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3th Subway Stations and the Human Nature

The usual spotless floor of the subway station is now covered with b.l.o.o.d.y footprints from the escapees, adding an atmosphere similar to a horror film.

Being a partic.i.p.ant of a horror film left a bad taste in his mouth.

Lin Yi Ning stopped in a corner, gasping for breath and trying to calm down and think.

He should have had a little time before any monster found him.

He is not a leader and in front of things that are obviously not right, it impossible to do anything alone. The surest way to escape is to find a ticket out.

Coincidentally, on the third floor bas.e.m.e.nt where everything began, was the place where he can get a ticket, originally belonging to the girl who was controlled by the clown.

If he is lucky, then he may be able to get it, but the odds are too small. If he can think of this, then others can too.

So what he needs now more than a ticket is a weapon for self-defense but because of the subway station’s security, where can he find weapons?

Lin Yi Ning suddenly thought of something. Pulling out his cell phone, he opened the strange app. As the name suggest, this app may be related to today’s horror events.

The first thing that greeted him after opening the app is not showing his personal information, but a map with a lot of dot with different colors. Next to it is the explanation, showing the monster location and the number of survivors. He saw that, so far, 16 people had died.

His mouth felt a little dry, the anxiousness making his scalp numb. With a burst of helplessness, he looked around the app to find some clues and after making his rounds in the app, other than the new addition to the backpack which now hold a dry powder fire extinguisher that he doesn’t even know how to take out, there is nothing else. The probability of the app being a help to him ends.

Calm down.

Lin Yi Ning said to himself. The fact that he can see the location of the beast is enough.

He moved the map to the ground floor which he just came from, observing the movement of the beast, and finally deciding to find some weapons at the entrance where the security checkpoint are placed, after all, there may be a weapon left behind.

In the subway station, there is almost no confined s.p.a.ce. He has only one person now, he must be very cautious in his actions. Following the map and the signs, Lin Yi Ning approached the target.

Turning over the front bend, he saw a bathroom. The blood of the ground painted a very familiar shape- the startling point is a large pool of blood, probably the poor man was first attacked then dragged away. The thick strip and large swath of red is really shocking to the eyes.

The bathroom door was slightly ajar, there is no light, only complete darkness.

He thought for a moment then decided to go in and see if it was better to keep and use the cleaning tools inside.

He took a light step and quietly went in and locked the door. The voice-activated light senses the presence of human beings and lights up.

Just at this point, Lin Yi Ning saw a scene that caught him off guard.

A tall and brawny is choking a young child’s neck. From his point of view, Lin Yi Ning can’t see the child’s expression, but he can see his struggle is slowly getting weaker.

The sound of Lin Yi Ning’s closing the door obviously alerted him.

“Want to meddle? “The child has already pa.s.sed out and made sure the prey is not running, and the man let go of the child and stood up.

He always wanted to do it, to see a person slowly lose their breath in his hands. Just thinking about it, makes him excited. The sudden appearance of the great escape game gave him the chance-is it his fault? No ah, he just want to live, and what is wrong, besides such a small child, death will come for him sooner or later, so what is the relationship with him after that?

He looked at Lin Yi Ning, and there was a chilling smile on his lips. A thin young man, may be an otaku who can’t walk five hundred meters a day. He also locks himself here. Is there a better candidate than him?

“No. You go on,” said Lin Yi Ning. “Continue.”

With that, he turned and was ready to go out, seemingly defenseless. When his hand was on the doork.n.o.b, he felt the wind change coming from his back.

Lin Yi Ning suddenly turned around and avoided the punch.

With a bang, the fist connected to the door. Lin Yi Ning took the opportunity to strike with his legs and the strong man was kicked down to the ground.

Immediately, he was doing what the brawny man did to the child, choking his neck.

The two men fell into a stalemate. Voice-activated light timed out at that moment. In the dark, the strong man finally succeeded in reversing the situation, and now the one who is lying on the ground became Lin Yi Ning.

The s.p.a.ce in the bathroom is not large enough to allow two adult men to fight. In the their entanglement, the mirror was. .h.i.t and shattered, and the broken gla.s.s shards fell on the floor. Lin Yi Ning, regardless of the sharp corners of the gla.s.s, grabbed a piece and went for the throat of the other man!

The sound of the gla.s.s shattering activated the the lights.

Under the faint yellow light, Lin Yi Ning saw the brawny man grinning at him and stabbed the gla.s.s into his throat.

He tried to stop the gla.s.s descent but he could not beat the other person. The mirror shard gradually approached Lin Yi Ning’s throat.

Lin Yi Ning resisted with all his strength, no, he didn’t want to die

What about a weapon? Where’s can he get a weapon? He wanted to reach for another piece of broken gla.s.s again, but at this time he suddenly had a red bottle in his hand.

Fire extinguisher! Its the fire extinguisher from the app storage s.p.a.ce!

Lin Yi Ning was overjoyed. In this instant, the desire for survival flooded his mind. He do not know where he got the strength from but Lin Yi Ning held the handle of the fire extinguisher and slammed it on the head of the brawny man.

He hit him four or five in a row, the loud noise echoed in the room, reaching Lin Yi Ning’s ears almost like the sound of nature.

The man fainted before he could react.

Lin Yi Ning mercilessly pushed him away and gasped in place, catching his breath. When he recovered for a moment, he hit the head of the brawny man one last time.

He looked at the other who fainted on the ground, and there was an irrepressible struggle in his eyes. Just kill him and he’ll get out. What’s more, this man attacked him first, trying to kill him, and he’ll feel less guilty killing the man than killing a stranger.

No, no, no.

He soon put an end to the idea.

He doesn’t want to kill.

Yes, he doesn’t want to kill anyone.

He tried to persuade himself that. In order to divert his attention, Lin Yi Ning looked at the child next to him,and the child is still unconscious.He closed his eyes and thought for a moment, intending to move the child in a safer location. Then he dragged the brawny man out to the bathroom door, and then closed the door, the monster will do what he does not want to do.

Yes, the plan is perfect.

He had a gentle sighed, and after confirming the monster’s position with the app, he gently opened the door.

The outside lights are cold and lifeless, bright and cold.

Lin Yi Ning gingerly peeked out and what greeted him is a familiar cry that sounded like strange bark. He immediately reacted and wanted to close the door, but …

No matter how much he pushed, the last millimeter in the door won’t closed.

The door was stuck.

He looked up slowly.

Stuck at the door was a slender sharp fingernail, with a half-finger on poking out. The hair on the finger … It’s the monkey!

Lin Yi Ning is too late to think about why the monkey is here, why the app provides the wrong information. He just wants to get rid of the beast now!

However, the duel between the Predator and the prey is doomed to be unfair.

One is arrogant and the other is nervous. One is still energetic while the other is already exhausted.

Lin Yi Ning exhausted all his strength to push the door, but inevitably, the door’s opening is getting bigger. That half-man high monkey incredibly possessed such a great strength.

When he began to pant, Lin Yi Ning knew that he could not go on like this.,

Finally, Lin Yi Ning reached a decision and he loosened his hold in the door.

The monkey came up from above the frame, with a mocking smile in his eyes.

Lin Yi Ning took slow steps backwards.

The monkey rolled over and swung on the frame, like an animals in the zoo.

But then his prey suddenly moved.

Taking the fire extinguisher from the app storage grid, he aimed at the monkey, opened it and sprayed.

The smoke from the dry powder fire extinguisher wrapped up the monkey, who was caught off guard and fell off the door.

Lin Yi Ning squinted, holding his breath and resist the irritation caused by dry powder.

He was lucky that the trick works. Wrapped in the center of the smoke, a lot of the content inside the fire extinguisher irritated the monkey’s eyes and respiratory tract, and at this moment he almost lost his ability to resist.

The monkey was enraged and rushed into the bathroom. This time he did not hold back, the sharp claws displayed in its full glory, leaving deep scratches from the wall.

The monkey’s eyes do not see very clearly, vaguely seeing a person on the ground, he jumped up, letting out an angry howling a sound and sent its claws straight through the man’s the skull!

He killed a brawny man who had just wrestled with Lin Yi Ning-who seized the opportunity to repeat the same trick again using fire extinguisher bottle and slamming it on the monkey’s head.

The sound of the crash resounded throughout the room.

The monkey turned his head and his eyes had turned to blood red.

Lin Yi Ning hit the second the second time.

The monkey caught the fire extinguisher, his nail puncturing the bottle.

Lin Yi Ning suddenly felt a sense of crisis coming. Hurriedly releasing the bottle, he backed away.

——It seemed to feel something, and the monkey screamed–


The fire extinguisher blew up!

Lin Yi Ning watched in a trance as the monkey and the brawny man turned into two white light particles.

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