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Chapter 4549 - demon G.o.d race Bloodline

Of course, before departing, Jiang Shen Wu had exchanged the three Ice Bat Demon Pills at the ninth stage of his tribulation of reincarnation for a guard point reward.

They were divided evenly into five parts, and each of them had a good harvest.

Jiang Shen Wu calculated. In order for his Divine Dragon Legacy blood essence to break through to the Dragon Emperor realm, he would need a great deal of cultivation resources that contained the Dragon Mark energy. If he could obtain such a harvest every day, then he could try breaking through in a month.

Of course, it was unlikely that he would be able to reap such benefits every day.

However, Jiang Shen Wu thought that his harvests in a day or two might be much greater than this?

If one casually killed a member of the nine great races, that would be enough points. Only, it would be rather difficult for the clansmen of the nine great clans to kill him.

"Let's go to Virtual People's territory."

Jiang Shen Wu brought Liang Xiao and Ran Ran with him, planning to head to the Virtual People's territory to investigate the situation.

The Virtual People's frontal combat abilities were slightly weaker than the other races, but their concealing and observation abilities were extremely strong, so every member of the entire Virtual People race was very suitable to become a.s.sa.s.sins.

To Jiang Shen Wu, killing Virtual People's clansmen or slaves was more comfortable.

The servants that the Virtual People had tamed were called virtual spirit beast s. virtual spirit beast's fighting style was a bit special, it mainly used mental attacks, and if people with weak willpower were to meet it, it was very easy for them to be suppressed by its imposing manner.

His willpower was strong enough, and he wouldn't let his opponents get rid of him. Not to mention, his Divine Dragon Tyrant Body Technique and Primal Chaos Dragon Physique were equally resistant to attacks of this type.

Ran Ran was the same.

Amongst the three of them, the only one who needed to worry was Liang Xiao.

"No, what are you guys looking at me for?"

Liang Xiao scratched his head, feeling depressed: "Could it be that I am the only one with a problem, that you all have no problems? If you were to meet a virtual spirit beast of the same level as the Evil Demon Young Master, you all wouldn't be able to resist, right? "

"How is he so unlucky to have another Void Spirit Young Master here?"

Jiang Shenwu patted his shoulder, smiled, and said, "Don't worry. Even if you can't block the mental attack, we won't let anything happen to you."

"No, then if I drag it out, even if I get rid of the virtual spirit beast, wouldn't my harvest be very little?"

Liang Xiao was puzzled, but he immediately changed his words: "Of course, I'm not afraid of the gains being too little, it's just that I want to contribute to the battle, don't you think so? I can't possibly let you guys take care of me while we're fighting. "

"You're right."

Jiang Shen Wu thought for a while, "Then I'll give this Lingyun protective treasure ring to you. If you can't hold on any longer, I'll use the power of a Heaven Rank Dragon Soldier to protect you."

Liang Xiao took over Ling Yun's protective treasure ring with his face full of tears.

Outside the Longwu Stronghold, within the domain of the Virtual People.

Jiang Shen Wu and the other two immediately set off. The reason they changed opponents this time was because among the nine great clans, only demon G.o.d race and demon G.o.d race understood him. The other seven races all didn't know anything about Jiang Shen Wu.

As for the demon G.o.d race, Jiang Shen Wu didn't want to provoke him either. After all, in the future, he would definitely have more interactions with the demon G.o.d race, not to mention that he still had the consciousness of the demon G.o.d ancestor in his Sea of Consciousness.

The Virtual People had become Jiang Shen Wu's new target, and was hoping to have a good harvest here. Jiang Shen Wu still had the power of the Blood-red Rose Seal stored in his body, and hoped to meet some worthy opponents with this seal.

There were quite a few Dragon Fighter Team that had come to the Virtual People to fight, and at least four to five of them were searching around the domain.

Unfortunately, Virtual People was good at concealment, and ordinary Dragon Fighter Team really wouldn't be able to find those hidden Virtual People s.

And once the Virtual People's virtual spirit beast appeared, it meant that the other party already had absolute confidence in winning.

Unfortunately, to Jiang Shenwu, this domain was like a paradise.

Jiang Shen Wu was sure that the reason why Evil Demon Young n.o.ble was able to hide was not because of a problem with his perception, nor was it because of his concealment ability. It was because Evil Demon Young n.o.ble had a concealment effect on his body.

Naturally, it was extremely difficult for Jiang Shen Wu to find any trace of such a top tier demon soldier on his body.

But for the virtual spirit beast of the Virtual People, even if they had a strong concealment ability, Jiang Shen Wu was still able to rely on the combined power of the Ink Nightmare Beast to discover traces of them roaming in the air.

When the virtual spirit beast made their move, they did so alone and did not gather together, because that would not be very efficient.

However, once they had determined who they were going to fight against, they would quickly gather in a certain area. When they had gathered enough people, they would suddenly burst out and kill that group of enemies.

Right now, the enemy of the Virtual People was naturally the Dragon Fighter.

At this moment, the entire Nine Great Clans' Battlefield was in chaos.

The trio of Jiang Shen Wu had killed two virtual spirit beast along the way. Basically, all of them were hidden aside to observe them, but they were ambushed by Jiang Shen Wu instead. Those two virtual spirit beast at the fifth and sixth stages of tribulation of reincarnation, they didn't even have time to react and were directly killed.

They had gone deep into the domain of the Virtual People, and the auras of the surrounding Virtual People were already quite dense. Very few Dragon Fighter had come to this area.

But at the same time, Jiang Shen Wu also felt the aura of the demon G.o.d race, or in other words, the aura of a demon beast.

"Is it a demon beast? Or a demon slave? Why is there the aura of a demon G.o.d race or a Spirit Demon slave here? "

Jiang Shen Wu was puzzled.

But very quickly, he felt the sound of battle storm coming from not too far away. He brought Liang Xiao and the others and quickly rushed towards that direction, only to discover that the battle storm came from two virtual spirit beast s and one demon slave!

Or a demon beast?

When Jiang Shen Wu saw that scene from afar, his complexion changed. He discovered that this demon beast seemed somewhat familiar.

"Heavenly Demon Dragon?"

Jiang Shen Wu could not believe his own eyes. Why did this Heavenly Demon Dragon come to Longwu Stronghold to join in the fun?

This Heavenly Demon Dragon possessed the Demon Dragon Bloodline of the Demon Emperor Level 3. He was considered very strong among the demon beasts because after most demon beasts became Demon Emperors, their bloodline inheritances wouldn't be able to reach a whole new level.

But the Heavenly Demon Dragon, being able to reach the third level of the Demon Emperor, was obviously different from other demon beasts.

It was said that this Heaven Splitting Demon Dragon was originally a Dragon Fighter. Later on, it merged with a demon beast's bloodline and became a demon dragon. Or rather, what this Heaven Splitting Demon Dragon obtained was a demon dragon's bloodline.

In the past, Jiang Shen Wu didn't know about this sort of situation. But now, he knew that this Heavenly Demon Dragon was no ordinary demon beast, nor was it some sort of demon slave.

It was the genuine demon G.o.d race bloodline!

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