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"Hubby, I want you to accompany me tomorrow for clothes shopping, is that alright?"

Zhuang Meifeng was 3 years older than Ling Yun, yet she was snuggling herself up in Ling Yun's arms like a little birdie while calling him her husband, completely oblivious to how sappy she sounded.

After buying the washing machine, the first thing Zhuang Meifeng had done that day was wash her dress that had been completely drenched by the storm. However, her dress was still wet and the clothes that Ling Yun had bought her for an emergency had been borrowed by Lin Menghan and Xiao Meimei. She had no clothes left to change into after she showered.

Right now, Ling Yun was truly rich, thus, he quickly responded with a resounding "Alright!"

Excited, Zhuang Meifeng leaned her curvaceous body onto Ling Yun as a shy expression crept onto her face suddenly. "Hubby, you've been working for the whole day. Let me serve you as you bathe, okay?"

Ling Yun got even more excited as he heard those words and nodded his head without hesitation. "Okay!"

Zhuang Meifeng was overwhelmed with embarra.s.sment and joy as she skipped towards the bathroom and quickly gave the huge bathtub a good scrub before filling it with hot water.

By the time the bathtub was completely filled with hot water, she called for Ling Yun to enter the bathroom shyly before gently closing the door behind her.

As Ling Yun raised his arms and began to undress, Zhuang Meifeng promptly stopped him as her cheeks turned into a bright scarlet red. "Hubby, let me help you."

Ling Yun just had the opportunity of having Yao Rou undress him piece by piece about two hours ago. Now, he was about to get undressed again by Zhuang Meifeng.

Zhuang Meifeng's anxious hands trembled slightly as her breath quickened. She was completely naked beneath her pajamas as her clothes gently caressed her sensitive regions against her baby smooth skin, sending waves of electricity down Zhuang Meifeng's spine.

This was her very first time undressing a man, it would only be reasonable for her to feel anxious.

It took her forever, but she finally managed to remove Ling Yun's shirt, revealing his well-sculpted torso. Right now, the fats on Ling Yun's body were nowhere to be seen and instead had been completely replaced by well-defined muscles that had been transformed by the Great Dayan Star Technique. The radiating gleam from his body made Zhuang Meifeng's heart skip a beat and her head spin.

"I can take off my pants myself!" Zhuang Meifeng was unable to remove his pants for him since Ling Yun was standing upright, thus, he quickly took off his sweatpants in one swift move before stepping into the bathtub.

With a faint blush on her cheeks, Zhuang Meifeng muttered softly, "You have to remove your underwear too!"

Ling Yun looked at Zhuang Meifeng with a puzzled expression but did not say anything. He gave her a gentle smile before bending over to remove his underwear, leaving his entire body completely exposed.

"Ah!" Zhuang Meifeng took a glimpse of Ling Yun's nether region and quickly shut her eyes out of embarra.s.sment as her face turned scarlet.

It's too big! Not to mention that it's still only in its natural state!

Zhuang Meifeng could not help but mutter to herself softly, "No wonder it felt so big the other day!"

If they were to do that...would she be able to handle it?

Zhuang Meifeng's heart began to race as her delicate body trembled violently, her eyes still squeezed shut out of fear.

Ling Yun let out a hearty laugh and entered the bathtub. The hot water was slightly too hot, but it was extremely comfortable and soothing to soak in it.

"This bathtub is not bad!" Ling Yun stretched out his legs comfortably and rested his head on the side of the tub as his eyelids began to feel heavier and heavier.

He then heard a familiar scrubbing noise.

One hour later, they were finally done 'bathing'.

"Let's head back to the house and sleep."

The boring task of picking out a villa had been long forgotten by the both of them.

Ling Yun was not worried about Xiao Meimei escaping at all. Sure enough, Xiao Meimei was right there on the living room couch waiting for Ling Yun the moment he stepped out of his bedroom the very next day.

Xiao Meimei's expression seemed a little wary. Evidently, she had not had a good night rest the previous night. The outrageously beautiful new owner named Zhuang Meifeng had made too much of a ruckus last night, it was just too noisy!

However, Ling Yun was fully energized and bursting with life. He flashed a smile at Xiao Meimei as he asked her, "How are you feeling?"

His eyes, however, were focused on Xiao Meimei's chest instead.

Xiao Meimei noticed Ling Yun's piercing gaze as a faint blush appeared on her beautiful face. "My internal injuries have healed completely. My external injuries… They're almost done healing, thank you!"

Ling Yun nodded in response. "That's good, can you transfer the money now?"

Xiao Meimei pondered a little before she replied, "There are definitely no issues with the bank in Switzerland. I think there shouldn't be an issue if I want to transfer the money to a China account!"

Ling Yun let out a chuckle. "That's good, settle the transfer now then. I need the money for today."

Ling Yun dug through his pockets and pulled out an ICBC debit card before casually tossing it into Xiao Meimei's hands.

"Transfer the money into this account."

Ling Yun then went to his front yard and gave Tang Meng a call with his cell phone.

Tang Meng knew that Ling Yun would look for him at any given moment, thus he kept his phone switched on as it charged throughout the night. As the phone rang, he picked up the call and answered it while he was still half asleep. "h.e.l.lo… Who is this?"

Ling Yun chuckled, "It's your boss. You have 20 minutes to reach my house!"

Ling Yun planned on going all out for today. As long as Xiao Meimei's money had not reached his bank account, he would put everything aside until Xiao Meimei transferred him the money.

Ultimately, it was a huge sum of 50 million dollars. His dreams of buying the villas depended on her. If something were to go wrong, his dreams would be shattered.

To let something slip through his fingers was definitely not Ling Yun's style!

Tang Meng got a shock the moment he heard that Ling Yun was looking for him and leaped out of his bed immediately. He quickly got dressed and dashed out of the house at lightning speed without even bothering to wash up. With his hair as messy as a bird's nest, he hopped into his car and sped off.

18 minutes later, Tang Meng parked his car at the entrance of Ling Yun's house.

"Boss, I'm here!"

Tang Meng got out of the car and yelled into the front yard before opening the gates to enter the house.

Ling Yun was standing in his front yard, practicing the Great Dayan Star Technique as he awaited Tang Meng's arrival. He let out a hearty laugh as soon as he caught sight of Tang Meng and brought him into the house right away.

Tang Meng's jaw hung wide the moment he stepped into the house as he was unexpectedly greeted by a beautiful stranger right before him. He even thought that he was still feeling groggy from before and began to rub his eyes violently.

"Boss, who…who is this?" Tang Meng was tongue-tied as he thought to himself, Boss is simply too amazing. He has the most beautiful girl in Qingshui City living in his house, yet he still has the guts to bring another woman home?

Had Zhuang Meifeng leave? That simply could not be since he had just seen her yesterday. It seemed as if she was going to stay here long term.

Ling Yun let out a proud chuckle as he replied, "A servant!"

"Ah?!" Tang Meng was dumbfounded. In this era, most people would usually hire a nanny or a housekeeper, who on earth would hire a servant?

"What is there to 'Ah!' about? Sit down, I have plenty of errands for you to run today!" Ling Yun gave Tang Meng a smack on the head after noticing that Tang Meng was still in a half-asleep state.

Tang Meng felt slightly more alert after receiving that smack on the head from Ling Yun. He quickly glanced over at Xiao Meimei who was sitting silently on the couch as he thought to himself, This girl is even s.e.xier than the nurse yesterday, why is she dressed like a special agent?

"There are two important things for you to do today," stated Ling Yun. "Firstly, I need you to head to Li Tian Hotel and investigate the status and whereabouts of the group of people who got in trouble. I want to bring you and Tie Xiaohu to collect the debts."

"Secondly, I need you to buy 2 villas!"

"Huh…" Tang Meng's eyes widened instantaneously upon hearing those words!

With regards to the first task, as the son of the deputy director of Public Security Bureau, Tang Meng had his means of gathering information. Even though this incident had been intentionally swept under the rug by everyone in the city, Tang Meng still managed to find out that more than ten guys had been kicked so hard they became eunuchs in one night!

However, he still could not figure out who would be brave enough to pick on Qing Yun Productions, the company that practically had Qingshui City in its hands!

Nevertheless, after hearing Ling Yun's first task for him, Tang Meng was 80% sure that his boss had been the one behind the incident. He could not help himself but shudder.

The first task was enough for Tang Meng to crack his brains for the entire day, but it was nothing compared to the second task that Ling Yun had for him!

Two villas? Even the two most ordinary villas in Qingshui City would total up to approximately 10 million dollars, right? How did boss acquire so much money in such a short time?!

Does he want me to loan some money from my mother? When on earth did boss become this impatient?

Ling Yun noticed Tang Meng's bewildered expression and could not help but find it hilarious. "Don't worry, I'll give you 50 million. Buy me two of the best villas!"

Tang Meng was utterly shocked! 50 million?! He wondered if he was still fast asleep, Is this all just a dream?

Tang Meng gave himself a good pinch on his own thigh, which prompted him to shriek in pain and leap out of his seat. It's not a dream after all!

Even Xiao Meimei's lips curled into a beautiful smile at the sight of Tang Meng's reaction and shocked expression.

"Boss, 50 million?! That's 50 million! Did you rob a bank last night? Let me tell you, if you really did rob a bank of 50 million dollars, even the power of my father, my grandfather and Li Qingchuan's family combined won't be able to save you, needless to mention my father's authority alone! I think the only person capable of saving you would be Little Ning's grandfather!"

Tang Meng chose to think of the worst possible outcome instead of positive ones. He was so afraid that Ling Yun had made the worst mistake of his life!

Ling Yun first thoughts upon hearing those words were, Not bad, turns out even if I do rob a bank of 50 million dollars, Little Ning's grandfather would still be able to bail me out. How powerful is this old traditional Chinese medicine pract.i.tioner anyways?

Little Ning's grandfather was amazing and Ling Yun was fully aware of it. How would he be able to afford living in such a huge villa in the Qingxi Bay Villa otherwise?

How would Little Ning get such amazing phone numbers with one simple phone call otherwise?

Once again, Ling Yun thought of what Little Ning had said yesterday afternoon. She had said that it was possible for her grandfather to employ several experts to protect them. Now, the sight of Tang Meng talking about how powerful Old Man Xue was had definitely moved Ling Yun.

He asked, "Tang Meng, how powerful is Little Ning's grandfather anyway? How is it possible for him to save me even if I robbed a bank of 50 million dollars?"

"Boss, you're kidding me, right? Don't you know?!" Tang Meng let out a weird shriek and was ready to say that Little Ning's grandfather was the top miracle doctor in China. However, he immediately held his tongue when he realized that there was a stranger right beside him.

This fellow knew better than anyone about which things were appropriate to say and which things were not.

Ling Yun understood Tang Meng's worries and gave Xiao Meimei one look before chuckling, "She's one of us, just say it, there's nothing to hide."

Tang Meng immediately let his guard down the moment Ling Yun said that this girl was one of them. He looked at Ling Yun in confusion before asking, "Boss, I thought you knew all along that Little Ning's grandfather is the best miracle doctor in China, the one that surpa.s.ses Bianque!"

Ling Yun did not give much of a reaction. On the other hand, Xiao Meimei seemed a little shaken by the news. Evidently, she had previously heard of the t.i.tle 'Best Miracle Doctor in China'.

"Oh, the best miracle doctor in China, what does that mean?", Ling Yun asked casually.

"That means he's the most amazing doctor in all of China. He can cure any kind of illness!"

Ling Yun nodded his head nonchalantly before shaking his head immediately.

"Turns out the best miracle doctor in China had such mediocre medical skills…"

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