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"What kind of treasure were these broken swords were? How can it be this powerful?"

Looking at the dazzling broken swords, Jiang Chen's eyes couldn't help but reveal a trace of shock. It seemed like Big Yellow had his own reasons for collecting those broken metals.

The tacit cooperation between the two of them had already reached a flawless degree. If it was any other person, even with the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, it wouldn't be easy for Jiang Chen to subdue this barbaric bull, because he needed time to launch an attack using the Immortal Weapon and the bull would never give him the chance.

Therefore, the cooperation of Big Yellow was extremely important. For example, the scariness of the broken swords had diverted the attention of the barbaric bull. As it wasn't a fool, it would naturally pay attention to Big Yellow or the broken and dazzling swords when it sensed the suppression of the broken swords. Although it was clueless of what the broken sword was, it knew that that was a very rare treasure. So, its eyes started to show an expression of greed and shock.

"It's a waste for such a good treasure to fall into a dog's hands. If I'm able to have that treasure, I will surely get rid of those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and become the sole ruler of this desolate mountain range."

The barbaric bull was entranced by Big Yellow's broken swords, totally forgetting about Jiang Chen's existence.

Of course, in the barbaric bull's eyes, whether it was Jiang Chen or Big Yellow, neither of them was a match for it. So, there was no big deal about ignoring the other harmless opponent.


The barbaric bull moved. Its 30 meter large body produced endless devil waves that turned into a lifelike black bull the size of 300 meters, it hovered in the sky and lunged at Big Yellow.

"Stupid bull! Master dog will show you why the flowers blossom so brilliantly!"

Big Yellow swore. At this time, he couldn't care tmuch anymore. He had already instilled all the energy in his body into the broken swords. The broken sword became agitated and turned into a 30 meter heavenly sword, slashing at the illusory bull that was created out of pure devil Qi.

*Hong Long……*

An impact was produced out of the strongest attacks of the two combatants. Even though there was an insuperable gap between Big Yellow and the barbaric bull, Big Yellow's heavenly sword was just too powerful. It consisted of the suppression of origin. It seemed like no one in this world could wield this sword except for Big Yellow .

The battlefield suddenly turned chaotic, or it should be said that the scene was completely enshrouded by the shockwave, causing its brilliance to disappear from sight.

Jiang Chen didn't pay any attention to the battle as he didn't have the energy to do so. This was a crucial moment. Big Yellow had already bought him some time. He knew that it was impossible for Big Yellow to defeat this barbaric bull unless he attacked.

*Weng…* *Weng…*

The Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd in his hand was producing a buzzing sound. The dragon marks inside his body began to ripple. Immense energy surged into the combat halberd like tidal waves. In just a few blinks of time, a large portion of Jiang Chen's energy had been sucked into it.

As soon as it was done, the halberd sank in his hand, giving him a hard time to hold it properly, it was as if he was holding a billion kilograms of metal.

"d.a.m.n! This is a real energy-sucker!"

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and had the urge to cough up blood. In truth, given his current cultivation, wielding this peak Great Luo Immortal Weapon with such force was torturing. It took only a moment and almost all of his energy was sucked dry. If he failed to eliminate his target after this, he would surely be in serious trouble.

However, he was very confident in this halberd, feeling that this strike would have no problem getting rid of this barbaric bull. Of course, he wouldn't really 'get rid' of this bull. His intention was just to weaken this bull so that he could subdue it.

On the other side, the intense battle between the two was already over. The broken swords vanished. Currently, Big Yellow was lying very far away on the ground, motionless. His tongue was stuck out and was gasping for air. It only showed how much of his energy was expended from the previous technique he used.

The barbaric bull didn't look as intact as before, but it was after all a peerless devil king that was on par with a half-step Divine Immortal expert. So, its combat strength was still as powerful.

At this time, Jiang Chen moved. The combat halberd had already drained almost all of the energy inside his body. The metal howled and grew 30 meters in size before it thrust at the bull's head.


The barbaric bull exclaimed as if it could feel an extreme sense of danger. Both of its large eyes were staring at the incoming huge combat halberd. 

"d.a.m.n! This is another invincible treasure. How did these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds get such treasures?"

The bull felt annoyed. As one of the conqueror of this desolate land, there wasn't a single combat weapon in his possession. It couldn't take it when it saw that this man and dog had a precious Immortal Weapon of their own. Just now, it had paid all of its attention to Big Yellow, totally forgetting the existence of Jiang Chen. It admired its opponent for taking advantage of the time while he was fighting with the other to prepare his attack.

However, it had very quick response. It immediately struck out a giant black bull and rushed at the combat halberd.

*Chi La!*

But this time, the bull wasn't as lucky as before. Its lifelike bull was instantly cut into half by the domineering halberd. When the huge metal reached the barbaric bull's body, it left a deep gash on it.

If it wasn't because of Jiang Chen's attempt to control the attack, the tip of the metal mostly would behead the bull.


The barbaric bull let out terrible cry after being injured heavily by the Great Luo Immortal Weapon. That was a pain that was beyond ordinary.

After sending out this strike, Jiang Chen was absolutely drained. He immediately kept the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. Presently, his face was pale-white, but this wasn't the time for him to rest yet. The Flaming Wings were still holding his body in the sky. Almost at the exact moment when the barbaric bull was badly wounded, Jiang Chen shot out the Edifying Light.


The Edifying Light entered the bull's head like a spiritual serpent. After a moment of struggle, it stopped, it was no longer in good condition to resist from being edified.

The brutality in its eyes faded and its body slowly reverted to its original size. Jiang Chen returned to his original form and landed. The barbaric bull approached Jiang Chen while bearing its pain and bowed respectfully. "Master."

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