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After-Three-Days Battle Agreement

As a matter of fact, Fifth Grade Great Saints were commonly seen in Gu Palace. These four elders were merely of the lower rank. Judging by Gu Rong and Gu Zhen's clash of opinions, it was conceivable that such conflicts also existed among the higher ups.

The contradiction happened not only between the disciples, but also the Outer Palace and Inner Palace. The disciples of Inner Palace always thought that they were high and mighty geniuses, and looked down on the disciples of Outer Palace. Due to the disciples of Outer Palace also being  members of Gu Family, naturally they wouldn't feel convinced by such a treatment. As such, the conflict between them grew deeper.

"Okay! You two, stop arguing!" Another elder said with a frown. "What's the difference between the two of you arguing here and them battling here? I believe that you all know very well that the conflicts between the inner and Outer Palace aren't matters of a day or two days of late. It has been unresolved until now. Today, on Gu Chen's arrival, it had erupted, but it's good that it finally reveals itself because this kind of relationship is unhealthy to Gu Palace after all. Now that the matter has shown itself, before it goes out of our control, we will have to resolve it as soon as possible. Gu Lian, Gu Chen, how do you want to solve it?"

The man who was talking was called Gu w.a.n.g. Among the elders, he had a greater influence. Jiang Chen couldn't help but to admire him, thinking that Gu Palace still had people who could discern the underlying problems in the palace. Jiang Chen believed that there were still lots of higher ups who were also worrying about the internal conflicts in Gu Palace, with none of them had figured out a good way to stop it.

"Elder Gu w.a.n.g, I will have a battle with Gu Chen. If Gu Chen is defeated, everyone from Outer Palace, including Gu Chen has to apologize to Gu Lang and the others and from now on, every disciple of Outer Palace has to avoid members of the Inner Palace whenever they see us," said Gu Lian.

"Gu Lian, you, a Fourth Grade Great Saint, surely has such a thick skin to challenge a First Grade Great Saint."

Gu Zheng made a cold humph.

Elder Gu w.a.n.g waved his hand to stop Gu Zheng. He looked over at Jiang Chen. "Gu Chen, are you willing to accept the challenge of Gu Lian?"

"Of course I am willing to accept it, but I have conditions."

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at the four elders.

"What conditions?"

Elder Gu w.a.n.g nodded admiringly for a First Grade Great Saint accepting the challenge of a Fourth Grade Great Saint without even taking a moment to consider it. This decisive act alone was enough to win his praise. Moreover, he had heard that not even Gu Lang was a match for him. For a genius like him, even if he was from Pure Land, Gu Palace would need to take him seriously.

"If I lose, I will do whatever Gu Lian said and compensate them with huge amounts of wealth. From then on, wherever the people of Inner Palace are, we, the people of Outer Palace must avoid meeting them in person, but if I win, I want nothing but the dignity and status for the people of the Outer Palace. That's what I am fighting for. I hope that if I win, from now on, there will be no more distinction and inequality between the Outer Palace and Inner Palace," said Jiang Chen. 

He wasn't only speaking to the four elders, but also to the geniuses of Inner Palace. One should know that gaining back status and dignity couldn't be decided by the elders. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been internal conflicts within the elders either.

"Haha! You must be kidding. Gu Chen, you can't beat me. If you really beat me in the battle, then I, Gu Lian, will be the first to serve you, and the people of Inner Palace won't be looking down at the people of Outer Palace anymore."

Gu Lian laughed aloud, but his tone was grim.

"Yes, as long as he can defeat Brother Gu Lian, we will all recognize you people from the Outer Palace."

Someone from Inner Palace shouted. As a matter of fact, today's battle had changed their opinion of the disciples of Outer Palace, especially Gu Chen who had impressed countless of them. If Gu Chen was able to defeat a Fourth Grade Great Saint with the strength of a First Grade Great Saint, he would be regarded as the top genius of Gu Palace. Someone like him was going to shake even the higher ups.

Furthermore, this genius was from the Pure Land instead of their own Inner Palace. Thus, his victory would s.n.a.t.c.h away all their rights of looking down upon the people of Outer Palace.

"Very well, since you all have agreed to use this way to settle things, three days later, on the martial arena of Gu Palace, Gu Lian and Gu Chen are going to have a battle to determine the stronger one among them. There will be lots of spectators at that time. There will even be some higher ups secretly paying close attention to you two. Now, I am giving you all three days of preparation."

Elder Gu w.a.n.g finished his words and left with the other three elders.

As to why Elder Gu w.a.n.g had to delay the battle until three days later, it wasn't because he wanted to stop Gu Chen and Gu Lian from immediately battling. These three days were mainly for the news of this battle to be spread out to everyone, to let them know that this was a battle relating to the internal conflict between the Inner Palace and Outer Palace. Once the higher ups knew about this, they would surely partic.i.p.ate, as the significance of this battle was not ordinary. The more people watched the battle, the better it was for Gu Palace.

The time had come for the internal conflicts of Gu Palace to be resolved. Therefore, no matter who won or lost in the battle, it would be beneficial to Gu Palace. If Gu Chen won, the internal conflict of Gu Palace would be settled and from then on, the disciples of Outer Palace would gain back their dignity and status. The disciples of Inner Palace wouldn't go and oppress them anymore, strengthening the solidarity of the entire Gu Palace. In addition, Gu Chen's fame was going to skyrocket after the victory and he would certainly be well nurtured by Gu Palace.

On the other hand, if Gu Lian won the battle, the internal conflict would escalate to the surface. The disciples of Outer Palace would become more and more powerless and perhaps plenty of the disciples of Outer Palace would return to Pure Land. Thereafter, Gu Palace would no longer accept the talents from Pure Land and also Gu Family and Gu Palace would be thoroughly separated. Even though this was considered a heartless act, Gu Palace would soon be as strongly bonded as steel, leaving no room for any potential internal conflict.

Gu w.a.n.g was a wise man. In fact, many of them weren't fools as well. They were able discern the situation clearly, including Jiang Chen and Gu Lian. Thus, everyone understood the reason for the three days delay.

"Gu Chen, if I were you, I would admit defeat straightaway so that I won't lose face three days later." Said Gu Lian.

"We'll know who will lose his face on that day."

Jiang Chen's face was full of disdain. This three days time was actually a good thing for him. Without a doubt, defeating Gu Lian without the transformation wasn't an easy task.  Now that he had three extra days, he hoped that he could raise his strength to a higher level before the battle. If he could advance to Second Grade Great Saint, it would become effortless to defeat Gu Lian.

Jiang Chen's current cultivation grade was a peak First Grade Great Saint, which left him only 500 dragon marks more to achieve the advancement. He now needed only an opportunity or luck to break through into the next level.

Gu Lian left with the geniuses of Inner Palace. Since the battle has been decided, there was no point in staying here. Plus, they weren't welcome by the people here. As for Gu Lang and those whose legs had been broken by Gu Chen, they had also flown away to join the group. To any Great Saint cultivator, having one leg broken wasn't a serious injury.

As Jiang Chen landed from the sky, the group from Outer Palace immediately surrounded him.

"That's amazing! Marvelous! Gu Chen, you are so awesome, even that Gu Lang b.a.s.t.a.r.d has his leg broken by you. It was just so relieving. Just now I calculated that there were at least 30 of them whose legs have been broken. I would like to see whether they dare to express their arrogance to us anymore."

"Yeah! We have been nursing this grudge for very long and today, we are able to let it off. Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of Inner Palace are only that powerful. I don't fear them anymore in a battle."

"We will follow Gu Chen from now on. If it wasn't for him, we won't have such a satisfying day."

Comments and remarks filled the silence. Everyone looked dynamic and vigorous, as if the adrenaline shot was still in effect in their bodies, as they thought about the battle just now. As for the ruined buildings, it was nothing to them. All of them were Great Saint cultivators, and rebuilding the courtyard and rooms were going to take them mere minutes. Even creating a small spatial zone wouldn't be a problem for them.

The feeling was too awesome. At this time, everyone had the utmost admiration for Gu Chen and had unknowingly made Gu Chen their representative and leader. The saying said that the strong will be respected in this world. If it wasn't for Gu Chen's arrival, their lives would still be as usual, the lives where they would be disdained and bullied.

"But Gu Chen, that Gu Lian is a very difficult opponent. Do you have certainty in winning your battle?" Gu Liuying frowned and said. 

The others shifted their gaze to Gu Chen. Although they had felt great from today's battle, the true show had not started yet. Three days later would be the real deal of the matter. If Gu Chen lost, their status wouldn't get any modification.

"Rest a.s.sured, brothers. I will surely defeat Gu Lian and regain the dignity of Outer Palace. This is a battle of dignity. Our dignity can never be trampled on by someone so easily."

Jiang Chen's expression turned grim, and his eyes were cold. The aura that he exuded was unlimited confidence as if it came straight from his bones, affecting all the people around without them knowing.

"Alright, Gu Chen. We believe in you!" Gu Liuhui shouted. 

After all, they had witnessed Gu Chen's strength just a while ago. Despite the fact that there was a great difference of grade between Gu Chen and Gu Lian, it didn't mean Gu Chen had no chance of winning at all.

Furthermore, they could only believe in Gu Chen in such a situation. Besides trusting and praying for him, there was nothing else they could do.

"Can everyone clean this place and restore the buildings? I'm going into a seclusion in preparation for the battle three days later." Said Jiang Chen.

"No problem. It's on us."

After Gu Liuying finished speaking, he waved his hand. All of the ruins drifting above the mountains were cleared away. To over 100 of Great Saints, it was just too easy to rebuild the courtyards and homes. In just a few minutes, all the buildings had been rebuilt.

All the buildings here were built using rocks which they had stored a lot of. With the spatial force, building things had become oh so easy.

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