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An Intentional Act

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Regarding the threat of Huang Ying, Jiang Chen completely ignored it with a smile. Since he had decided to kill the experts of Huang Family, he wasn't afraid of their retaliation. As a matter of fact, he didn't even put the Huang Family in his eyes at all. A mere major power in Yan City like them wasn't qualified to oppose him.

"Good. Since everyone's here and the candidates are all chosen, let's begin."

Said Nie Yiyuan. "Brother Yan, brother Huang, who will be fight the first match?"

"Ah Fei, you will take the first match." Said Huang Ying.

"Yes, dad."

Huang Haofei's Qi shook. He flew directly to the s.p.a.cious area ahead and stared at the three representatives of the Prefecture arrogantly.

"Brother Huang has sent Huang Haofei in the first match. It seems like this match is going to be a sure-win for Huang Family." Nie Yiyuan smiled.

"Cut the c.r.a.p. Which one of you is coming out to fight me?" Huang Haofei clamored proudly at the three of them.

"Brother Yan, Huang Haofei is the strongest genius among the three. Who do you think should go first? Should it be Chengjun or Qingcheng?"

Yuan Hong asked. This battle was very disadvantageous to the Prefecture. In their eyes, they only had two chances of winning. Jiang Chen would never be in their consideration because he was just here to fill in the numbers in this compet.i.tion. Now that Huang Family had sent their strongest genius, Huang Haofei, it indicated that this ore mine was going to be Huang Family's soon.

"Chengjun, I see that you have obtained great benefits from the tough-training outside, pushing your cultivation base to the peak of late Earth Immortal realm, which isn't any weaker than Huang Haofei. Therefore, would you fight this battle for us?" Yan Dongliu looked over at Yuan Chengjun.

"Don't worry Uncle Yan, I will not let you down."

Yuan Chengjun strode towards the battlefield with an unusual bearing, standing opposite of Huang Haofei. No one in the Prefecture's group had any opinion of letting Yuan Chengjun be the first contestant. In their point of view, although Yan Qingcheng had an extraordinary talent, she hadn't had any external experiences. She had been managing the matters of the Prefecture all these while which was disadvantageous to her, all of the three Huang geniuses had gone out for training and had gained tremendous benefits out there. Judging from the surface, Yuan Chengjun wouldn't be any weaker than Huang Haofei. Although that didn't mean that he could defeat Huang Haofei, there was still a glimmer of hope that he could.

Unnoticeably, the moment Yuan Chengjun went into the battlefield, he darted a cold glance at Jiang Chen. The others might not be able to notice this, but Jiang Chen was crystal clear about it. This made him couldn't help but frown. In fact, he had been suspecting that something wasn't right with this first contestant.

All of a sudden, both of them unleashed their Qi, turning everyone's expression grim. Everyone knew that this battle would decide the future trend of Yan City. Any major power that could get such a huge ore mine would certainly outgrow the other major power in a very short period of time, and thus changing the history of Yan City.

There weren't any extra words. They had been old adversary since young, having fights with one another during normal days. The Qi that they unleashed spilled out like tidal waves. Both of their fists was coated with a golden light before launching forth at extreme speed.


Both knuckles connected, producing a clanging sound, like metals had collided against each other and made a huge spark. This was a direct collision with the most destructive force. Both of them took one step back due to the shockwave.

"They are indeed strong. They are worthy to be called geniuses amongst the young generation. Despite having only a late Earth Immortal cultivation base, their combat power is already equivalent to ours, half-step Heaven Immortal realm."

"En, their future it definitely going to be immeasurable."

Many people praised and nodded. They had to admit that these two were the true geniuses who always had unparalleled advantage over ordinary cultivators.

*Bang Bang Bang……*

Subsequently, both men struck with all their skills. In just a few minutes, they already had exchanged hundred rounds in battle. The surrounding mountains crumbled and Qi waves rolled through the area, but it was still hard determine the victor.

"Ah Fei, don't waste anymore time." Huang Ying said grimly.

"Yes, dad."

Huang Haofei fluctuated his Qi and darted a cold and scornful look at Yuan Chengjun, but his eyes contained a hint of a strange aura. Others might not be able to notice this, but Jiang Chen could.

"Yuan Chengjun, take my Aquatic Dragon of Abyss!"

Huang Haoran suddenly burst into roar. The images of strands of aquatic dragon was forming on the surface of his body. After that, a silvery white aquatic dragon was condensed out by him. It was a lifelike aquatic dragon with a ten meter size. It instantly locked onto Yuan Chengjun the moment it appeared.

"Not good."

Yan Dongliu knew that it was going to be bad for Yuan Chengjun. He had never thought that Huang Haofei had such a trump card. Whether it was the damage or destructive power, it had exceeded his expectations. He was afraid that Yuan Chengjun wouldn't be able to withstand it.

"The Plough's Attack!"

Yuan Chengjun refused to show his weakness, and immediately struck out his own trump card. All his strikes were condensed into a huge golden fist, causing tremor in the void as it came crashing against the aquatic dragon.

*Hong Long……*

It was an ultimate duel of both great geniuses. Both of them used their trump cards. Everyone was gaping at the scene. They knew that victory and defeat would be decided after this collision. Therefore, none of them wasn't anxious about it.


Under the attack of the dragon, Yuan Changjun's attack was instantly shattered. Then, the dragon rushed forward, crashing onto Yuan Chengjun's body, sending him away from the scene.


Yuan Chengjun spurted out a mouthful of blood, looking pale and badly injured.

"How is it, Chengjun?"

Yuan Hong hurried over to grab his son, asked in a worried tone.

"Very powerful attack. I'm sorry Uncle Yan."

Yuan Chengjun shook his head and apologized to Yan Dongliu.

"Haha! This is just how strong Yuan Chengjun is!"

Huang Haofei burst into a laughter and walked arrogantly back to Huang Family's squad.

Every one of their faces darkened after Yuan Chengjun's defeat. They had lost the first battle and Yuan Chengjun was their strongest genius. How were they going to continue the battle? Even if Yan Qingcheng won the next fight, what about Jiang Chen? They certainly didn't have much confidence n Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen glanced coldly at Yuan Chengjun. The defeat seemed perfect and reasonable. Everyone, including Yan Dongliu saw that Yuan Chengjun used all his might in the fight. However, the cunning trick of the duo couldn't escape Jiang Chen's eyes.

He was able to see it clearly that Yuan Chengjun didn't exert all of his power in that last attack. Although his Qi might indicate that, if he exerted all of his power in that last attack, even if he couldn't defeat Huang Haofei, he wouldn't be defeated so quickly. All these conspiracy was targeted towards Jiang Chen. In order to get rid of Jiang Chen, Yuan Chengjun had gambled the future of the Prefecture, perhaps he had already lost his loyalty to the Prefecture.

"Haha! Brother Yan, I feel sorry for you. It seems like Huang Family is going to get the ore mine today."

Huang Ying laughed loudly. His current mood could be described as incomparably delighted. There was no way that he wouldn't be happy imagining about getting the ore mine soon.

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