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The Sixth Level of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da


A clamour broke out from the surrounding devils all of a sudden. Their faces changed dramatically. They naturally knew that this was a horrifying young man or else he wouldn't have killed Sang Ba, but they couldn't imagine that this youth had reached such incredible extent that killing an Eighth Grade Devil Saint was just a matter of seconds.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't as easy for Jiang Chen to kill an Eighth Grade Great Saint without the dragon transformation. But dealing with devils was a completely different case. He possessed the natural advantage of suppression against the devils. So, any devil who encountered him would be doomed.


Jiang Chen laughed aloud. Terrifying waves of Qi rushed towards and attacked all the devils around him. He was like a dragon in the ocean that its casual move could overturn a portion of the sea. He was unrivalled and no one could stop his attacks.

Wails were incessant, blood was splattered all over the place. Bunch of devils were dying miserably and powerlessly. It was a one-sided ma.s.sacre. Jiang Chen now looked like the incarnation of the War G.o.d. If this continued at this rate, all the devils wouldn't be enough for him to slaughter.

"Chief Mo Zun, this man is overpowering. His cultivation method seems to have special suppression effect against us, even stronger than the suppression effect of Buddha Sect."

The higher ups of the devil army changed their expression.

"We'll eliminate this man together."

Mo Zun's expression changed as well, but he had a n.o.ble bloodline and powerful cultivation base, so he wasn't as scared. Furthermore, they had lots of experts with them. He didn't believe that they couldn't get rid just one human brat.

A black devil weapon rushed out of his head. It was a saw-tooth mace that illuminated black light and was covered with complicated devil marks that looked dreadful. He raised the mace high, and locked on Jiang Chen's Qi before he lunged ferociously at him.

At the same time, two other Eighth Grade Devil Saints attacked. Three attacks lunged at Jiang Chen at three different directions.

"You have come at the right time. All of you will become the nourishment for my advancement."

Jiang Chen's eyes glittered out seven-colored lights. Confronting the three powerful Eighth Grade Devil Saints didn't scare him, instead, it excited him tremendously. To him, these powerful Devil Saints were the high quality fuel for the condensation of the paG.o.da.

Of the three Eighth Grade Devil Saints, two of them were just sidekicks that could be instantly killed by Jiang Chen. The devil chief, however, was stronger as he had reached the peak of Eighth Grade Great Saint, which was only a step away from the Ninth Grade Great Saint. Moreover, the bloodline he possessed was higher than the others. In the Devil Race, the higher the bloodline, the greater the combat power.

Of course, even greater devil bloodline couldn't escape from the suppression of Jiang Chen's dragon transformation skill and True Dragon Fire as well as True Thunderfire. Ultimately, the devil would face the one outcome which was death.

*Hong Long…*

As the saw-tooth mace struck down, terrifying devil waves turned into a stretch of mountain full of evil stench that shuddered people's soul. Without the half-dragon form, Jiang Chen decided not to meet this attack head-on. He used the Spatial Shift while the Flaming Wings materialized behind his back. Under the compounded effect of both abilities, he vanished in a swoosh, fleeing out of the range of the saw-tooth mace instantly. 

In the next moment, he appeared before a sidekick Eighth Grade Devil Saint. Due to he was moving too fast, the Devil Saint didn't have time to respond. A slash of the Heavenly Saint Sword was made, cutting off the head of the Eighth Grade Devil Saint with a splash. An opening was stretched from the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to swallow the corpse like food.

"What?!" Seeing the situation, the other sidekick Eighth Grade Devil Saint exclaimed. Without any delay, he turned and charged.

"You too are not my opponent," said Jiang Chen indifferently. 

The surface of the Heavenly Saint Sword was covered with gold-red flames. One sword strike slashed away the devil weapon the devil was holding and another sword strike impaled his skull.


Destructive force burst out of the sword and the skull of the Devil Saint exploded, turning into a mist of blood. The whole scene looked extremely gruesome and b.l.o.o.d.y. Every essence left in the dead Eighth Grade Devil Saint was absorbed by the paG.o.da in just an instant.

"Dammit! This man is only a Fifth Grade Great Saint but why is he so powerful?!"

The expression of the devil chief finally changed completely. He knew that he had underestimated this human brat from the very beginning. Two out of three were killed even if they were attacking him simultaneously. Where was fairness? Judging by the youth's ferocious look, he was afraid that he couldn't stand a chance in the fight.


That devil chief wasn't a fool. Knowing that he was no match for Jiang Chen, he might as well flee now, but Jiang Chen wouldn't give him such a chance. His Five Elemental Power Spheres spread out so fast it had fully encompa.s.sed the devil chief before he could run away.

By this time, there wasn't much Jiang Chen had to be concerned of anymore though he had exposed a lot of his skills. He wasn't worried that people would discover about his true ident.i.ty either. Now that the battlefield was in chaos and he was located at the center of the devil army, his ident.i.ty shouldn't be exposed even if he used some powerful skill. 

"What a powerful domain! It can trap me!"

The devil chief felt a strong sense of danger after falling into the Five Elemental Power Spheres. He also felt as if he had fallen into the bottom of the valley.

"You attacked first, so why are you leaving now?"

Jiang Chen stood before the devil chief holding the sword; his body was filled with dense killing intent.

"Devilish Army, attack!"

Without wasting time on the pointless conversation, the devil chief burst into a rage. The saw-tooth mace shuddered, shaking the sky above. Violent devil Qi filled the Five Elemental Power Spheres. Roars reverberated through the black devil waves as if there were tens of thousands of horrifying devils roaring at the same time. Such sound alone would make anyone feel unwell.

However, Jiang Chen was unaffected. He swiped the Heavenly Saint Sword that now carried bright flames, slashing the darkness into half. Tens of thousands of devils were pulverized immediately. The devil chief went backwards due to the impact and a large hole appeared in his chest. Devil blood was gushing out.

"No, I won't die so easily. I possess the Ancient Devil Bloodline."

The devil chief turned frenzied but his combat power had been sharply reduced. He was powerless in confronting Jiang Chen who was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy.

"Die now."

Jiang Chen moved once more. Integrating himself with the sword, they turned into a dazzling lightning. With a flash, the head of the devil chief disappeared. Then, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da opened large enough to devour the corpse of the devil.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The paG.o.da trembled once more. It underwent a transformation after absorbing three Eighth Grade Devil Saints. The condensation jumped from the 5th level to the 6th level. The 6th level was completely condensed. By looking at the paG.o.da closely, there was a lifelike dragon mark carved on the surface now. It looked ancient and n.o.ble, extraordinary and mysterious. 

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