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Crazily Domineering

The 2nd!

Dense overbearing Qi poured out from Jiang Chen's body like a tidal wave. He stood in the void with his heroic Qi piercing through the sky. His black hair fluttered with the wind. His hand was holding the dragon sword. He looked like a peerless war G.o.d that had just descended to the world, so dazzling that no one dared to stare directly at him.

Around 40 Sixth Grade Great Saints had surrounded him tightly. The void around had turned viscous and was thoroughly sealed, leaving not a single crevice on the surface. The Sky Integration Grand Formation occupied the sky above and radiated a brilliant light. Each one of these Sixth Grade Great Saints showed a tense and grim face. It only showed how much they feared Jiang Chen, and how much they wanted to kill him.

"Little Chen, it looks very powerful."

Looking at the situation, Han Yan couldn't help sighing.

"Nonsense. Could the Sky Integration Grand Formation that was created by dozens of Sixth Grade Great Saints be a weak formation? Ah Yan, you have been injured quite badly, go into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and treat your injuries first. Leave these people to me." Jiang Chen said.

"Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da?"

Han Yan was baffled. But the blame wasn't on him, it was Jiang Chen who didn't tell him about it. Therefore, it was normal that Han Yan had no knowledge about this paG.o.da.

Jiang Chen tore open an opening for Han Yan to enter. At the moment, Han Yan had been seriously injured. Plus the fact that he didn't have a very high cultivation base, he wouldn't be of any help fighting in this grand formation, probably, he would lose his life too.

"Jiang Chen, use your transformation skill. I would like to see how will you defend against the Sky Integration Grand Formation with your strength alone."

Desolate Yuntian's Qi rushed to the sky. The Sky Integration Grand Formation was perfectly deployed, which gave him a sense of relief, Jiang Chen was just too difficult to deal with. Jiang Chen had become so powerful that he could kill any of the Sixth Grade Great Saints here, including Desolate Yuntian. As such, they had to use the Sky Integration Grand Formation to eliminate him. As long as Jiang Chen was captured, he would be eliminated. 

One should know that these 40 experts were the higher ups of the higher ups. They were the true pinnacle existence. With all of them combined together, deploying the Sky Integration Grand Formation, no one knew how terrifying its power would be. Even a powerful Seventh Grade Great Saint wouldn't be able to withstand its blows if he was caught in this formation. Even if the Great Saint could stay alive, his skin would be peeled off.

"Dealing with you all doesn't require me to transform."

The long sword in Jiang Chen's hand buzzed. The aura coming from all over his body projected his astounding self-confidence.

"Arrogance! I will kill you now!"

Desolate Yuntian bellowed. His Qi rose again by a notch. In a few blinks' of time, his power rose to a shocking degree. In this instant, the dozens of Sixth Grade Great Saints integrated their combat power into his body, enhancing his combat power to an unknown level.

"Heaven Splitting Divine Claw!"

Desolate Yuntian's voice rolled like thunder. All of his power materialised into a giant and majestic ancient savage beast which only had the outline of its shape; its face was vague. However, its claws were distinct and incomparably sharp. The Heaven Splitting Divine Claw could tear open even the sky.

This was a great technique of the Desolate Family, or at least one of the pinnacle Saint combat technique. It wasn't inferior to Jiang Chen's past life combat technique—The Profound Nine Solar Finger.

Jiang Chen's facial expression slightly changed. He knew this technique very well. That year, when he fought against the old ancestor of the Desolate Family, his opponent used this exact same technique. If this technique was only casted by Desolate Yuntian, he wouldn't need to worry about it and could straightway crush it. However, this was casted from the combined power of 40 Sixth Grade Great Saints, it was another matter. This would certainly increase the power of the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw enormously. Even Jiang Chen couldn't help but take this seriously.

"This is too strong. The power of the Sky Integration Grand Formation is unpredictable. This combat technique encompa.s.ses the combat power of 40 Great Saints. I'm afraid that I will die instantly under this attack. Jiang Chen is being careless this time." Gu Xuantian said with unparalleled concern.

"That's right, Jiang Chen was too confident. He shouldn't have let them finish deploying the grand formation. How terrifying was it when over dozens of Sixth Grade Great Saints combine their power. I'm afraid that even a Seventh Grade Great Saint will die more than nine times inside that formation."

Lang Xingtian's facial expression turned ugly. He had the same thought as Gu Xuantian. Jiang Chen was a smart person but he became too careless. His ability to instantly kill Sixth Grade Great Saints wouldn't allow him to defend against such a huge formation. Now that he had fallen into range of the grand formation, he had also fallen into a quandary.

Yet, a billowy combat power rushed out of Jiang Chen's body. The stronger the enemy, the more excited and fearless he becomes. The Heaven Splitting Divine Claw did not make him afraid and discouraged, instead, he felt even more alive.

"Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal!" Jiang Chen yelled. 

The powerful Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal was unleashed. More than a dozen colorful dragons charged out, like real ancient savage dragons, their presence immediately turned the entire battlefield dark.

*Hong Long…*

While everyone was shocked, the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal smashed violently against the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw. The ma.s.sive impact almost broke the surrounding viscous barrier.

The Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal was destroyed by the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw. Jiang Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face turned deathly pale. He suffered a slight injury from the collision just now, but it was just what he expected. After fusing their combat powers into the Sky Integration Grand Formation, Desolate Yuntian's strike was akin to the strike of a Seventh Grade Great Saint. With Jiang Chen's combat strength, he was no match for a Seventh Grade Great Saint unless he transformed.

"Look, Jiang Chen is injured. He is going down."

"Haha! That guy is too arrogant. He dares to compete with so many Sixth Grade Great Saints. Is this called courting death? This Sky Integration Grand Formation is really terrifying. One blow could already seriously injure him. It looks like he is going to die today, no doubt."

"He must be killed. He is just too horrifying. If he isn't killed today, he will become a great threat in the future."

The people of the six major families cheered at Jiang Chen's injury, his horrifying strength had left an indelible trauma in them, plus the fact that he could instantly kill four Sixth Grade Great Saints truly shocked them.

"Keep it up everyone. We'll take him down with this blow!"

Desolate Yuntian was exhilarated. The other Sixth Grade Great Saints were also glad to see Jiang Chen injured. They let out a long sigh of relief in their hearts. At least, now they knew that Jiang Chen wasn't invincible.

"Humph! You think this is going to injure me? I just want to know how powerful this Sky Integration Grand Formation is. In that case, I won't be courteous. Today, all of you will have to die."

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. Accompanied with a dragon's roar, he transformed. Both of his eyes turned bloodthirsty-red. One look from his eyes would give people the feeling of falling into the abyss. His combat power surged enormously and became ten times greater than before.

This wasn't very surprising to them, they already knew that Jiang Chen possessed this transformation skill. But then again, the thing that they couldn't accept was his recovery speed. It was just a few blinks of time, but his injuries that was caused by the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw were already fully healed. With Desolate Yuntian's eyesight, it was impossible for him not to see Jiang Chen's state; he was as good as new.

"Motherf*cker! How could there be such a crazy recovery rate? What kind of monstrous ability does this guy have?"

"Dammit! He heals too fast. The blow we sent just now didn't even pose a threat to him at all. If this continues, instead of killing him, we will wear ourselves out."

"His injuries were recovering too quickly. Now, with his half-dragon form, his combat power is ten times stronger, making it even harder to kill him. It looks like this is going to be a desperate fight."

Desolate Yuntian and the other Great Saints had an urge to spurt blood. However, they also knew Jiang Chen's methods and skills. Even his transformation skill was within their expectation. As such, they weren't afraid because they were highly confident in the Sky Integration Grand Formation. As long as Jiang Chen was injured continously, his combat power would gradually decline. At that rate, they would certainly wear him down to death, but Jiang Chen's rate of recovery was beyond their expectation. They still couldn't accept the fact that Jiang Chen was as good as new after the damage they had done to him.

Naturally, they didn't know that such injury was simply a hair to Jiang Chen. Every time his dragon transformation skill undergoes a transformation, his healing power would be enhanced by a notch. Plus the wood essence that he acquired, his body was simply immortal.

"Desolate Yuntian, attack again!"

Jiang Chen was arrogantly domineering.

"Heaven Splitting Divine Claw!" Desolate Yuntian roared. 

He struck with the same technique again. A giant image of an ancient savage beast and a huge gruesome claw materialized again, shrouding Jiang Chen in an instant.

As the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw was coming forth, Jiang Chen moved. He stepped out five steps in lightning speed. Every step created a hole in the void. The fifth step trampled the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw.

*Hong Long…"

A rumble was heard. Under the strong pressure of the Azure Dragon Five Steps, the Heaven Splitting Divine Claw was torn apart and turned into fragments. Desolate Yuntian's body trembled, including the entire Sky Integration Grand Formation. Each of their faces changed dramatically. One should know that this formation was created by dozens of Sixth Grade Great Saints. When Jiang Chen turned into his half-dragon form, he became so aggressive that he could even crush their attack and shake the entire grand formation.

"Haha! Desolate Yuntian, Shi Haotian, Narang Changtian, give me all you got. I would like to see how strong your abilities are. I, Jiang Chen, have a hundred ways of breaking your Sky Integration Grand Formation, but today, I will only use one way—that is to pulverise all of you and dispersing all of your combat powers."

Jiang Chen laughed wildly.

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