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The Trouble Has Knocked the Door

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In order to maintain the basic balance of the formation, it was necessary to destroy some of the dummies, because it was impossible for them to find exact same materials used to create these dummies. 

But if some of the dummies were destroyed, the twenty eight dummies would be reduced to only twenty one. It was equivalent to the reduction of the force and was bound to affect the power of the formation, which was something that Jiang Chen didn't wish to see. This formation was invented and created by Ouyang He. Jiang Chen would never feel good if the creation of Ouyang He was destroyed under his hands.

"Don't worry. If it was an ordinary person who tried to reduce the number of the dummies, it would surely reduce its power, but if I, Big Yellow is the one to do it, I guarantee that there won't be a problem. I will add a new formation called Horn Array into the Seven Connecting Stars Array. Every three dummies will form a new formation and a triangular shape. This will give the most stable kind of coordination and can double the combat power of the three dummies. In other words, its combat strength will be equal to the strength of the previous six. Plus, the combination of the Seven Connecting Stars Array and Horn Array would not only cause any reduction in power, but enhance the overall power of it instead."

Said Big Yellow proudly. This dog had two great advantages. One was the ability to find treasures and the other was his absolute knowledge in formation.


After hearing this, Jiang Chen's eyes sparkled, admitting that the Formation Holy Book was worthy of its reputation, and Big Yellow's knowledge in this aspect definitely wasn't shallow.

"In this way, it will become harder for the geniuses to succeed in the Iron Dummy Array in the future. Anyway, this is a good thing as it can mold even greater geniuses."

Jiang Chen nodded and praised. It alleviated his feeling of remorse after knowing that the array would become more powerful than ever before.

"That's no big deal. Master dog can still make it more powerful." Big Yellow said arrogantly.

"Forget it. Or else it will be pointless."

Jiang Chen curled his lips. If the array was too overpowered, no genius would be able to come out of it, destroying its original purpose and eliminating all the motivation for the outer sect geniuses to improve further.

A while later, he approached a dummy, sent out punches, crushing six dummies in a row. The twenty eight dummies were now left with twenty one.

What happened next would solely rely on Big Yellow. He continuously spat out complicated patterns while both of his hooves were sweeping in the air. Lines of profound symbols of formation emerged all of a sudden.

Seeing Big Yellow so familiar with his technique, Jiang Chen didn't feel the need to help out. Big Yellow alone would be able to deal with this kind of formation. Furthermore, he didn't have a very clear understanding about the backbone of the Horn Array. So he might as well moved to one side and kept a lookout for Big Yellow.

Although Jiang Chen was the bystander, he knew that the process of combing the Seven Connecting Stars and the Horn array would be a slow process. Even with Big Yellow's ability, it would at least take a day's time to complete it. So what Jiang Chen needed to do in this one day was to make sure that no one would disturb Big Yellow's work.

Deploying a formation was a complicated process that required precision and must be done in one time. Once the caster was interrupted, every effort spent would be in vain and a certain amount of damage would be delt to the caster.

Big Yellow was indeed skillful with the techniques, unceasingly sending out various kinds of imprints. The whole palace was filled with the Qi of formation. Streams of brilliant light was constantly shining at the different corners of the palace. Big Yellow's face was grim. He would appear at different positions at different times. Perhaps, he was now thinking that deploying a formation was a task that required seriousness.

The entire summit was silent as usual. No one emerged on the scene. The only purpose of people coming to this summit was for the Iron Dummy Array. It would remain quiet as long as no geniuses came to challenge it.

Late at night, after busting for almost a day, he finally restored the whole Iron Dummy Array, but what he had deployed was merely the Seven Connecting Stars. He hadn't even started to deploy the Horn Array yet. Even if he finished deploying the Horn Array, he still have one final process, integrating and placing the core of the formation inside the dummy - the most c.u.mbersome process of all.

According to Jiang Chen's estimation, the entire formation would be fully deployed by daybreak tomorrow. Seeing Big Yellow working so hard, he couldn't help but reveal a trace of a smile. This dog had been making troubles for him, but was particularly useful at critical times. In Jiang Chen's heart, Big Yellow wasn't just a dog, he is also a n.o.ble Dragon-Horse Divine Beast and his sworn brother.

By dawn, Big Yellow had already finished the Horn Array and was in the middle of the most critical step of integration. Once the integration was successful, the formation would be completed. This step was going to be the most difficult step of all.

He was afraid that only an abnormal being like Big Yellow could persist under such circ.u.mstances that required precision and intensity, despite the high pressure of the task. If Big Yellow was replaced by an ordinary person, that person would certainly be lying on the floor due to chronic fatigue.


There was a sudden rustling sound of footsteps coming from the outside of the palace. It wasn't loud but it couldn't escape Jiang Chen's ears.


Before Jiang Chen could react, the gates of the palace were kicked open by a very savage brute force. Instantly, Jiang Chen frowned. No matter who the other party was, such an impolite practice was abhorrent. Presently, Big Yellow had already reached the most critical stage. He couldn't be disturbed.

Jiang Chen turned and saw three youths wearing Skycloud Pavilion's uniform breaking into the palace. The three of them were all Heaven Immortal experts. It went without saying that they were all inner sect disciples. The one who led the way was tall and burly, with a face full of moustache and beard. His appearance gave people the feeling of ferocity and evil, which didn't make him look kind than the others. His cultivation base was terrifying, late Heaven Immortal realm, whereas the other two were mid Heaven Immortal experts. Their faces had the same expression, arrogance and sulky, as if someone hadn't paid them money for a long time.

"I don't care who you are, you should all get loss immediately and silently."

Jiang Chen darted a glance at them and said very impatiently.

"What a good Jiang Chen, you sure is ignorantly arrogant."

That youth with a hairy face was stupefied, he had never thought that Jiang Chen would be so arrogant, and would dare to use such words to his fellow inner sect disciples. However, he understood it after a moment of contemplation. Jiang Chen had become an elder's true disciple after all and he should have the guts to be this arrogant. If the youth was also a true disciple, he would've dominated lots of territories in the sect.

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