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Being Caught in One's Own Trap

9/14 chapter!


After listening to what Jiang Chen said, the five ancestors exclaimed. Their expression turned incomparably ugly. Given their experience and wisdom, they naturally knew that Jiang Chen wasn't lying. It was the only possible explanation to the current situation. No matter how heaven defying Jiang Chen was, it was impossible for him to advance to the peak of Ninth Grade Great Saint within such a short period of time, unless something aided him—the Immortal Mark.

"You're able to refine the Immortal Mark?"

Fifth Ancestor asked in an angry tone blended with regret.

"That's right."

A voice sounded, then a withered old monk materialized in the sky. It was Ancestor Greenlotus. After coming out of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and looking at his surroundings, he heaved a huge sigh of relief after a being imprisoned for a hundred years.


Tyrant, who was in Desolate Palace, immediately called out to Ancestor Greenlotus. Although the current Ancestor Greenlotus didn't look the same as the statue in Greenlotus Mountain, both of them had the same charisma. That's why Tyrant was able to identify the old man as his grandmaster on the first sight.

"Greenlotus, you plotted against us?" Fifth Ancestor said furiously.


Ancestor Greenlotus put his palms together instead of replying to Fifth Ancestor. At this moment, enormous changes started to take place inside his body. A layer of golden light was radiating from the surface of his body. To one's surprise, his withered body was being rejuvenated.

In this short period of time, his appearance also started to change, from a withered old monk to a middle-aged robust monk with glittering eyes. His current cultivation base was at the peak of half-step Human Immortal. In just a few days' time, he would turn into a Human Immortal and ascend to the Immortal World. 

"I didn't expect Grandmaster to be so handsome."

Tyrant beamed. At first, he felt sorry for Ancestor Greenlotus the moment he saw his withered appearance. He thought that it was pitiful that his grandmaster had lost all of his glory and became a dying old man. However, the instant transformation of Ancestor Greenlotus shocked him. 

"Greenlotus, I have never thought that you have been hiding your cultivation base all these years. However, I'm curious about how you were still able cultivate even after your Immortal Soul was broken,"  said First Ancestor.

Over the years, they had always regarded Ancestor Greenlotus as a half-crippled man. The only reason they kept him alive was because of the Immortal Mark that was in his possession. They had not thought that he wasn't actually withering and dying, but had been restoring his cultivation base instead. If he wasn't imprisoned in the secret chamber, he would've ascended to the Human Immortal realm long ago.

"You don't have the wisdom to understand my cultivation method. The biggest mistake you made was to let me treat Jiang Chen. It gave me the chance to act." Ancestor Greenlotus said sarcastically, not attempting to hide any of his intentions anymore.

"It's not possible. The Immortal Mark signifies the law of the Immortal World. It couldn't be refined so easily." Fifth Ancestor said in disbelief.

"In this world, there are things that you cannot judge with common sense. There are some people who can always create miracles and Jiang Chen is one of them. He is an individual that has great luck. So, it wasn't strange that he could refine the Immortal Mark. Anyhow, I was just making a gamble, fortunately, it turned out well." Ancestor Greenlotus said with a snicker. 

The fact that Jiang Chen didn't die and was able to reincarnate was enough to show how great his luck was. If Jiang Chen wasn't able to refine the Immortal Mark, Greenlutos was afraid that no one else throughout the entire Saint Origin World would able to do so.

Although it was a huge bet, it still ended pretty well.

"How are you feeling right now? Are you regretting it now?" Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said flatly.

The sentence he spoke was like a thorn jabbing in the ancestors' hearts, causing them to spurt out a mouthful of blood. It would be a lie if they said that they didn't regret it, particularly Fifth Ancestor, the one who suggested of uncovering Jiang Chen's secrets, which turned out to be a foolish decision. This had given Jiang Chen and Ancestor Greenlotus the chance to reverse their situation. They all felt so frustrated for stepping into their own trap.    

"Haha! Jiang Chen, it is true that we have given you the chance to turn the tides, but don't get all over yourself. You think that your current level is enough to defeat us? How ridiculous is that? You have no idea how powerful a Human Immortal is. Despite how strong you have become, you won't be a match for a Human Immortal. You are courting death not taking advantage of the Immortal Mark." Fifth Ancestor laughed and said. 

It didn't concern him that Jiang Chen had advanced to another level, his opponent was just a Ninth Grade Great Saint after all. In their point of view, a Great Saint absolutely wouldn't be a match for a Human Immortal, let alone five Human Immortals.

"Old man, cut your c.r.a.p. I can kill you in just a single move. You Human Immortals are as fragile as insects to me. I used the Immortal Mark to stop any of you from ascending to the Immortal World because I don't want you to escape your death today."

Jiang Chen's Qi was domineering. It was impossible for him to let any of the five ancestors go. Besides, none of the early-stage Human Immortal was his opponent.

"Greenlotus, I need you to save the people below and gain control of Desolate Palace. Leave these five old men to me," said Jiang Chen to Ancestor Greenlotus.


Ancestor Greenlotus vanished in a flash and appeared to where the other experts were held captive. After freeing all of them from their imprisonment, they all turned somewhat savage, but instead of attacking the remaining army of Desolate Palace, they focused their attention on the battle between Jiang Chen and the five ancestors.

They weren't idiots. They knew that their fates solely depended on Jiang Chen's performance. If he killed the five ancestors, Desolate Palace would face their end, but if he failed to defeat them and was killed instead, the fate of the three palaces would remain unchanged.

"Do you think Jiang Chen can kill the five ancestors, the five mighty Human Immortals?"

"Don't worry. I have faith in Jiang Chen. He has already created too many miracles, and given his present cultivation base, it won't be a problem for him to kill those five ancestors."

"The fate of our palaces is now in his hands. If he eliminated those Human Immortals with his present cultivation base, he will become the greatest cultivator in the history of Saint Origin World."

All of them were tensed up, worrying about the final outcome of their fate. 

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