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Saving Face

The 7th!

Jiang Chen was currently in the limelight. It had been a very long time since there was such a remarkable young talent that appeared in Gu Palace. According to the norm, a fight between disciples wouldn't have attracted the presence of the higher ups, but now, many of them were present just to have a look on Jiang Chen.

At this moment, a powerful pressure suddenly spread out over the entire arena. Everyone stopped talking; each of their faces revealed a trace of awe. 

A figure materialized. He was Gu Firmament. He was floating in the sky above the martial arena. He stood there without saying a word. He represented n.o.bility and authority. It was the symbol of status. In Gu Palace, no one would be able to shake his position. He was the absolute lord.

Of course, Gu Firmament wasn't the only mighty Ninth Grade Great Saint in Gu Palace. There were a few elders who also had that cultivation. There were some old fogeys with peak Great Saint cultivation base that had secluded themselves to concentrate on breaking through into the immortal realm. Some of these old fogeys had become famous back when Jiang Chen reigned over the Saint Origin World. They wouldn't appear unless Gu Palace faced a critical situation.

"Look, even the place master has arrived. It only showed how important Gu Chen has become. If it was during ordinary times, such a battle would surely not attract the attention of the palace master even if there was a loss of life."

"That's of course. Gu Chen has helped the palace master gain tremendous reputation and won him the seat of the Law Enforcement Palace master. How could the palace master not attach great importance to such a rare genius?"

"Originally, it was only a battle between the disciples of the Outer Palace and Inner Palace. However, because of the palace master's arrival, the battle had just become a major event in Gu Palace. Besides, so many elders have come, they are really treating this event as something important."

The appearance of Gu Firmament showed the importance of the battle, but many of them were aware that the battle was caused by the internal conflicts between the inner and Outer Palace. It would benefit Gu Palace greatly if this conflict was resolved today.

"Gu Chen, Gu Lian, step into the battle platform now." Gu Firmament said.

As soon as his voice faded, Jiang Chen's figure appeared on the battle platform. The crowd's gaze shifted to Gu Lian, expecting that he wouldn't dare fight but would admit his defeat, going up there would only bring him disgrace.

However, Gu Lian's facial expression remained unchanged. With a leap, he stood on the platform, opposite of Jiang Chen.

"You have guts," said Jiang Chen truthfully. 

Gu Lian would certainly not be looked down when he dared to step into the platform. If he was replaced by another person, that person would surely lose his courage to step into the platform after hearing that Jiang Chen killed Desolate Yitang; Gu Liang didn't show a single sign of fear and his demeanor was as natural as usual.

"Gu Chen, I know that I am not your opponent and may even not withstand a single strike from you. However, incompetence and not having the courage to fight are two different things. I, Gu Lian, have decided to come up on this platform because I would like to see how you, a mere Second Grade Great Saint, were able to kill Desolate Yitang. I would like to experience how powerful the number one genius of Gu Palace is." Gu Lian said loudly.

"Good. Brother Gu Lian does have the boldness. Being defeated and not having the courage to fight are two different things. We surely can't back away because of fear."

"That's right. It won't be a disgrace even if Brother Gu Lian lost, we certainly won't look down on him, and we'll respect him instead."

"That's of course, if it had been me, I wouldn't have the guts to stand on that platform. I would just admit defeat."

The crowd was praising Gu Lian for his action and courage.

"Gu Chen, come on. Borneo Divine Palm!"

Gu Lian exerted his Qi to the maximum, causing the Qi of a Fourth Grade Great Saint to linger in the air above the platform. Borneo Divine Palm was his greatest combat technique. He knew in his heart that he was not an opponent of Gu Chen, so he struck with his most powerful attack, leaving no regrets behind even if he lost.

*Hong Long…*

A rumble rang in the void. A huge golden palm was formed by Gu Lian, covering the sky, trying to enshroud everything beneath. Many were startled. If they were ordinary people, they would have been crushed by that terrifying force.

*Pa Pa!*

Golden glow appeared above Jiang Chen's fist and a thunderous sound was heard. Brilliant light radiated from his eyes. In just a few seconds, a punch smashed against the Borneo Divine Palm.

This was just a simple physical attack that incorporated no combat art. A Second Grade Great Saint was using his bare fist to fight the most powerful combat technique of a Fourth Grade Great Saint. In a situation like this, it's either the Second Grade Great Saint was an idiot or he was extremely confident.

Jiang Chen naturally wasn't an idiot, anyone who thought so would be dumbfounded.

Jiang Chen's fist contained explosive energy. It collided violently with the Borneo Divine Palm. Raging energy spilled out from the impact, turning the atmosphere above the platform manic.

In every one's astonished eyes, the mighty Borneo Divine Palm was pierced through by Jiang Chen's punch, and was shattered into countless of golden fragments, vanishing in the void.

*Deng Deng Deng!*

Gu Lian suffered a great backlash and moved three paces back to regain his balance. These three paces had brought him to the edge of the platform.

"That's awesome! It seems like it was no accident that Gu Chen killed Desolate Yitang."

"Yeah. He is merely using his physique to defeat Brother Gu Lian. This kind of power is beyond logic. Aside from that, did you all notice that Gu Chen only used a single punch to face Brother Gu Lian's technique, instead of using any of his powerful combat techniques? That's because he wanted to give Brother Gu Lian some face."

"That's right. Brother Gu Lian is fighting on behalf of the Inner Palace. If he were beaten too badly, it would put all the faces of the Inner Palace to shame, igniting the anger and resentment inside of them. Gu Chen's method helped Brother Gu Lian save some face, he really has good intentions and is very empathic."

Many of them were able to see Gu Chen's intention. If he acted just like three days before, trampling Gu Lian with his foot, it would undoubtedly humiliate all the geniuses of Inner Palace in front of everyone's eyes. This would certainly not alleviate the internal conflicts in Gu Palace, but would make things worse instead. It would arouse resentment and make people feel that Gu Chen was unapproachable.

Gu Firmament and most of the elders nodded, appreciative of Gu Chen's efforts.

Gu Lian couldn't help but shake his head. He understood how strong Gu Chen's power was after that collision. It also meant that one of his wishes was fulfilled.    

Gu Lian clasped his fists at Jiang Chen. "Gu Chen, you are truly strong. I admit my defeat. Thank you for giving the Inner Palace some face."

Gu Lian wasn't a fool. How could he not see that Gu Chen intentionally held back his attack? If Gu Chen was really truthful in his attack, could he still stand on this platform, intact?

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