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Qu Yuan's Fiery Anger

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In the courtyard, Gao Yang and the other two were wailing pitifully like a child who had been suffering endless grievance and suddenly saw their mother, wanting to express all of their sufferings at once.

In front of them was a young man in white holding a folding fan. He had a very good-looking face, thick eyebrows, big eyes, and tall in stature with extraordinary demeanor, but his current facial expression looked grim. Normally, he would be swinging the folding fan but now, the fan was closed tightly.

No doubt, this youth was Qu Yuan, a disciple of Elder Yang Shu.

"Speak, what happened?" Qu Yuan clamored. 

The three of them had been following him. They were ordered to create troubles for Jiang Chen, but what they brought back was only humiliation. Every one of them had lost an arm, except for the strongest among them who lost both of his arms. Anyone who dared to do this was no different than slapping Qu Yuan on the face.

Qu Yuan had guessed that this had to be related to Jiang Chen, but he couldn't make himself believe it. Jiang Chen was merely a half-step Heaven Immortal expert. Certainly, he wouldn't have such power to injure Gao Yang and the others so badly.

"Senior Brother Qu Yuan, you have to seek justice for us. That Jiang Chen is  too violent and arrogant. He absolutely did not put you in his eyes. When we went there to check on the situation of the formation, we saw a dog was there helping him fix the array. That was certainly a humiliation to the Iron Dummy Array. We stepped forward to stop him, but we never thought that Jiang Chen is so powerful. We were no match for him."

"That's true, Senior Brother Qu. That abnormal being was too powerful. Not even Senior Brother Gao Yang could stand against him. He said that we have offended him, and we must pay a price for that. So he cut off one of our arm. Because Senior Brother Gao Yang became angry and refused, Jiang Chen cut off both of his arms."

"Senior Brother Qu, you have to seek justice for us. That Jiang Chen thought that he could be lawless after being accepted as a disciple of Tianji Zi. We have also mentioned your name, but that didn't fazed him at all. He said that if you dare to provoke him, you will end up like us."

They sobbed incessantly, telling everything that happened to Qu Yuan. They didn't add any unnecessary elements in the story because Jiang Chen's arrogance and dominance were too much.


After listening to the three of them, Qu Yuan's anger exploded. He had never been so angry ever since he was accepted as a true disciple. He had almost forgotten the feeling of being angry.

"Good, good, good, Jiang Chen. No one has ever dared to ruin my reputation. Now, a b.a.s.t.a.r.d newcomer is acting so arrogantly, thinking that he can be lawless and unruly after becoming a true disciple. There are many disciples in Skycloud Pavilion and many of them are arrogant too, but not as unruly as this one."

Qu Yuan was angered. What Jiang Chen did not only insulted and provoked him. If this matter was spread to the others, his reputation would be in jeopardy.

"Senior Brother Qu, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't care if we were your comrades. He only knew how to destroy, totally ignoring the rules of the sect. Why not we just sue him on the Law Enforcement Palace and let them punish him severely?" One person said. 

Law Enforcement Palace was the most important section in the sect, but any ordinary matters in the inner sect and outer sect would always be dealt by the Inst.i.tute of Inner Sect and Outer Sect Elders. Their main focus was on the matters of core disciples and some higher ups of the sect.

However, Gao Yang was a special case. Jiang Chen had already become a true disciple, even the Inst.i.tute of Inner Sect Elders wouldn't dare to get involved in this, offending a Golden Immortal elder was equivalent to finding trouble for themselves.

Therefore, they had to bring this matter to the Law Enforcement Palace if they wanted to seek justice. As the highest authority in the sect, the palace would certainly punish Jiang Chen severely to compensate what he did.


But as soon as that disciple just finished speaking, Qu Yuan's palm landed on his face.

"Trash! If we get the Law Enforcement Palace involved just because of this puny Jiang Chen, where would I put my face? Even my master's reputation will be damaged. In the inner sect, there's nothing that I can't resolve." Qu Yuan said coldly. 

This must be a joke. He had to solve this matter personally in order to regain his reputation and position in the inner sect. If the words were spread to the Law Enforcement Palace, it would only prove how incapable he was. At that time, he would become a laughing stock in the inner sect, and his master, Yang Shu, would punish him hard because of that.

"Yes, yes. Senior Brother Qu Yuan is truly wise and all-powerful. That Jiang Chen is surely no match for you. I suggested that idea too hastily. I hope Senior Brother Qu can forgive my mishap."

That person was frightened to death. He quickly provided an explanation and admitted his fault.

However, inside that man's heart, he began to swear. What the h.e.l.l was this? He had already lost one arm just to complete a task for Qu Yuan. Instead of getting any consolation and compensation, he was slapped on the face instead!

"Humph! How dare a puny Jiang Chen start a direct confrontation with me? In that case, I won't be polite anymore. I will personally settle this score for all of you. Take these pills to recover some of your injuries first."

Qu Yuan harrumphed coldly. A trace of killing intent was exuded from his eyes. Although he had given the three some vulnerary pills, they understood very well that these pills could not fully heal their wounds.

"That arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He has entirely offended Senior Brother Qu Yuan. He's going to suffer after this."

Gao Yang said violently, but his senses was overwhelmed with pain and suffering. Even if Qu Yuan killed Jiang Chen, it would not be enough to compensate the loss of his arms.

"All of you go and cultivate first. I will pay a visit to that Jiang Chen and see what made him so arrogant that he didn't even respect me."

After he finished speaking, he disappeared in a flash.

The three of them left the courtyard of Qu Yuan. They weren't permitted to stay for a long time in such a n.o.ble place. They had to return to their own cultivation place.

In the palace, Big Yellow had already finished the final restoration of the Iron Dummy Array. He had combined the Seven Connecting Stars and Horn Array perfectly. Twenty one of the dummies could now coordinate with each other flawlessly. With what Big Yellow had done, the entire array became even more powerful.

"Brat, you have to compensate master dog well," said Big Yellow. 

After a long period of concentration, his state started to falter.

"How about one lotus leaf?"

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow's head. When Big Yellow heard the lotus leaf, his originally withered body suddenly pumped up. His low-spirit suddenly vanished in a flash.

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