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Battling the Eighth Guardian

Second Guardian was feeling extremely annoyed because Jiang Chen was right. Despite being the strongest cultivator in Desolate army, he wouldn't dare to attack and put Desolate Emperor's life at stake. Although he was seeing Jiang Chen for the first time, he could tell that Jiang Chen was a man that was absolutely ruthless. So, arguing with him using reasons wouldn't work. Moreover, he wouldn't doubt that Jiang Chen would kill Desolate Emperor the moment he attacked.

"Jiang Chen, this stalemate isn't doing you any good either. You are a smart person, you should be able to see the current situation clearly. Desolate Palace has already dominated the majority of the palaces. What you are doing is just making unnecessary struggle. It is totally pointless."

A half-step Human Immortal Supreme Elder of Desolate Palace spoke. In the seven major palaces, half-step Human Immortals would be regarded as old ancestor, but in Desolate Palace, half-step Human Immortal was called Supreme Elder.

"This stalemate really is pointless. I do have a good solution to this problem."

Said Jiang Chen with a smile.

"Try and enlighten me."

Said the Supreme Elder.

"I heard that Desolate Palace has secretly trained a large number of peerless geniuses. I would like to see how strong they really are. Among the young generation of Desolate Palace, you can pick anyone to fight me expect for Second Guardian, because I'm not a fool. I won't choose an opponent I can't defeat. What do you think?"

Said Jiang Chen. There was slyness hidden deep in his eyes. Anyone who understood him would know that he was up to some kind of scheme.

His words stunned all the higher ups from both sides. No one would imagine that Jiang Chen would declare a challenge against their geniuses at this point in time.

"Jiang Chen, don't act recklessly. Now that Desolate Emperor is in our hands, we have a bargaining chip. Although you are powerful enough to defeat Ninth Grade Great Saint, it doesn't mean that your strength is enough to match the Twelve Guardians."

Gu Firmament murmured.

"That's right Jiang Chen. It's not wise to fight their geniuses at this time."

Heavenly Peng King warned.

Jiang Chen waved his hand to stop Bin Changxiao who was about to blurt out another word. He had his own plans because he was crystal clear about the internal forces of Desolate Palace. With the existence of Human Immortal behind their backs, they wouldn't give up their plan to dominate Saint Origin World easily. Therefore, it was a joke to stop their footsteps using Desolate Emperor.

Gu Firmament didn't know about the Human Immortal in Desolate Palace, so they would think that having Desolate Emperor in custody would allow them to negotiate with Desolate Palace. In truth, Desolate Emperor might not weigh as heavy as they thought. So, he needed to use other methods to stall for time which would allow him to grow further.

Additionally, as a compet.i.tive cultivator, he wanted to see how strong the Twelve Guardians were. Though he didn't have high confidence in defeating Second Guardian, he was sure that he could fight against the other geniuses.

After seeing what happened, Gu Firmament and the others stopped talking. Even though they were clueless about why Jiang Chen was doing this, they understood that Jiang Chen wasn't a reckless man. He was a man who always acted cautiously. Plus, not even the old ancestor calculated that he was the decisive variable. As such, all they could do was watch how Jiang Chen deal with these geniuses.

"Ha-ha! Jiang Chen, I never thought that you would come up with such a solution. And you seem very confident, which makes it incomparably laughable. Do you think you can fight against the Thirteen Guardians? It seems like you don't have any idea of the horror of the Thirteen Guardians."

Second Guardian laughed aloud. After listening to Jiang Chen's solution, he couldn't help but sneer at him. The thirteen guardians grew up together. So he knew very well how strong they were. Describing every guardian as a half-step Human Immortal wasn't excessive at all. If Jiang Chen thought that he had the power to defeat the Thirteen Guardians after defeating Desolate Emperor, it would only sound exceedingly ridiculous. 

Not just Second Guardian, even the half-step Human Immortal Supreme Elders smiled delightfully. He wanted to fight the guardians of Desolate Palace? They really had no idea what was he thinking. Was it because he was overly confident or was his brain cells already fried up?  

"I just want to see how powerful your guardians are. I hope they won't disappoint me."

Jiang Chen shrugged. He then continued. "If I win, Desolate Palace must withdraw themselves from the war, and never come back to invade the three major palaces again. If I lose, I will release Desolate Emperor and the fate of the three major palaces will follow the Heaven's will. What do you think?"

Jiang Chen set out his own terms. Judging from the current situation, Jiang Chen's terms and conditions sounded logical and reasonable. So, Desolate Palace wouldn't be able to see through his plans. As Jiang Chen was standing on the three palaces' side, the terms he set naturally would be in their favor.

"Alright then, let's do it as you suggested. If the guardian loses the fight, Desolate Palace will retreat. If you lose, hand over Desolate Emperor and the three palaces will suffer a terrible fate."

The half-step Human Immortal Supreme Elder agreed to the terms without hesitation. They had great confidence in the twelve guardians. If their Ninth Grade Great Saint guardian couldn't even take down a Sixth Grade Great Saint like Jiang Chen, the only explanation was that Jiang Chen was too heaven defying, but they certainly didn't believe that Jiang Chen could be so heaven defying.

"Bring it on."

Jiang Chen's body flashed, stepping out of Gu Palace' camp. He handed Desolate Emperor to a Supreme Elder of Desolate Palace. With the half-step Human Immortal watching Desolate Emperor, he wouldn't worry that the palace master would create any trouble.

In his half-dragon form, his combat power increased tenfold. The total number of dragon marks in his body was 91 500, five hundred more to advance to the Seventh Grade Great Saint. His current cultivation base had hit the peak of the Sixth Grade Great Saint. Therefore,  his cultivation base combined with the dragon transformation, he outmatched all the Ninth Grade Great Saints. He wouldn't even put those guardians who had the combat power of half-step Human Immortal in his eyes. With his endless techniques and mountains of combat experience, it was enough to cope with these guardians. Besides, it was also his desire to fight these guardians.

"Who will come and fight me?"

Jiang Chen's Qi fluctuated. A blood-red Qi hovered above his head. It was no doubt the living blood-red dragon. He just stood there, looking so domineering that no one could ignore his existence. At this moment, it seemed like Jiang Chen had become the only existence under the Heavens. A brilliant light radiated out from his body that the onlookers couldn't look at him directly.

"I will fight you."

One of the twelve guardians stood out. Amongst the thirteen guardians, there were two female guardians. The one who stood out was a female in red dress. She was the Eighth Guardian. She had a slender and graceful figure. Her fair face was filled with pride. Undeniably, she was a rare beauty.

However, she was a p.r.i.c.kly beauty. It was hard enough to stay near her. Her might made people around her dared not to disrespect her. So, the people around her could only look at her in awe and respect.

"This kid is finished. Eighth Sister's Red Rhomboid Flute has reached the acme of perfection, the sound and rhythm are so unpredictable that they can penetrate the enemy's soul. Most people simply can't bear it."

One guardian among the twelve said sneeringly.

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