Yuan would use his trump card sooner and by doing so, Qu Yuan's energy would be severely consumed after that, while he, would still be as vigorous as before. Currently, he already had 450 000 dragon marks and exuberant blood and Qi. Anyone who intended to fight a war of attrition against him would only face one end. The moment Qu Yuan's energy was drained and he failed to maintain his peak state, the difference between the two of them would start to widen, creating more chances for Jiang Chen to kill him. 

As a cultivator who had faced hundreds of battles, Jiang Chen's experience in battle was beyond anyone's imagination. Not even a hundred of Qu Yuan could match the experience that he had acc.u.mulated in both of his lives.

Qu Yuan remained silent while his eyes became dark and deep. An aura of perishing Qi emanated from his body, it drifted and lingered in the air above the stage. That was the Qi of destruction, the Qi of death. Even though it was faint, it frightened and drew fear out of people.

"This is the Nine Ways to Perish. Qu Yuan finally used his biggest trump card! I never thought that Jiang Chen could actually force Qu Yuan to such an extent. Even if Jiang Chen was defeated by the Nine Ways to Perish, he wouldn't be looked down upon."

"It is said that this combat skill is powerful enough to destroy the Heavens and Earth. Its Qi can make a person's soul tremble and arouse irresistible thoughts in the person's mind. It's very rare to see Qu Yuan using the Nine Ways to Perish in the inner sect. It seems like he is determined to kill Jiang Chen. But if a talented genius like Jiang Chen died just like this, it will be a great waste."

"I have heard that Qu Yuan has already reached the sixth style in the cultivation of Nine Ways to Perish, which makes it extremely powerful and deadly. If Jiang Chen didn't have a strong trump card to resist this attack, he wouldn't be able to survive."

"We'll see. This is going to be the moment that will decide the final victor. I'm full of antic.i.p.ation."

As Qu Yuan's perishing Qi continued to radiate out from his body, many bystanders began to tense up. As inner sect disciples, almost every one of them had heard of Qu Yuan's consummate technique that was pa.s.sed down by Yang Shu. And with Qu Yuan's br.i.m.m.i.n.g talent, he had already reached the cultivation of the sixth style that only a few people in the inner sect could resist. Therefore, even though Jiang Chen was able to reach a draw with Qu Yuan in their previous exchange, it wouldn't be easy for him to keep himself alive under the Nine Ways to Perish.

Perish was equivalent to death. That explained why the Qi exuded from Qu Yuan consisted of the taste of death. Anyone that was enshrouded within the Qi of death would gradually lose oneself and eventually die in the hands of the caster.

"Jiang Chen, you just have to wait there for your judgment. There aren't many in the inner sect that can make me use the Nine Ways to Perish!"

Qu Yuan was furious as he hovered in the sky. The surface of his body was fully encompa.s.sed by strands of pale-grey perishing Qi, making him look like a mighty G.o.d of Death that collected the soul of all living creatures. Therefore, there would only be one outcome for his opponent, death.

"Nine Ways to Perish, First Style!" Qu Yuan shouted. 

A black storm swept across the area and evolved into a scene of reincarnation. Traces of death could be felt everywhere. It allowed Jiang Chen to see the pa.s.sage that lead to reincarnation. The pa.s.sage was incomparably mystical as it could create a fantasy that affected people's mind.

If Jiang Chen was replaced by another person, he was afraid that the person would immediately be influenced by this illusion. Such effect, however, ceased to exist in front of Jiang Chen. After all, the Nine Ways to Perish was just an offensive type of attack instead of an illusion-based attack. There was a huge difference compared to Jiang Chen's Great Illusion Realm. Therefore, there was no way that his mind would be influenced by the illusion ahead of him.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

A loud cracking sound was heard from the inside of the pa.s.sage. Innumerable black storms converged and formed a giant scythe 30 meters long. It was entirely black and was radiating endless Qi of death.

It was the scythe of death, the power of the first style of Nine Ways to Perish. Everything created was based on this large scythe. One strike could penetrate the enemy's soul, making the enemy undergo an unending suffering until he die.

"Go!" Qu Yuan ordered. 

The scythe of death screeched terrifyingly and charged towards Jiang Chen at an unparalleled speed. At this time, the audience couldn't help but feel nervous. They could clearly sense the strong Qi of death even though they were far away from the scene. It was unimaginable what Jiang Chen was feeling right at this moment.

"The Nine Ways to Perish is truly scary. I can feel my life being threatened. If I was the one on that battlefield right now, I'm afraid that I would die instantly under that  giant scythe."

"Can't agree more. Besides, this is just the first style, which means it will only get scarier. I really doubt if Jiang Chen could handle this."

People were shocked by the scariness of the first style of the Nine Ways to Perish. They now understood the danger of battling against Qu Yuan.

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